Sudden Love

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who are you?

“As I look around I end up going out back. There is a huge pool with kids making out in, and jumping in.. I found a little spot in the back by a tree. It was far enough away to not get splashed but close enough to not look like I am avoiding anyone.. but I kinda was.. I leaned back on the tree and just watched everyone. it’s crazy that I am gonna be heading to high school and that I am actually at a high school party with alcohol, and people making out.. I would have never of pictured myself here at all.”

“I looked over and I seen josh making out with some blonde .. he’s such a man whore I swear.. the guy legit has a board in his room that he keeps records of all the people he’s fucked.. let me tell you its over 20 girls ... the guy is only 16 .. I don’t even know how its possible.. I rolled my eyes and I noticed someone walking out the house with a bunch of other people. he didn’t look happy that’s for sure.”

Damon: I can’t fucking believe this i’m gonna fucking kill him no way he’s gonna get away with this I refuse to allow it..

Steve: Damon man, talk to us you got to calm down it ain’t good getting pissed over it now.

Damon: it ain’t good? when the fuck would it be good Steve huh? the fucker robbed you bro he fucking took your girl and car and dipped... why the fuck ain’t you pissed and I am?

Steve: because the bitch was a whore.. I only used her for sex man, and that fuking car don’t mean shit “I chuckled”

Damon: it’s the point.

Steve: I know this. I know you wanna get back and fuck him up but you cant afford it, not now ..youre parents are gonna send you away if you keep it up.

Damon: “I growl in annoyance I know he’s right but I can’t help it I can’t calm down.. I need to fuck something .. I look over as I feel someone looking at me ... then I met her eyes these really blue beautiful eyes.. who is that?”

Steve: yo, Damon you with me still?

Damon: yea man imma catch you in a minute I got to get laid if i’m gonna calm down..

“I walk off and went to a cooler to grab a beer.. as I opened it I walk over to a tree in the back of the yard passed the pool.. I gotta see who this girl is that was looking at me. as I am walking I can see her better with the moon out and all the lights around the yard.. she is short .. dark brown hair with light blue eyes as I look down at her body .. her curves.. is god.. her red tank with those short shorts she looks hot, her tits are huge and i’m thinking her ass is aswell but i can’t see cuz she’s leaning on a tree.. as I walk up to her I can tell she noticed me aproaching she stiffed up and is looking really nervous.”

Violet omg..

“OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY COMING OVER HERE FOR.. deep breaths violet .. I stood up more straight as he walks over to me ..this guy .. as he gets closer I can see what he really looks like.. he has dark black hair slicked back, with a leather black jacket on over a white shirt, with black pants and boots to top it all off.. he’s attractive that’s for sure. He must workout.. he looks like he got abb’s like he is rock hard.. lets not even forget the height compared to me..”

Damon: you like what you see princess? “I asked with a devilish smirk as I chuckled a little.”

“what the fuck.”

Violet: uhmm..what? “I said nervously as I held my heavy breathing to myself”

Damon: I see you watching me over there by the door, so I am asking .. “as I lean closer to her only a ft apart I whisper..” do you like what you see princess?

“I stand there in shock while blushing from what he said”

Violet: how do you know it was you? there is a bunch of people around. I could have been looking at anyone “trying to hide how nervous I was I squinted my eyes at him in annoyance.”

Damon” (chuckles).. We both know it was me.

“I lean down a little I can tell she’s blushing, her cheeks got all red and I can hear her heart raising.”

Damon: Why don’t you come with me? “I said very seductively in her ear.”

“This guy ..I can hardly breathe my heart is raising so much. I look at him annoyed.. I took my hand to his chest ..and my god it’s hard as a rock, but I can’t think about that as I put my hand to his chest I pushed him away. I look at him with the most disgusted look I could make

Violet: not in your life time honey..

“I rolled my eyes and walked away.. heading to find Isabella or josh,”

Damon: .. wha..what th..e.. how dare she.. “I watch her walk away as I get more annoyed and angry by the minute .. who the hell does she think she is talking to?”

“as I walk back into the house I seen Ise heading up stairs with the guy she went to go get with.. so I figured she’s gonna be busy for awhile.. I went into the living room and sat on the couch. as I watch a bunch of kids play spin the bottle, josh came over and joined in as he sat on the ground with all the other kids he looked at me with a questioning look.”

Josh: hey V, get your ass over here and play with us! “I say with a smirk on my face waving her over here.”

Violet: HA.

“I decided to just ignore him as he tries to get my attention.. I am so not playing that game..”

Josh: this girl really thinks she’s gonna ignore me? nope..

“I get up and went over to the couch as I got there I grabbed V’s hand and dragged her over to the floor to sit next to me.”

“What the fuck is this kid doing. I look in shocked as he drags me to the floor and sits me down right next to him. this guy is gonna be the death of me (sighs) ”

Violet: Josh I don’t want to play this.

Josh: to bad girly it’s happening you got to loosen up a little and have fun. “I place my hand on her shoulder”.. I am doing this for you’re own good. “I say with a serious look”

“V needs to loosen up more and have fun and I will make her if its the last thing I do. She deserves to have fun.”

Violet: .. fine..

" as I rolled my eyes at him. I look at everyone and as the game went on it landed on josh and some red headed girl so they went and kissed.. it was disgusting you can see there tongues going in each others mouth so vividly, as I turn my head so I don’t need to witness this I noticed the guy that came up to me at the tree walk in .. as he walked closer he spotted me and I quickly looked away.. please don’t come over here I say to myself .. but then I see him push his way threw the group of us and sit right across from me on the other side. the look of shock on my face was noticeable. The look of disgust was even more clear to see.. luckily Josh didn’t see or I would have to explain it. As I looked away from him I tried to ignore his evil smirk he made.”

Damon: where is she?

“as I walked back inside I noticed the girl sitting in a circle with a bunch of other people.. so I decided to join and as I noticed what they were playing.. I had a great idea come to me. So I walk over looking at her and she was looking at me as well ..the look of shock on her face as I made room for myself to sit across from her was hilarious. it almost made me laugh as I sat down with a devilish smirk on my face at what i’m about todo”

Damon: okay my turn.

“I took the bottle and spun it as everyone looked at the bottle all the girls hoping it would land on them.. except blue eyed girl who looked worried .. I laugh to myself then the bottle stops and it stops on the girl I wanted it to, I looked up at her with a smirk on my face”

Violet: omg

"this bottle cannot land on me please I hate this guy it just cant happen.. then it stops and now my heart is raising so much I can hardly catch my breathe I look up at him and all he is doing is smiling as if he won! I can't believe it I look at him with such hatred right now. so I did the next best thing I could think of .. I went to sit myself up to walk away until I felt a hand grab me.. so I can't get up.. it was him that guy he moved his way to me so quick I couldn't believe it .. and then he looked at me.. he had a smirk on his face and came close to my ear and whisper something."

"I went and grabbed her arm before she could stand up"

Damon: come on now princess are you really that scared you aren't gonna be good at kissing? I will go easy on you princess.

"I chuckled saying it"

"HOW DARE HE SAY THAT TO ME .. who does he think he is? .. I take a deep breathe and look at him. I decided to show him who he is talking to.. so I did a half smirk at him and wrapped my arms around his neck as I did that the look of surprise was written all over his face and honestly I loved it.. then I went in for the kiss.. I grabbed his chin, brought him close to me and put my lips on his. My god he smelled amazing like a pine tree smell and lets not forget about his lips they were so soft .. I went in with my tongue and devoured his mouth with mine .. it feels amazing I feel tingles all throughout my body and my heart cant stop raising."

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