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FORSAKEN by Dawn Elizabeth Pereira

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FORSAKEN is a story about a girl Named Rose Ferreira, who grows up in poor surcomstances. As she becomes a adult she fights many mental wars & risks it all. She may survive physical, psychological & sexual abuse but Where she will end up you'll just have to read & find out.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

9 months before the 8th of June 1999. Pornography was playing in the background as two lovers made love, or acleast that's the story my mother told me when I asked her how I was made. Was it true, was I maybe a mistake. It was not my fualt I had to ask. The girls at school had a whole conversation with each other. About how they where made. Some where created in car, that must have been uncomfortable yet romantic. Others where created in bar toylets, whitch sounds unsanitary. Of course the lucky ones where made in a bedroom, some even after a date. I would have never thought of asking my mother such a odd question if nobody had brought it up. My father always explained it in a romantic yet non romantic way. To be honest he never told me how it went down. He only ever insured me that it was not over a porno playing in the background. So who was laying, who do I believe? Why the 𝑭𝒖𝒄𝒌 did I even ask a resdickules question like that anyway. I never even wanted to know. Suddenly my favourite song goes off beside me. Black Veil Brides - Coffin. Holy shit it's already 05:00 am & I haven't slept a bit. I hear my father's blackberry typing & my stepmother snoring. She sounds so peaceful. I silently get out of bed & start dressing into my school uniform. After dressing in my whitch consisted of a White tank top, White School shirt, black stockings, a grey school skit & a black school jacket. I quickly do my hair & bruch my teeth berore greeting my parents & grabbing my matt black backpack & head to the bus stop. The bus stop was litrally at the entrance of our flat complex so I had no issue walking alone in the dark mist of Middleburg at 05:30 am. Five minutes later & I'm at the bus stop waiting for the bus whitch only gets here at 06:14 am. Some day's the bus driver would be late or even fail to show up beacuse of buss problems but he tends to arrive on all the days that I'm really not in the mood for school.

Boob-boob I hear the bus hooting. Finally he arrives. His two minusts late, I almost had my hopes up today. Everyone gets on the bus & I follow. Beacuse I'm the bus leader I sit all alone in the single front seat of the bus. Behind me is a row of two seater seats that lead to the back of the bus. Next to that row as three seater. I hated having to keep the bus in order. It should be common sence to shut the fuck up & stay still in the bus, yet again common sence is something this school lacks.

Back at my seat I start drifting away in all my favourite rock music. Everything from Linken Park, Three Days Grace, Kiss, Falling In Revurse, Moahionless in White to Black Veil Brides & that's only a few of them. Soon my mind minipilates me into thinking about the passed. All those painful memories come crashing down on me. I feel like chewing my god damn pulse off right now. "Fuck" I yelp as I decide to go through my roster. I pull my backpack closer & look at all the classes I have today. English, Afrikaans, Sience, Technology, Math, Life Oreontashion break time ( whitch means I'm gonna chill alone in the Music Class) & a 4 hour Long computor studies class. All beacuse I'm in a special school for people with either luring complications or bad behaviour here... I'm Deffendly not stupid nor am I a bad behavior child. I mean 𝒀𝒆𝒂𝒉 I stabbed a kid in the head with a pencil in Grade 1 but it's not something I would do if you did not bully me. Finally we arrive at school & exit the school bus to join literal HELL. As I walk in the gaite I see my groupe EMO friends waiting for me & honestly I'm far from in the mood so I just pass by them & head to the square where everyone gathered. The Bell finally rang after what felt like a billion years & we all headed to class. My brain numbed out & before I knew it I was on my way home from school. Drowning in the passed, hopefully things will get better soon.
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