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I'm the Devil, Try to Fix Me

By Forsaken All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Drama


There is no fixing the devil when the devil doesn't want to be fixed. But there's something about her, something human, that seems to be dying to be fixed. But then again, when her whole reputation is manipulation, there's no telling what's real and what's not. Dr. Roberts is pulled into her world where every corner is a danger not only to him, but to her, and to the entire existence of life as they knew it.

Grace Heartstring

The room was dark and rusting and wet. It was somewhere you wouldn't want to be caught in at any time in your life because if you were, you'd be in the position of the man sitting in the chair placed strategically in the center of the room, where a constant stream of dirty water rained down on him.

His hands were bound to the chair, and his feet were encased in concrete blocks.

He appeared to be unconscious, but upon further inspection seemed to be praying. His breaths were forced, and the fear he felt was other-worldly, squeezing his heart until the walls reverberated with its rapid beat.

He didn't stop praying until he heard the footsteps. Then he stopped, because the few breaths he had left in his life were unless no matter what he said.

She cleared her throat, and he began to tremble.

"I told you,

Don't cross me,

It always seems to end badly,

But you did,


Cause now you're tied up here,

Trembling just because I'm near."

Her voice was sweet and she sang very well. But there was that underlying tone only  someone who's mind had escaped them had. It was a broken, maniacal tone that sent chills through the very walls. But that was her trademark. She always hand-wrote a song to her victims and sang it to them before she killed them.

This victim's song happened to be to the tune "This Old Man".

The sound of a blade singing from a sheath vibrated through the room, and soon the cold metal was slashed down the man's arm.

He whimpered as blood seeped out of the cut. Not deep enough to kill but just enough to give this girl the rush she wanted. The one that sent her spiraling into a place of darkness and pure emptiness harbored deep within her. This was where the illness grew.

"I could ask you if you know why you're here, but I find that cliche and useless." Her voice whispered into his ear softly. "You already know why."

The knife in her hand spun and stabbed him through his shoulder.

His screams were contained within the walls, and they melded with her almost inhuman laughing to create a sickly twisted symphony. 

By the end of the hour, the girl was gone, the room was silent, and the grossly mutilated body of the unidentifiable male was left for the rats or the police, whichever came first.

The only clean part of his body was his left hand, severed from his body, resting in his lap, with a single name carved into it. A name the world had come to fear.

Grace Heartstring.

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1. Grace Heartstring
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