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the story of jane

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a girl alone is trying to survive in a world with so many dangerous people unfortunately .her life will not play her a nice game

Drama / Romance
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It was only the beginning

It was only the beginning

.In this story we start with a girl who is alone, without family, trying to live in a world with so many dangers that exist on the outside. Jane is alone. 4 years ago she left from her family, for a long time she was alone on the streets, helpless, alone, hungry and one day a lady found her who had a business and suggested that she works for her and goes to the traffic lights for work, with some other kids that were homeless and they had an agreement with the lady to sell her things and give her money from the things she was selling and she gave them roof and food. Sometimes she would not give them food if they did not sell the things she gave them. Everyday they went to the traffic lights for work and now Jane is 19 years old and still works at the traffic lights because she doesn’t have a roof over her head, the only one that can offer a roof is the lady, she has no choice and is forced to work at the traffic lights. One day Jane woke up in the morning and went to work with the kids at the traffic lights. They stopped the cars. The first car that stopped, Jane went and said Jane: Would you like to buy some things from here? She was holding a wooden disk that had different things to buy , the man who was in the car, he was handsome and he had black hair and his eyes were blue and seems quite strong. You could tell he was very rich from the car he had and from his clothes, he was wearing a white shirt and an expensive black jacket, on his wrist he had a watch worth a lot of money.

-The man: It would be a great pleasure to help you, girl

-Jane: smiles

-The man: I will go to a job I have right now and then when I finish my job, I will come back to buy all the things you have, let’s meet on this road in a few hours.

- Jane: Thank you sir,

I will be waiting for you here She was very happy because if she sold everything, she would have food for everyone. Jane was waiting for the man who told her he will buy them, all the other kids were finished and left. Jane was alone waiting for him. The hours passed and Jane was still there waiting. In a few hours it started to get dark. Jane lost her joy and also the hope that the man would not come

-Jane: How did I let him fool me?

She knew it was late, it started to get dark and she had to go home but how would she return home, she had the things with her, she had not sold anything and if the lady saw that she had no money and had not sold anything she would kick her out, she would have nowhere to stay, she would live in the streets once again. She started going home, she had a feeling that something was not going well, it was night, there was no light in the street, Jane was tired of carrying all the things with her and she was afraid to stay on the streets. She saw a car coming close to her and stopped next to her. Jane did not know who it was, she believed that it was the lady and she came to find her and scare her by putting people to beat Jane up. It would not be the first time that they beat her up, it has happened before. The car’s door opens and Jane froze from her fear. Fortunately for Jane, she sees the man who told her that he would come buy things. Jane was happy but at the same time angry at this man, he let her wait for many hours. Jane went to talk to him.

-Jane: Hello, I brought things

-The man: remained silent He had a strange gaze, it looked like he did not come to buy the things, he came for something else.

-The man: looked at Jane’s body from top to bottom

-The man: Hello little girl, I did not come for your things, I came for something else

-Jane: she looked very troubled

-Jane: If you did not come for the things then what did you come for?

- The man: I came to take you with me. My boss wants you

-Jane: she began to tremble with fear

Jane panicked and did not know what to do. She remained silent and threw down the things she was going to sell and started running as far as she could from the man. When he saw Jane running, he grabbed a handkerchief and a bottle that had liquid inside that was tranquilizer that makes you pass out and put it on the handkerchief and started running to catch her. Jane has no strength, she was tired, she stopped to look behind her to see if the man was behind her but she could not see anything, it was dark, the only light coming was from the full moon. Jane stopped to take a breath to rest. Her body trembled from the fear that he would catch her. As she was there, she felt a hand with a handkerchief in her mouth and she could not breathe.

-Jane: Please help me anyone

She was trying to scream loudly, with any remaining power she had

- Jane: screams

Unfortunately for Jane, she started to lose her senses, she could not do anything, she lost all her power and slowly she closed her eyes and passed out and fell in the arms of the man.


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