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a great future from a broken past

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a young girl who was broken from a young age finally decided enough was enough and decided to do great things with her future. In school she did great until sophomore year and in sophomore year I guess everything hit her at once and she got depressed. And fell in love with a boy who didn’t want her back. But through that she realized her worth and decided to work on her self, her confidence, and her future.

Drama / Other
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Young age

She was born in a family who one parent wanted her and the other parent decided to put her through pain, and made her fell unwanted. She was daddy’s little girl and wanted to do everything with him. They was moved around cause we couldn’t make rent or got kicked out cause of holes in the walls or too much fighting that the neighbors could hear.

She remembered when she was about 6 years old and she climbed up this big tree about half way, she was never afraid to do things. But when she got up there and when she was ready to come down she couldn’t, she was too scared to climb down so her dad climb up and helped her down. She thought that she was daddy’s queen. So she thought… the next day her mom and dad got in a big fight and her dad threw something at the back of a car window with her in the back seat. And that’s when she realized that her dad would hurt her no matter how much her dad loved her. And that hurt her a lot, she cried, she cried her eyes out will she was sleeping.

A couple of weeks later she had to call the police on her own dad. Daddy’s little girl called the cops on her own dad. That’s something no one should ever have to do. And that day was the first time that she remembered see her dad in the back of a cop car in handcuffs. And yes there was good things that happened through out the years but that still doesn’t let go any of the things that happened from the years.

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