Sudden Love

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Violets an innocent girl who is starting high school... Her life changes before she knows it by a mysterious boy who has secrets.. will they be able to be together or not?

Drama / Erotica
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heading to our first high school party

Violets a innocent girl with a sweet heart up until high school starts and a mysterious boy comes along and shakes her life up but in the best way possible...will it last or will it end before it even begins?

side note this is my first ever story so I hope you guys enjoy :)

Violet: I cant believe I’m starting high school in THREE days. this has to be my year starting it completely fresh no more shy girl...who am I kidding I cant do this! UGHH! "walks to the mirror hanging on my closet door.".. I need to come out of my shell more but that feels impossible (sighs) I’m used to being the invisible girl that no guys talk to... the girl that hides and doesn’t stand up for herself.

lost in train of thought until


“huh? answers phone”

Isabella: heyy girlie you ready to go?

Violet: yea I am ..uhh.. but I don’t know about this I don’t think I feel up to...

Isabella; NO you are coming V! end of discussion you already agreed.. josh and I are on the way we are going to this party it's a HIGH SCHOOL PARTY! .. OUR FIRST HIGH SCHOOL PARTY!

“ugh... she is always so extra”(rubs head)

Violet: okay.. fine.. see you guys in 20

Isabella: yes OKAYYYY!

“walks to the bathroom.. guess I’ll put a little bit of makeup on. As I apply my lip gloss I look at what I am wearing... I put on a red tank top I got from the mall with Ise... I set it up with jean shorts that are white.. it’s just barely covers my ass but it has rips on the back just enough to tease the eye as I look down more I put on basic black high tops with white socks that are hidden perfectly. it’s nothing something I would usually wear but Ise made me do it .. it goes well with my brunette hair and my baby blue eyes. I have black eyeliner and mascara on to make my eyes really pop. then just a little bit of clear lip gloss so it makes my lips look shiny but not to shiny. As I put on my bracelet I hear the door bell ring.”

Violet: well here we go...

“walking downstairs I open the door to see Isabella standing there with a big smile on her face, as I look to see what she is wearing a black skin tight dress that hugs her curves very well, with black heels to match, and red lip stick to make her lips pop. As if that is all you can see.. she gets fillers in her lips so she doesn’t even need the lipstick."

Isabella: heyy, come here and give me a hug !

Violet: Ise come on get off me

“as I laughing”

Isabella: ugh okay lets go !

“As we walk to the car there is josh waiting for us we got into the car and josh has the music blasting as always.”


“I leaned forward from the back seat and turned it of glaring at josh who is laughing he knows i hate when he does this”

Josh what’s wrong v? (grinning as I said that) come on it’s a great song!

“as I looked at v leaning forward I get a little peak of what she is wear”

Josh: you look stunning v

Violet: shut it and drive.. “as I said going back to the seat by the window on the drivers side. buckling in my seat belt I go on my phone and avoid him.”

Josh: alrighty

Isabella: yayyy lets go!

-10 minutes later-

“We found a place to park across the street of Derick’s house.. that’s the kid that throws this party he’s a senior now. we get out the car and get ready to go”

Isabella: okay guys how do I look? don’t let me go in there looking bad ok? this is our chance to prove to everyone how hot and badass we are.!

’Josh and I both rolled our eyes at Ise”

Violet: you look great as always Ise you are gonna get all the attention!

Josh: yea, you are gonna get laid in that dress.. just make sure you use protection.. “pointing my finger at Ise with a big smirk on my face”

Violet: oh shut it josh.

Isabella: yea, shut it I am not dumb I got condoms with me! “as I pull one out of my purse to show him”


Josh: “uncontrollable laughter” .. that’s my girl!

“we start walking to the door until josh stops us and looks at me up and down all serious”

Violet: what? “I look at him with worried eyes thinking I got something on me.. I start looking.”

Josh: violet my girl... you .. I.. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice until now....

Violet: what is it? why are you looking at me with those big eyes?

Josh: I.. I just you look so.. hot .. you never wear things this revealing .. that red tank top really shows those tits of yours.. really well, let not forget these shorts I can almost see that ass of yours.. it just ..gosh.. showing those nice curves on you’re 4′9 ft self.... “as I dropped my mouth open in shock I start tearing up a little” .. Ise our little girl is growing up.

Isabella: that she is josh

Violet .. “I start blushing from what he said”... josh WHAT THE HELL! stop looking at me like that and grow up.

“as I walk away from them I look back to see them catching up ..I rolled my eyes and went looking around and I found the kitchen. I poured my self a drink ..not exactly knowing what it was but I don’t care I need it if I want to get through this night.”

Josh: V you walked away from us. That’s rude. “I say while frowning”....right Ise?

Isabella: yes it was rude.. but I just noticed a hottie so excuse me children .. “walking away with a sultry walk”

Josh: hahahah I kinda feel bad for the guy, he has no idea what he’s about to get into.

Violet: yea, haha I know “we looked at each other and chuckled into our drinks..”

Josh: well babe, if you need me imma be right over there on the dance floor okay? now be social .. make daddy proud. “saying with a smirk ad walking away”

Violet: asshole..

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