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After inheriting a run-down farming estate from his uncle, Ibrahim decides to move from the bustling of Detroit to a Muslim rural community. In hopes of restoring his uncle's farm, he tries to come to terms with a two-year failed engagement.

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During the civil unrest 1967 of the Detroit Riots, many African Americans found urban life unsettling; many Muslims migrated to the rural areas of Midland, Michigan, to start a farming community. In the mid-1980, Hamza Adbul Shakil moved to the community after buying 10 acres of property. Hamza succeeded in starting his own business, selling fruits and vegetables. After years of successfully creating his own mini vegetable and fruit market, Hamza married and expanded his business by buying more land. After the death of his wife in 2006, it was a sign that Hamza was in his final living years. Hamza never had any children, so he made preparations to pass on his property to his nephew.

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