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Loving in the mafia

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Plot When Nova Smith starts working at a new hospital what happened when she meets the man that every girl falls for and every man fears? Nova Smith like everyone else has secrets just her's are a little more dangerous. Nova is the daughter of former don of the American mafia Marcus Marino. She along with her twin and other sister take the last name smith to keep them hidden from the mafia while her brother are in the mafia. What happens when she meets Leonardo De Luca and falls for him? Leonardo De Luca is one of the most feared mafia bosses out there. As cold as stone and has never loved anyone other than his family but that all changes when he meets a certain brown hair girl who steals his heart Will Leo find out about her history and family? Will they fall in love for end in brutal heartbreak?

Drama / Romance
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Book characters

Nova Smith
Age: 19
Eye Color: brown
Hair: long brown hair with light wave
Personality: bubbly, out going and always wants to help others
Hobbies: she can sing and dance, she also fights with her family
Job: med student
Family: she live with both parents but take her mums last nome for her safety
Has 3 brother and two sister and one of them she’s twins with
Lola Smith is Novas twin and the are attached at the hip
Other: her real last name is Marino and her street name is the shadow

Lola Smith
Age: 19
Eye Color: brown
Hair: short light brown
Personality: she is VERY protective of her twin but also very up beat and fun
Hobbies: she dances along side her sister and fights with her family
Job: works for her family company
Family; twins with Nova and has a baby boy DJ
Other: real last name is Marino and her street name is dash

DJ Smith
Age: 2
Eye: brown
Hair: short brown
Personality: very happy
Hobbies: sitting and eating
Job: being a baby
Family: mum: Lola Dad: unknown

Liam Marino
Age: 26
Eyes: hazel
Hair: short dark brown hair
Personality: doesn’t show much emotion for anyone but his wife and family
Hobbies: fighting
Job: CEO and don of the American mafia
Family: has 3 sisters: Lola, Nova, and Mia and 2 brothers: Jackson and Noah
Other: no one know about the sister that’s why their last name is different

Jackson Marino
Age: 24
Eyes: brown
Hair: blonde short
Personality: very funny jokes a lot but if it comes to if family he will do anything
Hobbies: fighting and a really good writer
Job: works for the mafia and the company
Family: has 3 sisters: Lola, Nova, and Mia 2 brother: Liam and Noah

Noah Marino
Age: 22
Eyes: blue
Hair blond/brown long ish hair’
Personality: love to watch all the drama unfold
Hobbies: fights
Job: works for mafia an company
Family: 3 sisters: Lola, Nova, and Mia 2 brother: Liam and Jackson

Mia Smith
Age: 13
Eyes: blue
Hair: long blonde hair with pink at the end
Personality: baby of the family and try’s to be really independent
Hobbies: dances,cheer and fights
Job: school student
Family: has 2 sisters: Lola and Nova 3 brothers: Jackson , Liam, Noah

Mellisa Marino (sometimes has to use smith)
Eyes: brown
Hair: blonde short with small bit of grey
Personality: keeps everyone in check
Hobbies: fighting
Job: full time mum and sometimes helps her sons and husband
Family: has 3 daughters: Lola, Nova, Mia 3 sons: Jackson , Liam, Noah

Marcus Marino
Eyes: blue
Hair: brown short with grey
Personality: strict but loving
Hobbies: fighting
Job: former don of American Mafia
Family: has 3 daughters: Lola, Nova, Mia 3 sons: Jackson , Liam, Noah

Leo De Luca
Age: 22
Eyes: green
Hair: short curly/ wavy brown hair
Personality: doesn’t show any affection to anyone but his family
Hobbies: fighting
Job: don of the Italian mafia and co-CEO of their company
Family: 2sister: Chloe and Emily 2 brothers: Antonio and Evan

Emily de Luca
Age: 21
Eye: green
Hair: ginger ombré
Personality: really out there and loud. She acts really dumb but is really smart
Hobbies: drinking and fighting
Job: she is in the mafia and doctor
Family: 3 brothers: Leo, Antonio, Evan and 1 sister: Chloe

Chloe de Luca
Age: 7
Eyes: hazel
Hair: short blonde/brown hair
Personality: really bubbly and happy
Hobbies: she’s doing dance training
Job: school student
Family: 2sister: Chloe and Emily 2 brothers: Antonio and Evan

Antonio de Luca
Age: 28
Eyes: hazel
Hair: dyed black short
Personality: really serious when you first meet him but then really down to earth
Hobbies: knives
Job: works as co-CEO for company and mafia
Family: a daughter: Maria 2sister: Chloe and Emily 2 brothers: Leo and Eva and a wife: Demi
Other: meant to be don but didn’t want to and saw better leader ship in Leo

Evan de Luca
Age: 20
Eye: green
Hair: dyed light blonde
Personality: jokes a lot
Hobbies: hacking
Job: hacks for the mafia
Family: 2 sister: Chloe and Emily 2 brothers: Antonio and Leo

Maria de Luca
Age: 5
Eyes: blue
Hair: mid blonde hair
Personality: very sassy but cute and caring
Hobbies: sings
Job: school student
Family: mum: Demi dad: Antonio

Demi de Luca
Age 26
Eyes: blue
Hair: short blonde
Personality: very fun to be around and ver protective
Hobbies: really good a swimming
Job: works at a hospital
Family: husbands: Antonio and daughter: Maria
Other: uses Mitchell and her fake last name

Marcus de Luca
Age: 56
Eye: hazel
Hair: short grey/brown
Personality: fun and good to be around but when is goes to it very strict
Hobbies: leading and fighting
Job: former don of Italian mafia
Family: 2 daughters: Chloe and Emily 3 sons: Antonio, Evan and Leo wife: Lexi

Lexi de Luca
Age: 46
Eyes: brown
Hair: long brown with bits of grey
Personality: very nice and kind but keeps everyone in peace
Hobbies: cooking
Job: helps in the mafia
Family: 2 daughters: Chloe and Emily 3 sons: Antonio, Evan and Leo and husband: Marcus
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