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Chapter Four


“Go!” Becci commanded.

They crossed the crosswalk on the parkway. Becci walked fine behind Gary. He however was letting his feet flip forward not caring how they wobbled off the lines of the crosswalk.

“Watch where ya goin’.” Becci clawed Gary by his hips pulling him back into a straight walking direction. Gary, the hunky dory drunken zombie laughed at his own stupidity. Becci kicked him in the bum this time making him run in a funny way to the other end of the crosswalk. She didn’t laugh though this time.

A row of condominiums stood at the opposite end. Gary admired the green stream of roofs over the red brick townhouses. They looked so fitting together. The townhouses impressed upon Gary that living inside them were good, clean people he could walk up and say ‘hi’ to.

“Hi!” Becci shouted into Gary’s ear startling him. How did she know to say exactly that? “ Why ya staring at them buildings?” Becci asked while taking hold of Gary’s hips again. “Turn left.”

She moved Gary leftward.

“Ready to run?”


“Run! Or I’ll run over you.”

Gary picked his feet up so fast he nearly slipped out of Becci’s hold, but she was able to maintain her grip on him. Though Becci had drank way more than Gary, her tolerance and maintenance of her buzz was higher than Gary’s. Gary could not clearly see the traffic light up to the right, but Becci could see the light as it was turning green for the oncoming traffic. Becci wasn’t the type to scream Shit! and freak over some car hitting them. She just kept pushing Gary as she looked both ways on the busy road while calculating how much time her and Gary had before any of the cars coming from either direction would drive near them.

There was really no time. And Gary was stupid drunk. Why the fuck did I get him so drunk? Becci thought as she sees a big, fat driver in a black car moving right at them and not giving two shits if he runs them over.

“Her, motherfucker!” Becci screams. The driver swerves to the left. He does blare his horn. Driver was in the left lane leaving one more lane for Becci to worry about. A red car is approaching in that last lane, but he slows and stops for Becci and Gary letting them cross to the curb. The driver figures he does not need the manslaughter charges. Still, he does roll down his power window and shouts: “Ain’t you smart enough to wait for a green light?”

“Dog eat dog.” Becci shouts back. Now over the busy road, Becci releases Gary’s hips. She learns she was doing more than guiding him, she was keeping him stabilized. Once Becci let go of Gary, he takes a tumble onto the strip of grass near the curb. Now this made Becci laugh. She brought her palm to her mouth and just lost it.

“Ba, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” went Becci as she watched Gary fall and lie on the grass. It was more adorable than amusing to her. Gary is blacked out. The traffic in the road slows and drivers look on at Gary to check on him if he is okay. They roll down their windows and consult with Becci whom they see laughing. She tells every concerned driver that Gary is merely sleeping from having walked too far. She is careful not to mention his inebriated state or her own.

For the first few minutes of Gary’s blackout, he sees only blackness. His brain processes no alpha or beta waves. But soon, his subconscious comes to and attains contact with that same sublime wavelength from way earlier. It is as if a finger dips into his mind and stirs the dead faculties while adding the fragments of a clear and confirming message. Gary is dreaming again he is tall and stoutly Peter in the dirty brown tunic. It is night like in the last dream, but Gary/Peter is not with Jesus. He is following a crowd made of temple elders and chief priests into the courtyard of one of their members. In the courtyard the temple guards are finishing building a fire and signal to the elders and priests that it is time to gather around the fire.

The elders and priests assemble sit on the ground around the fire. Gary/Peter sits with them around the fire to not just keep himself warm, but to feel like he is one with the elders and priests. A maidservant walks out the courtyard to pass out bread to the elders and priests, but when she sees Peter she does not hand him any bread, but says out loud: “This man, he too was with him.” The elders and priests do not eat their bread and look at Peter, the stranger sitting amongst them. Peter waves his hands and shakes his head while saying:” Woman, I do not know him.” and then places his hands out for a piece of bread.

Becci was observing Gary sleeping catching sight of the spasms his arms and legs made as he slept. She knelt down beside him when she was sure the spasms had stopped and wished she had a blanket to pull over Gary. Other wishes were coming into her mind too. Things she has been considering doing to Gary since she first slapped his ass and even since she first kissed him. But Becci is not sick like that. She would in no way do anything to Gary while he was asleep not when she thinks of rape to be the most deplorable thing anyone could do. No, no. Becci is in touch with her maternal side right now. She begins to stroke Gary’s hair which she feels to be a bit greasy and dirty, but she doesn’t mind. She will find a way to take care of that and what she and what Gary wants to have done later.

More drivers ease by and express their fretfulness over Gary. Becci simply just presses her two hands together and leans her head against her two hands as an indication and the fretting drivers move on. Gary has been sleeping for about twenty minutes now. Becci feels he should wake up soon and why would she be afraid to stir him? She goes for the hot zone. Rubs her hand over his crotch area where she finds Gary has been having a woody for somebody.

“I do not know him!” Gary’s exclamation fires out within a second and a half surprising Becci so much she removes her hand from his hot zone. She had wakened him at the point in his dreaming where he was still analyzing what was said by him in his dream. Gary needed to adjust now to the facts it was really still day and not night, the 21st Century and not the time of Christ. He was looking around himself like a lost time traveler. Becci felt his face and massaged down to his neck. She may never have read the Gospel, but she had an idea of what he meant by his exclamation and she liked it and said with an odd smile.

“Only a dream, babe.”

Gary said nothing. Blinked his eyes slowly as he took in what Becci just said. Then he believed what she told him and remembered what she had told him earlier; about believing only in this one life. That feeling of temporal freedom returned and Gary looked at Becci and gave her a short smile.

“I’m okay.”

“Your buzz must be gone.”

“I think so.” There were traces of it still whirring in Gary’s head. Becci could tell this by looking at the murkiness of his eyes. She let him sit for about fifteen more minutes then stood up herself before taking his hand and helping him up.

“Come on. We’ve been stuck too long.”

“Can I please ask where we’re going?”

“To my friend’s house. Maybe we can…..loosen up there, ya know?”

Gary got what she meant by ‘loosen up’ and his big smile came back. She lead him through the property of a charming apartment complex. Gary liked walking through here and looking at the bright white roofs of the cream colored housing units. He gathered the people who lived here to be very nice people with plenty of money. What he did not know is these people were more a clique. As Gary and Becci ventured through the complex, tenants watched them and talked about them noticing the two to be vagabonds who did not belong where they lived. A husband and wife who were a retired couple considered calling the police on Gary and Becci until they saw the two approaching the back fence bordering the end of the complex.

Beyond this back fence spread a trashy and urbanized neighborhood one very similar to the area beyond Daly Road. This neighborhood gave Gary a very threatening ambience that not only erased his big, bright smile but made his mouth scowl and his eyes jittery. Becci saw this change in Gary and knew she better bolster some bravado in him before they even attempt climbing the back fence.

“What ya so afraid for?”

“There’s got to be some tough kids back behind here.”

“Number one, I’m with you and two, you’s a guy. You’s should be able to fight. Lemme see ya throw some punches.”

Gary threw a few short and slow punches into the air that made Becci laugh and lower head down.

“Ya don’t know how to punch. Ya too slow and ya don’t know how to reach when you punch. I’ll show you how to hit.” Becci grabs both of Gary’s wrists. “Keep makin’ them fists.” She says to Gary before pulling Gary’s right arm out real far along with turning his back a little with the punch she is making Gary perform. “See, you’s got to reach forward and throw your body into to the punch. By throwing your body into the hit, you’ll hit harder. Got it?”

“I got it.”

“Okay then, demonstrate.”

Becci held her hand up for Gary to hit. Gary threw a right-handed punch at Becci’s hand and this time he turned his body in with the punch hitting Becci’s hand with a hard impact. Hard enough to make Becci massage her right hand afterwards.

“You definitely got it, babe. I felt that hit.”

“I’m sorry, did I hurt your hand.” Gary steps to Becci and takes her right hand and kisses it. Becci sputters and shoves Gary away. Becci runs up to the back fence, holds on to the top railing, and swings her long legs over the fence like it was no big thing. Gary sees that and thinks Shit, I can do that then. He runs up to the fence, grabs hold of the railing, but feels the sharp, pointy tops of the fence digging into his hands and grinds his teeth in pain. When he attempts to lift his legs over the fence like Becci had done, he finds he lacks the strength to even lift his legs so he just hooks his bare feet into the holes of the fence crunching his toes like he did when he climbed up the fencing of the dead end and climbs up the five-foot high fence to its top before jumping off and landing on his knees and hands on the grass on the other side of the fence. Becci covers her face while shaking her head.

“What is wrong with yaw? Can’t yaw do anything the right way? Yaw saw how I hopped over.”

“I tried. I tried to do it your way.”

“I see that. Not only are ya a terrible fighter Gary, but yaw is got no muscles.”

Gary stayed on his hands on the grass. His hands and knees still stung from the fall he suffered. Becci paced in a circle.

“I have to keep stalling over you.” Becci said. “ Ya know you’re really slowing my day down.”

“I’m….I know you don’t want me to say I’m sorry, but what else can I say?”

“Don’t say shit. Do! Quit talkin’. Use some actions for once.”

Gary said fuck it! to the stinging pain in his palms and knees and leaped up to his feet. He made two fists, started throwing punches with his body in the air. To better enhance his punches, he thought of this morning when Gabe elbowed him out of the way. He thought of Gabe forcing him out of bed and making him flinch.

“Did I tell you I have an older brother?”

Becci shifted her eyes like she did not care to hear about Gary’s older brother, shook her head to express ‘no’.

“Now he’s the second biggest asshole. I really want to beat his ass.” Gary continued to throw punches as he walked behind Becci who lead the two of them across the grass of the small field that lay in front of the fence. Gary imagined he was fighting Gabe acting like he was advancing toward Gabe and saying expletives at him. He was acting in part due to the after effects of his buzz and out of reliving what happened earlier that day.

“Come on, come on motherfucker. Come on. I’ll whip your ass now. You think I ain’t shit. You’re wrong. Oh, I can fight now. Oh yeah. See that? See that? You didn’t see that comin’.” Gary throws the quickest punch he can at Gabe’s phantom image that he pretends to hit in the jaw. This phantom image is dislodged by Gary’s hit and falls to the ground. What Gary does not realize, but what Becci sees is that Gary looks like a clown walking and throwing crazy punches in the air and cussing as he does so.

“Stop that shit.” Becci orders wrapping her arms in a bear hug around Gary. “ That kinda shit’ll getchu into a fight. If you act cool, keep to yawself ‘round here, no one’ll fuck wit’chu.”

The bear hug felt nice, but provoked Gary to want to break free of it only he couldn’t. Becci’s arms were that toned, that strong. His were too flabby to put out any resistance with which to break the grip of her arms. And what Becci said about making like you’re fighting could attract trouble was no bullshit. Gary looked over to his left. A white male with a shaven head wearing a white shirt and baggy blue pants was standing on a picnic table at the far right end of the field waving his hands toward his chest while nodding his head. He was looking directly at Gary. Gary recognized these gestures by the white male to be a provocation to fight him. Becci sustained her bear hug, but whispered in Gary’s ear: “ I told you what’chu were doin’ would bring you trouble. So what’chu wanna do?”

“I should fight him, shouldn’t I?”

“Yaw don’t have ta prove nutin’ to me, Gary. Just let it roll.”

“You won’t think me a pussy then?”

“I said let it roll. Now come on. We’s got’s to go.”

Becci released her hold around Gary and pushed at his back to make him start walking on. She walked behind Gary and kept pushing at him seeing that he was hesitating thinking about turning back and maybe heading toward the white male who then began to shout things toward Gary. Things like “Hey man, you! You think you a bad ass! You lookin’ for a fight? I’m the one you wanna fight. Me! Right here. Come on! Come on!” He said nothing in reference to Becci fortunately. If so, Gary would not be the one fighting him.

Becci and Gary left the white male and the field behind them and were not roaming the urbanized neighborhood but more taking a precise route. One that Becci knew all too well. They walked down a long, wide street that extended from the field. Becci and Gary pass a number of trashy homes where cars are parked on front lawns and garbage has been sitting out on the curbs for months.

“This is the scummiest place, Becci.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Why did we have to come here?”

“Just shut up and trust me.”

Gary kicks a discarded empty water bottle he sees before him on the street.

“What was that, Gary?”

“Just my way of saying I don’t like being around here.”

Gary was growing really nervous getting the idea that Becci was leading the both of them to a place of great danger, more specifically a drug house. They reach a court street where there are only a few houses all of them encroached by high, thick weeds on the outside. They have to walk to the very last house on this street. This house is flat with one level and is painted white outside with the paint peeling and the front door being a huge piece of dry, decaying wood. Becci pounds on the decaying wooden door and while she waits she undoes her ponytail, lets her hair fall down and runs her hands through the back of it a few times. Gary just loves watching her do this, but does not like figuring why she is doing it because he assumes she is not doing it for him.

“Don’t look so sad.” Becci says.

“But I miss your ponytail.”

“Oh, hush.”

Loud, exertive steps came to the decaying door almost as if the door was about to be kicked open. The man making the loud steps instead pushed the door open and rudely greeted Becci. He was a tall, scrawny and tattooed man with greasy, spiky red hair and a goatee. He wore a black tank top promoting some death-metal rock band and dark gray sweatpants.

“We don’t want none. Get the fuck on!”

“Oh Scott, stop it!”

“What do ya want?” He, his name is Scott, looks over at Gary.

“And who’s this fuck you brought with you? Is he the one with the money this time?”

“His name is Gary. He’s a friend of mine.” Becci turns to Gary.

“Yaw have any money?”

Gary blares his eyes and while knowing he has no money or wallet on him, dips his hands into his pockets then pulls his pockets out before shaking ‘no’ with his head.

“You know what you’ll have to do for me. Come on. He can wait out in the living room.” Scott knocks the front door out for Becci and Gary to enter then spurts back into his house. Becci waves her arm to Gary to follow her inside. Gary is hesitant and insulted. Wishes he had stuck up for himself against this Scott guy who blatantly called him a ‘fuck’. He still enters in after Becci. Becci said I was her boyfriend. What does this Scott asshole mean when he told her: “You know what you’ll have to do for me”? These wishes and questions knotted up to give Gary’s stomach a queasiness combined with the shock from seeing how shitty Scott’s house was inside.

There was a green mattress on the front room floor with holes in it through which the stuffing from inside stuck out. Over that mattress was a worn out brown couch with its cushions missing. Next to the worn, cushion-less couch was an end table that had been knocked down while bearing a cigarette ashtray spilling the ashes and cigarette butts all over the carpet that was littered with butts, food crumbs, and syringe needles which really caught Gary’s eye. This all contributed to the sharp, feculent odor that permeated all around.

“What you two been doin’” the slobbery Scott asks standing with Becci in the narrow kitchen attached to the front room. “Walkin’ around all day? Can’t flop here.”

“We came a long way to come here.” Becci said pulling at the straps of Scott’s shirt. “So don’t pick on us. You want me to suck you right here?”

“Hell yeah. Why not? Have your boyfriend watch. Well, he can’t really watch, but he can listen. Ha, ha.”

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” Gary asked walking across the mattress on the floor, trying to act tough.

“Shut the fuck up!” Scott barked. “Get off my mattress. Go sit on the couch before I come over there and start pounding on your face.”

Gary stepped off the mattress and sat on the springs of the couch like Scott ordered him to though deep down he wanted to stay on the mattress and piss Scott off especially since he could hear Becci slobbering on Scott’s dick. Gary tried not to look their way, but he looked once and he saw Scott looking back at him smiling, drooling, and his eyes rolling back in orgasmic delight.

All Gary could do was lean back to the left of the couch and cover his ears and pretend to not pay attention to what was going on in the kitchen. The front door was still left open and in walked a beautiful and tall girl in a cheetah style dress and black stiletto heels and with her black hair pulled up in a brown ribbon. Gary noticed the tall girl and turned her way.

“Hi.” Gary said in his own mundane manner.

“Hi.” the tall girl said back rather sarcastically not looking at Gary. She was waiting on Scott. She took a cigarette out of her black purse and lit it.

Becci was almost done sucking Scott off and now and, as Scott compelled her by pushing her head inward, had to lick him between his balls and butthole. As she did that, Scott talked to the tall girl.

“Nicole, you want a hit?”

“Well I don’t want what you’re having.” Nicole, the tall girl answered.

“Don’t tell me you have money?”

“Fuck you, Scott. You know I always have money.” Nicole buried her hand into her purse and brought several dollar bills out to show Scott. Scott lost his smile for a moment, then regained it courtesy of Becci.

“P-p-put the money on the counter.” Scott was at a point he could not talk, he next breathed out as he climaxed. Nicole looked away in disgust and was ready to walk out. She looked away and saw that Gary was asleep while leaning on the arm of the couch. Gary was witnessing more than he needed to and something was intervening for him, shielding his eyes. He dreamed he was around a fire again in a courtyard where there sat around him a number of Jewish priests and elders. Gary was dressed in the same brown tunic and had the same long hair and beard as before for he saw himself to be the apostle Peter. It was night and very cold and Gary/Peter was sitting close to the fire trying to keep warm and was also trying to keep close contact with the priests and elders.

A male slave of the priests busy placing wood in the fire looked over at Peter and walked up to him saying: “You too are one of his disciples.”

“My friend, I am not.” Peter answered adamantly.

An hour of time passed in the dream and Gary/Peter is still sitting by the fire quietly listening to the priests and elders confer about how they plan to have Jesus crucified. Jesus, disrobed and bound in chains is brought out by Roman centurions into the courtyard. Another male slave at work delivering warm blankets to the priests and elders sees Peter seated with them and says out loud while pointing at Peter: “Assuredly, this man too was with him, for he also is a Galilean.”

“My friend, I do not know what you are talking about.” Peter denied strongly.

Peter looks at Jesus who he sees looking straight at him while hearing a rooster crowing. Peter stands up from the circle in the courtyard and departs to start crying. Gary wakes from this dream rattling his head and very disturbed by the events he dreamed.

“Peter, Peter, Peter!” Gary cries out loud finding cigarette ashes on his face. He blows the ashes off waking to see Nicole sitting on the green mattress holding her left arm bent and sticking a syringe in it.

“Get him fuckin’ out!” Scott screams. Scott is standing on the other side of the green mattress right over Becci who too is sticking a syringe into her arm. He stomps over the mattress disrupting Nicole and is about to take out Gary.

“Scott! Scott!” Nicole screams. “You’re fuckin’ me up!”

“Oh! I don’t mean to. But I don’t like it when some fuck head is laying on my couch havin’ wet dreams and screamin’ ‘Peter’. Ya know what I’m sayin’? Kinda freaks me out.” Scott is smoking a cigarette is throws it at Gary who dives out of the way out of the cigarette.

“Hey, man!” Gary protests. The cigarette lands on the backing of the couch.

“Shut up, faggot. You better put that cigarette out.” Scott warns and Gary quickly and fearfully finds the tossed cigarette, but finds no immediate way of extinguishing it.

“Use your hand or I’ll use put it out in your fuckin’ eye.” Scott tells Gary and Gary puts the cigarette out in his palm and squeals a loud ‘Ouch!’

“That was very bog of you.” Nicole says while getting rid of her used syringe which she simply flicks into a corner of the carpet.

“If you care so much, why don’t you take care of him?” Scott proposes to Nicole.

“I will.”

“And what about me?” Becci asks as she tosses her syringe on the carpet.

“You’re coming to.” Nicole says standing up in a clumsy rising made so by her heroin intake. She appears older and gaunt to Gary. He looks over at Becci. She looks pale with the veins in her arm muscles protruding. Becci was sitting on the carpet and now has only the strength in her to crawl onto the mattress. Though he feels like a coward toward himself letting himself down in respect to how Scott has humiliated so much, Gary lets his feelings for Becci drive him to rise up off the couch in front of Scott who simply watches Gary move over to Becci to help her up. Scott just laughs at Gary and gives a small shove to make him fall into Becci. But Gary breaks that fall by using his hands and bare feet to shorten his collapsing. It works. But when he lands but mere inches away from Becci, Gary must see the sickening sight of Scott’s semen drenched all over Becci’s mouth and chin. Becci looks at Gary smiling. Gary looks away disgusted. Becci slaps Gary.

“Look at me!” Becci snaps. Gary looks at her.

“Why don’t you be a real gentleman and lick the cum off her face?” the despicable Scott says to Gary who refuses to turn around and look at Scott. Nicole walks up to Scott grabbing hold of his shoulder and turns him around.

“We’re outta here. The three of us.”

“No ya ain’t! I got more for ya two if Becci has more for me.”

“Fuck off, Scott!” Becci screams objectively spitting what remains of Scott’s semen from her mouth onto his green mattress. Scott laughs loudly and Becci stands up and throws as hard and fast a punch as she can at Scott’s face. Scott is quick at catching the punch and he does. He holds Becci’s fist down and pushes her arm back.

“Take yourself and your fag boyfriend out, don’t ever fuckin’ come back—oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Becci kicks Scott first in the knees then in the groin then as he is bowing in pain she elbows Scott in the neck. “BITCH!” Scott wails out in agony before Becci snaps her fingers and points to Gary to follow her and Nicole who is already on her way out the opened front door. Gary run out behind Becci and Nicole and just to be safe, he closes the worn out front door behind him.

“I’ll find you Becci, you stupid fucking cunt! I’m gonna beat your ass and your boyfriend’s. I’m gonna shoot you up with the worst fucking heroin I can find. I’ll force you to die by your own goddamned addiction!” Scott swears as he is holding on to both his aching neck and his groin while lying on his mattress. Becci kicked him in the balls way hard and the pain he is feeling will not stop.

Nicole, Becci, and Gary all run out to Nicole’s car---a sleek and sporty black and red Dodge Charger—--and hastily enter inside it. Becci is forceful enough to take the front seat before Gary even has a chance to, but Gary does not mind nor does he wish to take the front seat from her. Gary gladly sits in back and allow the two ladies to get acquainted. Nicole is second after Becci to get in and she turns her ignition on backing the Charger out as she starts the conversation.

“I always knew Scott to be a piece of shit, but that was him at his lowest.”

“Felt so fucking good to fucking kick him in the balls and nudge him in the neck. “said Becci. “ Had we not been dippin’, I’d be kicking him in the ribs right now or stompin’ on his face.”

Nicole high-fives Becci. “Way to humiliate that asshole. He deserves to be beaten up by a girl. Shame you didn’t bite at his cock.”

“That smelled like---well, I don’t think you need to know.”

“I can imagine. He never showers. And the shit he sold us, or gave you. It was shit. How is your high? Mine isn’t really that good?”

“Naw. He did give us some shit heroin. I’m pissed.”

“But what’s really going on, Becci. You’re Becci?”

“Yeah, I’m Becci. That’s Gary.”

“Becci, Gary, what are you two doing? Are you two not living anywhere?”

“Naw. We were just like floating, walking around until we made to asshole’s house.”

“Why though?”

“Well, I left my dad’s house because I whipped my dad’s ass and Gary you ran away because why?---“ Becci turns around and looks at Gary for him to finish her sentence.

Gary has been in his own world up until this point, thinking back about Scott, about watching Becci beat up Scott, about what he wished he could have done physically to Scott. Gary then shakes his head back down to Earth and answers Becci.

“Oh, uhm, uhm, because, because my mom, my mom was trying to decide my life for me. Where I’d be going to college so I ran away from home.”

“Okay.” said Nicole. “And how’d you two meet?”

“We met in that park over by the shacks.” Becci said. “I had just left my dad’s and was out there cooling off, I felt like you know, hanging out by this pond and walking across these stones when….peeping Tom back here decided to watch me and try to hit on me, but fell in the water.”

Nicole laughs heartily. “ Ah ha ha, that’s adorable.”

“Peeping Tom, I left him hoping to be rid of him, but he followed me so I thought well, let’s just see if he can do something for me. And he ran into WorldMart and ran out for me with a nice, big bottle of Absolut, right Gary?”

“Oh yeah. I ran by the security guards and a bunch of customers all for Becci.”

“You must really like Becci then, Gary?”

“I love her.”

“That’s sweet.”

“That’s very sweet of yaw.” Becci says pulling Gary forward by his shirt and kissing him hard on the lips. Gary knew and could taste some of the semen left on Becci’s lips, but decided Fuck it! and just took her kiss and kissed her back.

“I’m driving you guys to a motel.”

“Oh that’s awesome of you.” Becci said ending her kiss with Gary.

“You don’t have to worry about paying me back. It’s my gift to you. I hate seeing the two of you just walking around.”

“Are you a stripper?” Gary asks Nicole.

“I am a stripper.” Nicole answers then says to Becci. “Isn’t he awake.”

“Where at?” Gary further inquired.

“Bogart’s.” Nicole replied with a proud smile.

It was almost night. The sky was turning a light purple. Stars were twinkling out while the sun began to set. Nicole drove to a shoddy motel named the Express Inn several miles from Scott’s house and located right near a freeway exit. Becci and Gary waited in Nicole’s Charger as she walked to the rental office to pay for their room. The mood between them was quiet, Gary was very anxious to know if Becci was going to devirginize him.

“So are we going to---“ Gary opened.

“Just sit tight and be quiet, ‘ight?”

“Okay.” Gary said like a sad puppy.

“’Okay’.” Becci mocked the way Gary spoke. “Hun, you have……instincts, right?”

“Oh! Yeah. Yeah. I have instincts.”

“Well, you don’t seem to use them enough. Now is that time to use them and not to ask questions. Use your instincts and you’ll have more fun.”

Gary pondered that; how listening to the voice in his head would help him through what he was now facing even though he had no clue as to what he was facing. He really didn’t. Nicole walked up by the car. Becci quickly exited out of the passenger seat. Gary followed suit leaving the back seat though he questioned why Nicole did not come to the car to let them know whether she had purchased the room or not. Gary then realized he had failed to use his instincts like Becci had told him and he felt stupid for failing to.

Gary watched how Nicole walked in her cheetah dress as she was leading him and Nicole down the corridor to the room she purchased. Nicole had her own sauntering, her hips had a shape and her ass was big just right big and would sway too. Becci turned around to see what Gary was looking at and Gary looked down at the sidewalk cement. Nicole stopped at the door of the room and inserted the key card, opened the door. She stood there and waved her arm in to let Becci and Gary enter in the motel room ahead of her.

“You’re just gonna let us stay here?” Becci asked as she walked in.

“No.” said Nicole. “I’ll stay a while.”

Nicole followed in after Gary and she turned on the light revealing the room to have a single bed.

“Why are you staying?” Becci asked Nicole bouncing her ass down on the bed and beckoning Gary with her finger to sit beside her.

“I bought the room.” Nicole said setting her purse on the table across the bed. “Why would you ask me if I was?”

Gary sits down next to Becci. Nicole sits on the table, but does not cross her legs. Rather, she lets her legs open a little revealing that she is wearing no underwear.

“This room is only big enough for two people.” Becci argued noticing how Nicole was sitting.

“So I can’t stay for a little while? Who are you to kick me out like that? I even drove you here on top of it.”

Gary is looking across at Nicole’s open legs, looking between her legs and noticing the slight exposure of her vagina she is providing. Becci sees him looking at this and smacks Gary a few times in the eyes.

“Stop that, asshole!” Becci shouts at Gary. Nicole stands up from the table.

“Why are you hitting him?” Nicole asks by mistake. Becci stands and comes at Nicole with her hands raised like deadly claws.

“Because bitch, you need to keep your pussy where he can’t fucking see it!” says Becci before she slaps Nicole and grabs at her hair. Nicole smacks back at Becci and pulls Becci’s hair. Becci starts punching Nicole in the head until Nicole falls to the carpet. Becci then kicks Nicole kicking her in the side several times and then stops. All this time, Gary runs to the back end of the bed and lays back watching the two women fight. He sees the badly beaten Nicole stand up her hair all twisted and mangled, her dress all torn up. Becci points to the door.

“Get the fuck out or I’ll whip yaw ass again.”

Nicole says nothing else but picks up her shoes that fell off her feet, takes her purse off the table, and slams the door behind her as she leaves. Becci stands there and looks at the door still mad at Nicole. Becci dips her head down and throws her hair back and runs her hands through her hair to straighten her hair out. She takes her pink ribbon out of her pocket and pulls her hair back into a ponytail. She then turns to Gary who looks back at Becci fearing for his safety.

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