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Rambling Heart

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A collection of poetry and prose depicting the trials and errors of love and the pain of heartbreak.

Drama / Poetry
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Dancing With The Devil

When I took his cold stone hand

I hadn’t fully thought things through,

In fact I don’t think in that moment my brain functioned at all.

When I allowed him to lead me, to pull me out onto the black topped marble dance floor,

I think I lost my mind, lost all sanity,

His eyes freezing my stare, my being,

I think in that time infatuation over powered common sense.

Though I had to have known,

I ignored, deafened my ears to my conscience whispering from my shoulder.

When I let words leave my lips,

I didn’t think before they spoke,

Words of desire, not my own instincts.

Yet they uttered and he listened lifting me to his dark shadows,

Enticed from me my bones, as crippling was his touch,

Other worldly was the serenity he encased me in,

I didn’t let those pesky, lingering hums of wisdom cloud my naive judgement.

Instead I listened to the sweet nothings he tongued in my ear,

The hiss of an asp I am sure my mind heard, I just didn’t believe.

As I let him take my self control, gave myself to him,

Darkness my mind could see, yet in ecstasy all I could see was him,

Came crashing in,

Shadows danced the devil’s waltz,

My mind feared, yet I was lost,

Lost in a figment, a impersonation,

All I could do was listen and fall into him, two bodies having a erotic conversation and two souls gravitating on thin ice.

As I fell asleep with him in my arms,

His rise and fall became mine,

My mind still screaming,

I refused to believe that he could ever leave me in this darkness we shared so well.

Like two silhouettes in a heated game of rushion roulette,

I couldn’t believe he’d shoot my heart from my chest.

As I awoke shivering, dazed and confused,

My mind knew that I had been used,

Yet somehow I couldn’t listen, my frail heart overpowering any thoughts,

I search the darkness in search of him,

Hoping he will lead me back to the dance floor once again.

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