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War or Peace in Pacoima 1960

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The youth pastor at the southern baptist church is approached by the morphodite who has a contract on them. The guy asks the youth pastor if he can bring about a peace treaty within the next two weeks so he will not have to hose all the teenage blacks in the youth pastors neighborhood, all 200 of those in the gang..

Drama / Action
Jamie G Holmes
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Chapter 1-is it War

Emilio Ortega approaches me about 3 blocks from school and let’s me know that James Morehead had been released from juvenile hall and is now back home and has offered a $200.00 contract on whomever can kill me.

After a couple of attempts by the blacks of their car club ( gang ), I am getting pissed off at the back race. If they want war, I’ll give them war then.

I decide to take the trike I’ve been working on down at Truman auto body shop.

I ride my bike down to Panarama City and break into the National Guard Armory, steal a Thompson submachine gun, a canister to hold 350 rounds of .45 calibaer ammunition, then drive back home, hiding the gun and ammo elsewhere.

This being a federal crime I want no way this weapon near me, so I hide it where I do not intend to use it, the high school.

Then after another attempt on me, I carve the young mans arm, at school and tell him to tell the gang I am now playing by Mafia Rules and if they want a war, they’ve got it.

I see the school custodian and he knows who I am by reputation. I tell him I know what the black car gang is up to and if they want a war, why then I’ll bring it on.
Or we can try trusting God for two weeks to see it he the custodian as the youth pastor of the church where the gang members go, to bring about a peace treaty.

I go into too much detail and tell him this all started because a nurse could no keep her mouth shut about me being a ‘morphodite’ and that she blabbed on me when I was 20 and 12 years of age.

The first time in elementary school and the second time in junior high school, where the gang jumped me 20 to 1 odds and carved my arm. Then I showed him the scar.

I tell him in detail what happened when the 20 guys jumped me, what the one guy said,” We do not know if you are a boy or a girl, so we are going to strip you naked. If you are a girl, then we will use you the way boys use girls, but if you are a guy then we will do you the way men do boys.”
Then the guy sliced my arm I told the custodian while showing him the scar, telling him I could look inside my arm and see the bone.

I had told him I realized the only way I would survive was if the guys with weapons did not survive and then I erupted into action. I told him I could see my guardian angels move me so fast the 12 guys with weapons went down in as many seconds,
I told him that before I got thru them Jame Morehead took off running away.

So I tell him I know if I use a Thompson submachine gun and go they his neighborhood and shoot all the teenage boys, except for Frank Jones whom I am pretty sure is not a gang member, that the LAPD will not arrest me but will just shoot me to death. And while I would prefer not to be killed by the cops I saw no way around it.

So “I’ll give you two weeks from today to broker a peace treaty with you asking God to bring it about, otherwise 200 of the black teens in your neighborhood are going to be dead and so am I. And I think 16 is too young to die. So lease ask God to bring about a peace treaty. You’ll be saving their lives and my life.”

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