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Sunshine and Rain

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Chapter 1

It’s really been long since I recalled the day that I first saw Holy Land! It was the year 2000. I was in for an admission in grade 8…..

“Wow! This is so great Daddy. Thanks.”

“Remember, you must do great here to make your great Daddy proud. Ok?”

“I will”

That was it. I was enrolled in the school after a tough Admission Test! And believe me, when I say it was tough and I passed it. After all, I was, and hopefully am, a brilliant boy. The school was full of huge buildings with great looks of the Administrative Building. The words Holy Land Int’l School were inscribed on a black cemented structure. It had everything starting from playground to a large swimming pool. A school boy’s dreams come true!

I along with my family then used to live in Bharatupur, Nepal.

As I and Daddy returned home, my Mom was there to ask me lots of question and tell me how to impress teachers and all, you know, usual stuffs that a mother would tell her son as he is going to join a new school.

“Listen Sunny”, she said.

I was totally involved imagining about my new school and ignored Mom’s calling, a dangerous thing to do.

“Listen to me”, I knew that if I didn’t respond, she would blow me away.

“I’m listening, I’m listening”

“Try to answer all the questions that your teacher asks in class. No matter whom he asks, always be ready to answer and raise your hand in air”. I’m in deep shit, alright!


“Not just Ok. You have to. I know how you behaved in Chitwan”

“But Mom, I was alright there. It’s just that Class Monitor, Richa who used to bring misery to me in front of the teachers. Even H.P Dhungana Sir used to ask only her to read the text. As if I can’t read it. And you know what? He said, he can only understand her pronunciation! I just hate her.” As if I did. My personal diary was the proof that I did not…..

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