Fear Me

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|Book Five| Revenge is what helps me survive this. It keeps me sane knowing that one day I will get out of here, and when I do, I'll show them exactly why they were afraid of me. But my mate, he will be the first one I come for. Alora King always lived in fear of others, being extra vigilant when leaving home and keeping her true identity hidden. That didn't stop her from living her life the way she wanted, not until her eighteenth birthday. The night she was taken, and everything changed.

Drama / Romance
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alone and empty

“It’s time to wake up, Alora.” I could hear the smile in his voice as he pulled the blindfold away from my eyes.

I groaned and screwed my eyes shut from the bright light blinding me. I blinked a few times until I was adjusted to the light. I pulled against the restraints, holding me down against the metal pathetic excuse of a bed, attempting to move away from him.

Just once I’d like to face someone other than him, I’m always blindfolded, unless he’s here. I never see anyone, but him.

“Oh my darling, I have missed you.” He grinned, brushing his thumb against my cheek.

“What have you done?” I choked, jerking away from him.

My wolf was gone; I couldn’t sense her. All I felt was empty, I didn’t feel whole at all. Usually, I can sense her, it isn’t strong, but she’s there. Now there is nothing, she’s gone. Without her, I’m completely alone.

“Your wolf has gone into a deep sleep for a while,” he smiled sweetly at me. “If the mark takes and we believe it will this time, and you behave, you can have her back.”

“You bastard,” I whispered.

I huffed and turned my head away from him. I closed my eyes and craned my head back enough to give him access to my neck. I need Allie, I can’t escape without her.

I have to play his game, only until I get her back. I felt his breath against my neck and braced myself for the impending searing pain.

I bit my tongue to silence my whimpers as he plunged his canines into the crease of my neck. He’s done this so many times, that I quickly came to realise he gets off on hurting me. I’m not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing he’s hurting me.

The pain is like nothing I’d ever imagined; nothing like what I was told growing up. My body was on fire, like a thousand needles were piercing my skin. As soon as he retracts his canines, the pain vanishes and I can breathe again.

A low, deep satisfied growl vibrated against my neck before he stood up and raked his hands through his hair. I let out my breath and felt myself relax.

“Your wolf is dormant, you’re defenceless,” he mused, “this is it. I can feel it.”

Fatigue was setting in, like it always does. I struggled to keep my eyes open. I laughed bitterly and glanced at him from the corner of my eye. I need to bide my time with him. If I change my mind and attitude quickly towards him, he’ll see straight through me.

“It wasn’t only my wolf stopping the bond,” I chuckled, “I’m a vampire too, you fucking idiot.”

He glared at me, a low rumble coming from his chest, “you will be mine, Alora.”

He leaned forward with a slight smirk on his face, his canines poking out from his top lip.

“Don’t count on it.” I shot as he hovered over me.

“No matter how many times it takes.” He whispered eerily before sinking his canines into my neck again.

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth as a small whimper slipped out. He moaned, pushing himself flush against my body, and bit harder until black dots danced around my vision and I passed out from the pain.

I woke up startled, pulling on the restraints. I hissed as they bit into my skin.

“Careful, Alora.”

I sighed and stopped struggling when I heard the voice. I knew what it was, my face and neck were being cleaned. It always happens after he’s attempted to seal the bond.

I know it’s not my mate, this guy is different. His voice is always calm, quiet and shaky. His touch is gentle, but I can feel him shake. Whoever he is, whatever he is, he doesn’t want to be doing this. I can’t tell what he is, there are definitely witches involved, he doesn’t have a scent.

I don’t know how long it has been since I was taken. I tried keeping track, but with no window, I couldn’t work out whether it was day or night. There is an old clock on the wall opposite the bed. I could track with that, but it stopped working after I reached fifteen days.

“My family,” I choked, “are they alive?”

I’ve tried asking both of them. This guy seems like he wants to tell me, but he hesitates and decides against it every time, whereas the fucking wolf smirks at me and shrugs.

I know my brother is alive, I can feel him through our twin bond. My mum and dad though... I can't sense them. Even when Allie, my wolf, was present, even in her weakened state, I couldn't sense my mum's wolf. I hate not knowing, I hate not knowing whether they are out there; if they are safe or not.

He flinched, pausing the washcloth on my neck, and sucked in a sharp breath. I gasped as I felt his breath against my neck.

“I’ll find out for you.” He whispered.

“Thank you.” I sighed. “What’s your name?”

He sighed and continued rubbing the cloth against my neck, but didn’t move away from my ear. I heard him take a deep breath, almost like he was inhaling my scent. It confused me.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

My body went rigid as his voice sent shock waves through me. The guy stayed next to me, but removed the cloth from my neck.

“Exactly what you asked me to do, Luca.”

My head shot in the direction of his voice. He’s usually so quiet and nervous, but not like this. This time, his voice held some authority, I felt it.

So, the wolf’s name is Luca.

“Brody, if you don’t have any good news for me, get the fuck out.” He growled.

“You can’t do it again, Luca.” Brody sighed, “without her wolf, her body will need longer to heal.”

“She’s mine, Brody, not yours.” Luca growled. “You’ll do well to remember that.”

The bed creaked as Brody stood up with a snarl that echoed the room. I flinched as the door slammed and the blindfold was pulled from my eyes.

Luca smiled down at me with a sinister look in his eyes. I grunted and rolled my eyes as he moved closer to me.

“Get it over with.” I grumbled, baring my neck to him.

The sooner he does, the sooner he leaves. He chuckled and shook his head while he sat beside me, and grabbed my clenched fist and pried my fingers open.

“I knew you would come around,” he linked his fingers through mine and stroked his other thumb across my bottom lip, “be patient, my love, we’re only going to talk.”

“I’m never going to be your mate.” I groused.

“Without an official rejection, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me, Alora.” He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and huffed. “Well, we’re half way there.” I smirked, “I know your name now, Luca.”

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