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Don't leave me

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Valentina and Kaylee have never got along with each other. They were constantly arguing, bickering and shouting at one another. What happens when someone who they both love and cherish dies? Can their sisterly love, bond and connection be enough to pull them together? Or will they always be bitter? ****** "Please." she whispers, her voice cracking. She looks at me with pleading eyes, "D-don't leave me." I don't look at her for a long time. Finally, I raise my eyes, "Don't." I say tiredly. "Where were you when I needed you? I'll tell you where. You were too busy with your boyfriend." There is a note of bitterness in my voice that surprises me. More tears fall down her face; I am sick of her only needing me when she needs something. All those times I needed someone. She was never there. My eyes examine her coldly. I feel nothing. Not a single ounce of love left in me. ******

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daneliya hart <3
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Chapter 1 - Valentina


Dear dia-

Ew no, I am not starting like that.

First of all, let's just be clear. This is a JOURNAL, and NOT a diary. I don't do diaries.

It's 10am right now, and I've already lost count of how many outfits I've tried on. I'm trying to get ready to go out, but nothing seems to be working. I frown into the mirror.

Glancing at my unmade bed, I grimace at the piles of endless combinations of tops and bottoms.

You know what?

I think I need some music to give me some inspiration.

"Alexa, play 'Can't you see me?' by TXT!" I shouted as the music blasted out.

There. That should help.

Sighing, I quickly check the time on my phone, and my eyes nearly pop out of my head. It's been half an hour!

I guess time passes quick when you're listening to Kpop.

Groaning, I grab the three nearest items of clothing; I don't bother looking at them and just shove them over my head and up my legs.

I look in the mirror again, praying to myself it looks somewhat decent. I give myself a quick look over and I'm surprised by what I see.

I'm wearing a white collared shirt, with a purple and blue tie-dye style sweatshirt on top; and to finish the look off, a white tennis skirt.

I don't know about you, but I have some serious style, even if it was completely random.


I rolled my eyes: that's my older sister.


Child prodigy.

I snort at my thoughts - she's anything but.

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and mentally prepare myself for the chaos that is to come.

The door slammed open, revealing a very annoyed Kaylee standing with her hands on her hips.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my sister. She's 19 years old, but acts like a stroppy toddler most of the time.

Kay's definitely the favourite child. Don't ask me why. She just can't do any wrong in my parents eyes.

She could, I dunno, crash her car, and they wouldn't even blink an eye. They'd just be rushing to get a new one for their 'cutsie little munchkins'. If that had been me, I'd have been kicked out of the house before you could say the word 'accident'.

My friends don't understand me, understand me anymore.

More like my family don't understand me anymore.

"God, I've been waiting for you for hours!" she said stretching out 'hours' as though that would make me hurry up.

"Jeez, calm down sis," I retort. She ignores me and turns away to go.

"No need to be such a drama queen." I mutter under my breath.

She spins round, her eyes narrowed to slits, and I sigh inside. Great, she heard me.

"MOM!!" she screeches, making me wince. Her voice pierced my ears, and I slam my hands over them.

"Shut up!" I snap angrily, "You've broken my ears!"

Kaylee being Kaylee always somehow managed to find a way to ruin my day.

And it hadn't even started.

"Whatever, you're such a baby." she said rolling her eyes. "Totally not worth my time."

I look at her, pretending not hear her: and I mime cupping my hand around my ear.

She rolls her eyes again and shoves me onto my bed. If she keeps rolling them, maybe she would find a brain back there, though I doubt it.

"If you're not down in 5 minutes FLAT, I will not hesitate to leave without, got it?" she growls.

I salute back at her, trying to hold myself back; I'm desperate to go out after my girlfriend broke up with me. Apparently she's not into girls anymore. What an attention seeking little-

I just need a distraction. Is that so bad to want?

I have to stay on my sisters good side, if I want to go out.

I smirk at her from my bed and she sniffs, sashaying as she leaves my room.


She just had to slam the door, didn't she? She's always dramatic like that.

I quickly grab my rucksack, stuff the book I'm reading currently 'A Good Girls Guide to Murder' (no I am not planning to murder my sister, however much I want to), the portable charger and my phone into my bag and follow Kaylee.

I run down the stairs, taking two at a time, spraying on my deodorant as I fly.

I spot a piece of toast on the counter, and shove it down my mouth, trying not to choke on it. I brush off the crumbs as I look around the kitchen frowning.

My mum hasn't come down yet. That's weird, she's always the first one to be awake.

Should I go up? She might not be feeling well and could need a tablet or something.

Or should I just go out, where Kaylee is (hopefully) waiting? She could just be tired.

The urge to go out overpowered the need to go check on my mum. Swallowing the bite of toast, I shrug my shoulders and head towards the front door.


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