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~ Flamingo’s Story ~

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It’s Flamingo’s first day of school and she is really excited, but there are some bullies that make Flamingo’s time at school worse. Will the bullies apologize to Flamingo? Read to find out!

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Chapter 1

Flamingo was sleeping in her room sound asleep. “ FLAMINGO! “ Her father shouted. His scream startled her so much that she fell out of her bed. “ AH! What dad? “ She asked rubbing her eyes. “ You have your first day of school today!. “ Her dad said. Her father left the room and she got ready. After she got ready she went in the kitchen to eat breakfast. She was having pancakes. “ Where is the syrup? “ She asked. “ Sorry, we don’t have any. “ Her father said. “ Oh. “ She said. Flamingo quickly finished her pancakes then headed to school.

At the Bullies house..

“ Hey Cruz you ready to go? “ Moose said. “ I have an idea. “ Cruz said. “ What? “ Moose asked. “ How about we bully people? You know, we’ll be the cool kids. “ Cruz said with a smile on his cat face. Moose took a second to think about it. “ Sounds fun, let’s do this. “ Moose said proudly. Then they both went to school.

When flamingo went to school she walked inside excited. She went to her classroom. “ Hello everybody. Welcome! My name is Ms. Smith, I will be your teacher for this grade. “ The teacher Ms. Smith said. After Flamingo’s class she decided to head to the library because reading is her main hobby. She walked through the school hallways. “ Ugh, it’s so loud over here. This is supposed to be a library, libraries are quiet. Why so many talking? “ Cruz said annoyed by all the people talking. He walked closer to the entrance in the chair where it was more quiet. “ Finally, a space where there’s peace and silence. “ Cruz said. Flamingo walked into the library and then saw Cruz to her right. “ Hello! What’s your name? “ flamingo asked. Cruz was annoyed that he had to hear more talking, he couldn’t stand it. “ Ugh, what do you want? Can you see I’m trying to read! Leave me alone loser. “ Cruz responded angry. “ Uh, okay. Sorry I guess.. “ Flamingo said. “ Wow, he was quite rude. I think I’m gonna report it, but that might make me a tattletale.. Y’know what, it’s fine. He was being mean anyway. “ She said. Cruz overheard it and looked away from his book. He saw Moose looking at the books in front of him. “ MOOSE! “ Cruz yelled in whispers. Moose ran towards him. “ What? “ Moose. Asked. “ Some annoying girl is going to tattletale on me, go after her!! “ Cruz said. “ Okay! “ Moose said. Moose ran after Flamingo and yelled. She looked behind her then Moose tackled her and she passed out. Moose sighed and walked back to Cruz. “ She’s knocked out. Come on, I think we should get outta here. “ Moose said. “ Alright. “ Cruz said. They both went around Flamingo. A couple hours later Flamingo woke up in a nurses office. She opened her eyes and saw a shark with a black hood staring and not saying anything. “Huh?? “ She said. “ The hooded shark dashed away with no hesitation. “ Who was that ? “ Flamingo said to herself. “ There you are!! I thought you would never wake up! “ A fox wearing a yellow dress said. “ Excuse me? Uh, who are you? “ Flamingo asked. “ Oh! Right, sorry. My name is Christina but call me Chris. I heard what happened. “ Christina said. “ Huh?? Sorry I don’t remember anything.. All I remember is being inside the library. “ Flamingo said. “ Well, the weirdo found you passed out on the floor. “ Chris said. “ Weirdo? “ Flamingo asked in confusion. “ You don’t know him? Oh, well. He always wears hoods and sits in the back of his classroom, and NEVER, EVER, EVER, Talks. “ Chris said. “ Wait, is he a shark? “ Flamingo asked. “ Yes! Why have you seen him? “ Chris asked. “ Yeah I think so, I’m pretty sure he was in front of me when so woke up then he dashed off. “ Flamingo said. “ Oh. “ Chris said. “ Anyways, it’s lunch time. C’mon before you miss it! “ She added. Flamingo followed Chris.

Meanwhile with Moose and Cruz…..

“ Do you think anyone saw us? “ Moose asked. “ I hope not. I don’t want anyone ruining our reputation.” Cruz said. “ Oh, so how exactly will we end up being the cool kids? “ Moose asked.” I don’t know, we just gotta do stuff that’s cool. Y’know? “ Cruz said.
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