Deceitful Love

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Today’s the day I’ll never forget. The greatest betrayal of my life—a deceitful love. “Reed. Are you—I’m sorry, dear? I’ll be right back.” Mrs. Remington, my OB-Gyn Doc says. “I’m pregnant with twins.” I shiver. My eyes rim with silent tears of joy. I never thought I’d have a child. I was sick for a couple weeks now, it would come and go. I’m so excited with finding out about my pregnancy. Mrs. Remington knocks twice and enters the room again. “Ms. Halcrow, I am going to schedule you for another appointment. I have a prescription here for you as well for prenatal vitamins. As I was saying earlier, you are 9 weeks and 5 days along in your pregnancy.” I smile at her fondly. “Yes—of course.” “Reed, if you can just follow me…” After leaving the hospital and picking up my prescription, I head home to my love eager to share our happy news. I put my bag down on the kitchen and I take out the sonogram picture of my—our twins. “I have exciting news —” I stop and my heart is fluttering at the sight before me. My breathing accelerates rapidly, I find it difficult to breathe and I feel numb due to shock. I see him with a my sister in bed fucking. My sister looks like she’s about to cry and he jumps away from her like he was electrocuted. “Reed!” He yells out for me. I turn away and run to the kitchen table and grab my bag. “REED!!! FUCK!!” Campbell falls.

Drama / Romance
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Content Warning

Content Warning: Profanity. Description of physical violence. Sexuality. Please, I would recommend not reading if this easily offends you, and I will give the notice to trigger warnings ahead of time.

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