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Chapter Five


The dirty laundry on the carpet of Gary’s bedroom was giving Monica insight into what her youngest had been feeling all those many months leading up to his running away. First, she could see him throwing the socks and underwear on the carpet on nights when he was sick of having to just go to bed again alone. The pants Monica could see Gary pulling off and throwing down after days at school spent without any interaction with his peers. It really broke Monica’s heart to empathize with the level of sadness Gary had known. The one thing that was healing her was should Gary come home she could surprise him with his room being clean and tidy by her. A small gift to make up for demanding to take his right to choose the college he would attend.

Monica was first collecting his dirty laundry then was going to change his bed and then dust his room, but maybe not organize his books and notebooks. She worried that might cause her to lose or misplace something personal of his. Worried. That is what Monica was especially now that night was coming and Gary wasn’t. Her worrying would cause Monica to stop what she was doing in Gary’s room and just cry a little then she would resume her work. But she did not want to leave Gary’s room and has not left his room for several hours refusing to until he comes home.

This concerned Gabe who had to cook supper for himself because Monica was too stricken with grief. Fortunately, Gabe has grown to take care of himself and to survive seeing his mother in the condition she was in. Or at least he could until he needed to just get away and see Lauren. Finally, about the time Monica began to seclude herself in Gary’s room, Gabe told her he was leaving for Lauren’s house and drove off. Monica did say goodbye to him and Gabe said he would call his mother later to check on her and to see if Gary came home. Gabe drove to his girlfriend’s thinking about how his family had once been wrecked by his parents divorcing and was now being twisted and torn by a runaway son and a mother losing her mind. It saddened Gabe and he wondered if he was going to enjoy being with Lauren that night.

Becci approached Gary on the bed as he was holding up his hands and going ‘No, no, no!’ by the shaking of his head to her. She just laughed at his cowering then made a stern face pointing to the bathroom at the other end of the room.

“Get in the shower—-Now!” and Gary, without the slightest hesitation, leaped off the bed and scurried around into the bathroom. Becci followed him to the bathroom pulling off her bikini top and letting her breasts pop out.

Gary knew his next order was to undress so he pulled off his Eminem shirt and hung it on a rack he saw set over the sink. Becci entered and undid Gary’s shorts and underwear for him much to his excitement. And excitement was what Gary demonstrated in the form of a full flopping erection that Becci saw. She said nothing about it though Gary had hoped she would have. She just next guided him by gently pushing him by his bare back into the shower. Then she removed her cut-offs and panties and slipped into the shower and turned the faucets on to hot water.

Becci picked up one of the small bottles of soap off of the shower shelf and began lathering her tits. Gary stood at the other end of the shower frozen with nervousness. He wanted to move and talk, but was too afraid.

“You can talk.” Becci said turning about and letting the hot water wash on her tits. Gary just wanted to look at Becci’s buff ass that looked so beautiful with water sprayed all over it. Oh he wanted to grab her ass and feel its cheeks, but he knew he only had permission to talk.

“You ain’t rapped in a long time.” Gary said not knowing it would come out as:

“You want to grab my fine behind?” asked Becci turning back around with her tits now all soapy. “Should I drown you? Or make you swallow soap?”

“No Becci. I said ‘You ain’t rapped. Rapped! In a long time.”

“Oh. Right. I ain’t done that. And you said you miss my ponytail. Well, too bad.” Becci undid her ponytail as she freestyled:”Gary, he wanna pull my ponytail/he wanna grab my ass and cup a feel/Gary, he may be a virgin/but he really be a villain.”

“No, no.” Gary objected with a smile. “I ain’t no asshole, but you can call me asshole all you want to.”

Becci unraveled the ribbon she used to tie her up and wrapped it around Gary’s neck and made it into a loose tie for him while rapping: ”He likes to be called asshole/cause he prefers assholes/Gary’s got a big, bulging pee-pee/that he’s gonna slip into me/only if he does what I say/and if he don’t/I’ll make him pay/with no ass and no love/but for now, Gary is my, my,----my one.”

“I am.”

“I said for now.”

“I wanna, I wanna---“

“Go for it.”

Gary wanted to and Becci lets him rub the bubbly soap around and over her tits. He is feeling the most incredible sensations touching a woman’s breasts for the first time. Becci’s tits, they feel soft on the outside while Gary gently pokes at them to feel the thick firmness within her tits. Gary is making gentle circular motions that Becci is enjoying.

“You got a touch to you, Gary. I like.”

With Gary so caught up in touching her tits, Becci decides to give him one back.

“Haw! Gary freezes as he feels Becci’s finger ever so gently touching the head of his dick. Her touch feels to Gary like nothing he could ever dream or give to himself. Becci’s touch felt emancipative. Gary was feeling something that drew him out of his flesh and as she slightly moved her fingers he could not trace her movements only relish them as one sensation that kept increasing. He closed his eyes and breathed foggy breathes out with his head back. Becci was grinning and trying to not laugh so as to not spoil the moment she was giving Gary. She knew he would cum if she continued so she stopped with a little press of her nail and then she whispered.



“We have to finish our shower.”

“Fuck me.”

“We’ll do that in the bed.”

“But don’t people fuck in the shower?”

“Yeah, but I’m gonna do you in the bed, understand?”

“Yeah, I’s understand.”

“Here.” Becci hands Gary the motel bottle of shower soap. Gary carefully receives the bottle, squeezes out too large of a smudge.

“Uh-unh!” Becci wipes some of that smudge off of Gary’s fingers. He feels stupid, like a greedy little child.

Becci lathers the soap smudge in her hands to make it foamy then rubs Gary’s face up and down cleaning his cheeks, nose, around his mouth and his chin. He closes his eyes feeling like a happy child now.

“More soap. Not so much.” Gary squeezes out just a little soap this time into Becci’s foam-covered hands, she rubs her hands again before washing around his neck and shoulders and upper arms. This ritual goes on as Becci bathes Gary from his chest to his stomach, but when it comes to his privates.

“You wash that.” Becci instructs.

“What? Why?” Gary asks.

“Do it!”

Though confused, but guessing it matters somehow that Becci will not touch his cock again or his balls, Gary uses some of the remaining soap to clean his cock and balls. Becci snatches the bottle of soap out of Gary’s hands and uses what remains of the soap to finish cleaning herself. As Gary is looking down at his junk, his view is deflected toward Becci’s vaginal area. He sees that her pussy is not hairy and is shaved, which looks good to him. But just above her pussy is a large tattoo that, through the cascading water Gary cannot make out.

Becci and Gary finish their showering when Becci sprays all the soap off herself and then off of Gary’s body. She shuts the shower faucet off, pulls the curtain open, then clasps Gary’s butt and slowly presses him to walk out of the shower. Whatever confusion or worries Gary had before have been left in the shower. Becci points at the back wall of the bathroom and Gary looks wondering what she is pointing at and cannot see anything at first. “Towels?” Becci stressed kindly. Gary looks at the back wall again and sees two little white bath towels hanging on a beam. He toes across the wet floor and pulls off the towels then hands the towels to Becci. She holds one of the towels under her right arm. Gary wishes he could not see the fresh heroin scar on her right arm. He quickly forgets seeing Becci’s scar or caring about it as Becci uses the other towel and both her arms to dry his entire body, even his cock and balls.

Once Gary and her are dried, Becci lifts Gary’s hand and walks him into the cold room. Feeling Gary’s shivering, Becci turns to him with threatening eyes and orders: “Get on the bed and pull the covers up over you.” Gary’s eyes become huge as a rush comes out of him making him run faster than hell to the bed. He jumps onto the bed and rapidly pulls open the blankets and slips tightly into them. He is now warm, comfy, and safe in Becci’s control. She wears a gleeful smile while she throws the soaked towels in her hands onto the chair in front of the desk drawer. Next, she turns on the motel room’s television blocking its screen from Gary’s view with her damp, hanging hair, her strong back, and her shiny soft booty. Becci picks up the remote control off the top of the television and changes the channel from a local news broadcast to the adult film channel. Gary senses this as he can hear moaning and sounds he is unfamiliar with coming from the television.

“You don’t like porn?” Becci asks turning around to Gary. She stares at him with the slants of her eyes at a deadly angle. Her lips are closed in a mean pucker. It is the same face Gary saw when he tried to convince her God was real.

“Well…..I just never have, I was always taught it was……evil.”

Holding that look, Becci slightly gives her head a shake before dropping the remote on the bed. She moves out of Gary’s view of the television so he can see the pornography being shown; an extreme close-up of a man’s penis penetrating a woman’s hairy vagina. The penis is entering and exiting the vagina over and over again faster and faster in concert with the moaning made by the ventilating voice of the woman.

“Forget what you were taught. How you gonna fuck me if yaw don’t know how to fuck? Ya see that, Gary. Ya better not close yaw eyes. Look. Watch what’s on the TV.”

And Gary did. As hard as it was for him to focus on the raw footage of the sexual act on the television, he was doing as Becci told him. Gary was battling reservations he has held since he was ten. Promising his parents when they were still married he would never look at porno magazines, assured them that he believed pornography to be evil like he just told Becci; to be disgusting, repulsive, sick, obscene, abominable--all words he would later learn at church to describe pornography whenever he saw it referenced in the news or at school or some TV drama. Pornography has before and right now is alerting a red flag in Gary’s conscience. Should he watch it, he would be hell-bound. If he wasn’t hell-bound, he was at risk of becoming a perverted sicko. He used to tell himself that’s what became of people who watched this kind of stuff.

“Yaw afraid.” said Becci. The glare from the television highlighted the contempt her face was beaming. “If ya don’t stop telling yawself the bullshit ya were told at church, ya won’t stop being afraid. “

Gary had to close his eyes in order to fight himself in accepting his watching the porn.

“Naw! Keep yaw eyes open.” Becci made it extra hard for Gary. He had to use self-talk to win the war inside him: “There’s nothing wrong with porn, nothing! There’s nothing wrong with watching porn, nothing! I can watch it. It’s okay.”

“And why is it okay?” Becci crawled onto the bed.

“Because there is no God to judge me for watching porn.”

“No god and no what else?”

“No god and there is no such thing as Hell.”

“Alright. Let me look at you.” Becci moved up on the bed to where she was laying over Gary’s left side. He turned to her to show her his face. She studied his face and eyes closely. Becci was seeing a change she liked.

“’Member when I first kissed yaw earlier?”

“Oh yeah. That first long kiss?”

“I saw in your eyes years of being abused through being controlled and being made to fear. Now I don’t see any of that.”

“So I’m healed.”

“Naw! Keep watchin’ the TV.” Becci pulled the covers of the bed back and slid her way in next to Gary. She was nestled just slightly above him with his head tucked just against her tits and her head back against the pillows that she was now adjusting to make better for her head and neck. Gary. He is now glued attentively to the pornography. Becci makes a quiet observation of this looking at how much enjoyment Gary is now having.

“Ya not afraid no more?”


“What I didn’t get before is why you would wanna look at my tits and touch them, look at my ass, and even look at my pussy, but not want to look at the same in a movie?”

“Well, uhm, I don’t…know…..I guess I----“

“S’okay, Gary. Just chill. Enjoy the smut as ya would have called it.”

“’Smut’.” Gary laughs. Becci leans around and kisses Gary on the mouth.

“Mmmmmmm? I’m……watchin’….” Gary’s talking prevents Becci’s kiss from being at its fullest. She runs her hand under the cover down his chest slowly down, down to the bottom of his cock.

Gary likes his porn now/as I slip my hand down/to his oh most proud/pee-pee so, so, so---fuck it, so round and fat/can you feel that, Gary?”

“I can.” Gary is kissed by Becci again. She inserts her tongue into his mouth and starts wrestling with his tongue. Gary is also feeling her touch making him more hard and warm. Becci gets up and crawls on top of Gary still kissing him. Gary opens his eyes anticipating what exactly comes next. He has to break the mood and ask a question.

“What do I do now?”

“Shut up, that’s what you do. Just let me do the work.” As Becci draws herself back from Gary, the blanket slips off her back exposing her tits, stomach, and vagina with the tattoo Gary had seen in the shower. Gary looks at it again. It is of a black butterfly as depicted from the side with only one of its wings painted. Gary gazes at Becci’s black butterfly tattoo for a moment wondering what it might represent then feels Becci gently holding his dick as she brings her pussy down toward the tip of his dick. Gary is wide eyed, he counts each second thinking I will stop being a virgin in 1,2,3 and he is confounded at the sight of Becci’s pussy hole. Gary always imagined vaginas to have big gaping holes that can swallow a hole dick. He was surprised to see Becci has a much smaller hole to her pussy and when the 3rd second was over, Gary’s world view changed with the moist feel of his dick head entering Becci’s soft pussy. It felt so soft and so tight and it fit so right around his dick. It made sense the size of her pussy hole and the feeling, it was better than the touch of her fingers. Oh shit! Gary was thinking which lead to his asking.


“Shut up!”

“I need a condom.”

“Ya don’t! It’s your first time. Ya need to feel me raw inside.”

To keep Gary from saying anything more, Becci took him by the back of his head and placed his nervous mouth on her right nipple. Gary found the sensation of suckling on Becci’s razor sharp hard nipple to be astounding and he just rolled his tongue like mad. This was before Becci used the arm she used to grab Gary’s head to hold on to the headboard of the bed as she began to gyrate Gary in slow circles. Gary had not known that this is what the energy in sex was like, this is what made sex the ultimate of thrills. The motion---and here he was having some of it. Becci started to increase the speed of her gyrations. Gary grew distracted from sucking on Becci’s tit from the motioning and from Becci: “Aw, aw, aw, aw, aw, aw!” That was the moaning he had heard in the porn film. Becci was making it now. Gary could not think, but could wonder where all this would be leading to. He knew the key here was in that Becci was bringing her pussy on and then off and then on his cock over and over and over. It was making Gary’s cock get longer, harder, warmer, warmer, filling with cum that was aiming closer and closer toward the hat and hole of his cock. Becci’s pussy hole was feeling hotter and hotter and wetter as she kept sliding it off and on. Finally, Gary shot his load out just as Becci pulled out. Gary unloaded all over the bedsheet as did Becci a second after Gary. She was aiming to avoid being impregnated and her plan worked, though leaving a very gross mess.

“Sick!” Gary blurted feeling the messes near his thighs. Becci drew her arms back to the back of the bed and lifted herself off of Gary.

“I left the towels from the shower on that chair. Go get ‘em.” she commanded. But Gary, having just ejaculated, was feeling far too tired to move a muscle. “I’ll get ‘em, asshole.” Becci rolled off of the bed and walked around it to retrieve the towels off of the chair.

“Can ya at least get up?” She asked forcefully while walking back to the bed and carrying the towels with her. Gary thought for a second about how he better move up off the bed. He was still too exhausted, too post-sex tired. He also feared moving fearing his body would rub against the cum stains. But he also feared getting his beat by Becci so he got up on the right side with the blankets coming off with him and exposing the cum stains in the room’s ceiling light. Gary could see the stains more vividly and shook his head. Becci threw the wet towels at his face.

“Why don’t you clean your half up?”

“I guess.” Gary winced as he bent down and wiped half of the cum off of the mattress.

“Just clean the whole fuckin’ mess.”

Gary did just that wiping and wiping with the towel until only a faded yellow stain was left behind. Becci then pushed Gary back onto the bed.

“I thought I was supposed to stay off of it.”

“Why yaw think?” Becci pinned Gary down on his stomach by setting her foot on his butt. The strength of her one leg kept him pinned that way. “Go lay back down.”

Becci withdrew her foot from Gary’s ass. He crawled to the head of the bed and lied his head against the pillows. He had his legs stretched out across the mattress. Becci kicked at Gary’s legs making him move them back.

“Hey!” Gary gave out. “You wanna do me again?”

“No!” Becci assured Gary as she got on the bed. She does a somersault so she can hold herself up on the bed using her hands and legs. Gary is wondering what she is up to. Becci then extends one of her feet toward Gary, hooks her foot around his neck, and pulls him by his neck using all the finesse she can.

“What? What’s this?”

“I know you liked my pussy. Liked looking at it. Liked feeling yourself in it.”

“I did. No! You want me to—--“

Becci holds Gary’s neck by her foot then folds her muscular legs over his small shoulders. Gary resists pressing back with his arms and back.

“Don’t fuckin’ do that or I’ll break yaw back.”

“I ain’t ate no pussy before.”

“I know. Yaw gonna lick mine. Now I don’t care if yaw afraid. Yaw gonna do it. Now just chill and let me do my thing.” Becci then uses her legs over Gary’s shoulders to thrust his head, shoulders, and upper back in between her legs. As this happens Gary is terrified fearing what he will about to smell and he begins to smell a stink like raw fish, but with hints of something like a faint bleach odor all hitting his nose in one big olfactory fulmination. Gary thinks he can either be grossed by the smells or like them and if he likes them he will be more of a man so he chooses the latter. She wants me to be unafraid. is Gary’s last thought enabling him to stick his tongue out right before his face is impacted by Becci’s legs against her pussy. Gary is trapped there tightly and he immediately starts licking her pussy that reminds him of a flower all blossoming out. A metallic taste hits Gary’s tongue. He is having a hard time enjoying this until Becci starts moving her pussy lips. She makes her lips engulf and massage Gary’s tongue and Gary massages her lips back. This he finds to be something cool. He is watching this and studying the pussy more and looking straight Gary sees an interesting flap of skin. He thinks I’ll put the tip of my tongue there and removes his tongue from Becci’s pussy lips. He places the end of his tongue on the skin flap playing with it only to find under the flap a strange looking organ almost resembling a tiny penis. What the fuck was this thing? I ain’t lickin’ that. Gary noticed the weird little organ under the skin flap growing longer, protruding outward. It couldn’t be a dick. No. It was part of a pussy. Okay. Gary brought his tongue tip to the organ very carefully and tap, tap, tapped it and “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” screamed Becci. This freakish thing Gary discovered to be the part to drive Becci insane so he touched it more with his tongue remembering how Becci drove him wild with her finger. Now he could drive her wild with his tongue. He decided to use his talent for making his tongue into a ‘U’ and began massaging Becci’s clitoris back and forth. Her high pitched ‘Yes’s resounded into ecstatic screaming. She rocked her hips up and down faster and faster the more Gary used his ‘U’ tongue. He was loving the effect he was having on Becci. He was until her clit suddenly erupted with a waterfall of cum into Gary’s mouth. He was unprepared for the salty liquid amassing on his tongue. So fucking much of it just oozing. This has got to be over. Gary wiggled his head to tell Becci to release the locking with her legs.

“Keep goin’! I want more.” Becci gave the bad news. Gary heard it and knew he had to do it so he did. And for the next hour and the hour after that Gary was stuck between Becci’s thighs just pleasing her. He learned to get better at eating her and loving the entire experience of doing it. Becci was feeling like a queen. Oh, she could keep Gary where he was until the next night, but it wouldn’t be long before Gary would fall asleep with his tongue down there and sure enough when Becci opened her legs she looked down and found sweaty, slimy faced Gary with his face pressed against her coochie snoring. It was too cute and and too funny.

The hands on the diner’s clock wound together to tell all inside the restaurant the time was now the midnight hour. Lauren stared at the clock. The lids of her dark brown eyes lowered then rose. She would be falling asleep pretty soon. Gabe waved to her from across the table of their booth.


She moved her eyes toward Gabe. They were not the same heavy, tired eyes. Lauren was giving her boyfriend of three years narrow, intent eyes.

“You’re mad because you think I made my brother run away.”

“I know you made Gary run away. It wasn’t only your mom’s fault—“

Gabe turns his head away for a second. No one else is seated in their area. He can raise his volume back at Lauren.

“—I told you how our mom stood over Gary and told him she was going to pick his college for him—

“—you were saying hurtful things to him.”

“—Where are you getting that from?”

“You were being a bully to your baby brother. He finally got sick of your intimidations. Forget what it was your mom did. I’m talking about the things you had said and done. You probably played like you were going to hit Gary or you used your bigger size to hinder him.”

“But all that’s over and done with.”

“But you’re not sorry about any of it. That’s what my point is, Gabe. Suppose Gary does come home, huh?”

Gabe is sighing and looking down at his food.

“You’re not man enough to tell your baby brother ‘I’m sorry I made you wanna leave home.’.”

Gabe continued to look down at his food and pick at it. Lauren looked at him blinking and waiting, and then: “I’ll walk home.” She shifted up from her seat and retrieved her purse. Gabe looked up and pointed at her.

“No, Lauren!” Gabe blocked Lauren’s exiting feet with his one leg.

“Move your leg.”

“Stay here. If Gary makes it back home, I’ll tell him ‘I’m sorry’. I’ll hug him. I’ll be nice to him.”

Lauren set her purse down on the far side of her seat and sat down. She pushes her hands through the lengths of her richly brown hair. Gabe smiles at seeing the relaxed return of his classy girl. One of the few genuine smiles Gabe had given Lauren all night. They have been hanging out for almost four hours. From first watching the Age of Adaline as picked by Lauren and then Inherent Vice as picked by Gabe. Then to shopping for two hours at the mall to having ice cream at a Dairy Duke to taking a walk in a nature reserve, Gabe and Lauren have been exhausting each other with one another. They have been apart physically for over a week and Gabe went through all of the above trouble plus eating at the diner they are presently at to get Lauren in the mood.

But his promising to apologize to Gary did nothing to help Gabe’s chances when Lauren told him upon their leaving the diner that she wanted to go home and get some sleep. She did rest her head on his shoulder during the silent ride home and Lauren did kiss Gabe after he walked her up to her front door. But Gabe returned to his car looking up at the night sky wondering what the hell he was to do with himself now and for the rest of this night and tomorrow and so forth. He was going to feel like shit because he didn’t get any when he was counting on it, having looked forward to it the whole day. Oh, had he to know that Gary got laid the same night he had not, Gabe would not be telling Gary he was sorry for shit. He would be telling Gary he fucked up. Did you use a condom? You didn’t! You idiot. You probably now got a girl pregnant and your life is ruined now. Still, Gabe drove home looking out at the after midnight clouds and the stars that hung above wondering where Gary could be at the moment. If Gary was even alive. If he was hating Gabe. Telling someone how much of an asshole Gabe was.

Earlier that night, after Gabe had left the house, Monica pushed her vacuum cleaner into Gary’s room. She cleaned his carpet, deodorized it too. She next removed his beddings and brought them down to the washing machine and laundered them. The dryer stopped and Monica was able to unload all of Gary’s clothes and garments. She dragged herself upstairs, returned again to Gary’s room and folded all of his clothes and put them away in his drawers. By the time Monica was done, Gary’s room was a renewed living space. It smelled fresh and looked beautiful. All ready for his return. Monica inspected her work with pride, but when it came to looking out any of the windows of her house that was hard. She had been doing that a lot all day experiencing nervous hallucinations of Gary walking home to the front door. A few of those illusions had made Monica open the front door in case she really had seen Gary outside, but he wasn’t waiting or walking in. So, she made herself look away from the windows.

There was also the couch in the living room. The last place where she had seen Gary sitting. Upon deciding she had done all she could in cleaning her youngest son’s room, Monica stood before the left arm of the couch and ran her hand across it. She actually could feel a little warmth on the couch arm, some of Gary’s own body heat still left there. It was amazing.

The deodorant, toothpaste, and worn toothbrush Gary had dropped in the hallway Monica had collected into a small bag. The bag Monica later set inside Gary’s second drawer. Monica. She could not stop making herself feel she had to keep busy. Sitting anywhere in her house idly waiting for Gary would drive her over the edge again. She was recuperating from her breakdown through cleaning and straightening, work that allowed her to bring order and control. But now, there was nothing to bring order to. Monica decided to try to sleep hoping sleep would blanket away her racing thoughts. Gabe would come home late to hear Monica snoozing and find the house dark, quiet, and all to his lonesomeness. Gary’s absence really had carved a hole larger in his home than his mother or brother could ever realize. Was the thought of that what also compelled Gary to dart off the couch and out the front door?

* * *

Glenn had never carried out his calling the police about Gary.

He felt concern for Monica and did not want to stress her any further. After his call with Gabe, Glenn phoned several of his buddies organizing a search team to find Gary. Glenn’s group of men in their cars and motorcycles combed every street from Griswold to Daly Road and even into the ‘forbidden’ shacks past Daly. Finding his most recent photograph of Gary, Glenn scanned and printed over a 1,000 copies of Gary’s face passing them out with his buddies to house to house. Some people reported seeing Gary walking by their house. This was in the shacks. When Glenn asked in which direction they pointed eastward. The search brought Glenn and his party to Venoy Road and one of Glenn’s friends Jimmy rode down to the dead end on his motorcycle finding one of Gary’s fallen shoes. Jimmy cycled back to Glenn’s car with the shoe and showed it to him. Glenn inspected the shoe.

“That is Gary’s shoe.” Glenn concluded upon recognizing the shoe to be one of the pair he had bought for Gary some months back. But he had to turn away. He was tearing up.

“Glenn, you okay?” Jimmy asked dipping his massive head and bulging neck into Glenn’s car. Glenn had this sudden image that Gary had been murdered. Not for his shoes, they were too worn out, but the fact that he lost his shoe suggested this.

“Naw, man. Why would Gary’s shoe be left behind like this?”

Jimmy looked back at the dead end hoping to see some evidence to point that something else went on with Gary. He rode his motorbike back down here in the hope of finding Gary’s other shoe, but there was no sign of it. A heavy set woman with bleached blonde hair and wearing black clothing ran out of her house to Jimmy and called to him.

“Are you looking for someone?” the woman inquired.

“I am, a young man with dirty blonde hair.”

“This morning, I seen a blonde haired boy climbing that fence up there.” the woman pointed to the dead end. Jimmy thanked her and rode around to meet with Glenn who drove up to Jimmy.

“What did that lady tell you?” Glenn asked slamming his brakes.

“She says she saw a boy meeting Gary’s description climbing the fence back there.” Jimmy pointed his thumb back to the fence. “But who’s going to climb that thing?”

“Me? I’ll climb it.” Glenn opened his car door ready to leave his car running and climb the fence. Jimmy got off his motorcycle and halted Glenn with his hand.

“Hold on Glenn. I can respect your heart on this. But don’t go climbing that fence.”

“I’m in good shape, Jim. I can handle it.”

“Do you see what’s beyond the fencing, Glenn?”

“It looks like there’s some field.”

“We’ll find a way to drive around to that field. There has to be some street in this area that opens to it, y’know? But don’t risk falling and hurting yourself by climbing that fence.”

“Alright, Jimmy. Let’s hope we can find a way in there.” Glenn pressed the button to his power window and drove away. He held Gary’s shoe close to him as he drove on. Jimmy rode his motorcycle in front of Glenn leading off of Venoy Street. Jimmy, Glenn, and the other guys in the search team explored the streets in the Daly Street neighborhood. Their mass presence was drawing onlookers everywhere. This strange convoy of cars and motorcycles just pooling around gave everyone in the neighborhood a lot to make rumors about. Many who watched wondered if the men in the cars and on the motorcycles were looking for someone they wanted to hurt or kill. Finally, on a street parallel to Venoy, the team found a second dead end that opened through a fenced gate into the park where Gary met Becci. The men all parked their cars while Jimmy and the other motorcyclists went ahead and rode into the park.

The team divided up. Glenn walked through the baseball diamond where Gary had been running and noticed the trail of footprints that Gary had left behind. Glenn bent down and studied the footprints one by one. He estimated the prints had been made several hours ago which would mean Gary was alive and was somewhere near this park. Another motorcyclist rode up to Glenn and handed him Gary’s other fallen shoe. When Glenn asked where the motorcyclist had found it, the cyclist told him on the other side of the fence of that first dead end. All this climbing and running from Gary made Glenn worry if Gary had been being chased. His speculations changed to thinking Gary could have been abducted or possibly murdered since the neighborhood here was obviously unsafe.

Glenn’s search team surveyed the park for another hour looking for a shirt, a hat, or any other footprints that might have belonged to Gary. They even inspected the trees for the carvings left on the bark to see if Gary had made any of them. They all finally became tired even Glenn. He thanked everyone for their help and told them they need not look any further. Glenn drove sadly to the nearby WorldMart to shop for of all things, a pair of new shoes he would give to Gary the moment he found him alive. Glenn had one printout of Gary’s identity left in his car and asked a manager at the WorldMart if he the store had a billboard that he could leave the printout on. The manager looked at the printout of Gary and told Glenn that he recognized Gary from a security camera tape, but that the news on Gary was not good.

“I’m sorry sir, but we have video of your son stealing from our store.”

“You do. You weren’t able to arrest him?”

“No. He got away.”

“I sort of wished you had arrested him. He is a runaway and my friends and I have been trying to find where he is all day. What did he steal?”

“A pint of Absolut vodka.”

“’Vodka’? That’s strange of him.” Glenn thinks for a moment, shifts the grayish blues of his eyes. “May I see the video of my son stealing?”

“You want to see the video?”

“Yes. May I please see it?”

“You can. Come on.”

The manager lead Glenn to her office, unlocked the door and sat Glenn in a chair in front of a computer. The manager stood over Glenn as she logged in to the computer and opened the video file that showed Gary running through the main aisle of the store with the bottle of vodka. Glenn almost choked seeing Gary again and seeing him stealing on top of it. Putting two and two together, Glenn knew Gary was not stealing the vodka for himself. Gary had had to have met someone who had put him up to taking the vodka and whoever that someone was, Gary was probably still with that person.

“You okay?” the manager asked rubbing Glenn’s shoulder.

“Honestly, no. It hurts to see my son doing that. Thank you for showing me this.”

The manager then felt she should click the file off and Glenn stood up, said goodbye to the manager. He forgot on buying Gary’s shoes and left the WorldMart. He walked out to his car and called Gabe, but Gabe was busy out with Lauren and would not pick up. Then, Glenn thought about calling Monica, but the tension between himself and her prevented him. He finally decided to just start his car and drive on home. Whatever his next step would be he would decide that tomorrow. He knew enough that Gary was alive, but also knew well that Gary was not in good hands. Glenn did feel he did all he could to find out what happened to his youngest, and that would be enough to provide him with a night’s rest.

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