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Following a two-year hiatus, Elise Turner has returned. Externally, little appears to have shifted. However, it is evident that she is grappling with inner turmoil, striving to maintain composure amidst what seems to be a downward trajectory in her life. Can she rediscover the joys of existence, viewing it through a prism of vibrancy? Or will her perspective remain monochromatic? Will she glean the wisdom to seize life's opportunities, or will past trials impede her progress? The ensuing narrative unveils the answers to these questions. TW: Self harm, physical abuse, alcohol, death, suicide, blood, rape.

Drama / Romance
Jenna Stomphson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“She’s back isn’t she?” everyone in the hallways whispered as Elise Turner entered her school. They remembered Elise very well. Well, it’s not hard to forget a dark brown haired, tan skinned and a beautiful blue eyed teen who practically was the school’s heartbreaker.

“You are finally here Elise. How are you?” her best friend, Emilia Hill asked hugging Elise. Emilia was Elise’s best friend since elementary school. They were neighbours during their childhood until Emilia’s house moved to the next neighbourhood.

“I am good Emy. It has been so long,” Elise said smiling at her hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair friend. It had been almost 2 years since Emilia and Elise had been together.

“I know. Come on; let’s get to your locker,” Emilia said leading Elise towards the locker. Elise looked around and found her school exactly the same as it did 2 years ago when she was a sophomore, before she left to go to Arizona from California.

They went up to her locker number and found out that it was her previous locker. Elise opened it and a pang of familiarity hit her. Everyone always used to complain about how Elise was lucky to have a locker which was bigger than everyone’s. After she left, no one else got it and now that she was back, she got it back.

“This is amazing, getting back my locker,” Elise said smiling and Emilia smiles. People were still staring at her because no one knew what else to do. She looked so much different now. She looked mature and even more beautiful than she did before more over her hair was longer and had no highlights in it like she did before.

“How’s everything going then?” Emilia asked as they stand in the hallway setting up Elise’s locker.

“Mom’s married to this guy, Luke Warren. He has a daughter called Hannah who is 17 years old. Mom even changed her surname to Warren over dad’s surname. She insisted I change my last name too but I won the argument so I am still Elise Turner,” Elise said. Her dad, Chris died when she was 14 years old and she loved him a lot.

“No I do not want to be with you Bethany,” someone said and everyone turned to look at that voice. A group of athletes were walking in the hallway, when the main boy stopped to talk to a girl called Bethany.

“I left my boyfriend for you Justin,” Bethany pleaded.

“Not my problem. I told you that I don’t do relationships,” he said walking away and they spotted Elise. The blue eyed, brown haired and perfectly built athlete body popular guy started walking towards Elise.

“Who’s this new chick? You look hot,” Justin said with his blue eyes on Elise. He was tall, about 6 feet 2 inches so she had to look a bit down at Elise’s height, 5 feet 6 inches. Elise was dressed in an oversized polo shirt with some denim shorts and boots with minimum makeup on.

“Careful, you might get burned,” Elise replied and his group was surprised seeing a girl saying that to Justin.

“Elise? Elise Turner is that you?” a boy in blonde hair asked and it took some time for Elise to recognise him.

“Matt!” Elise said hugging Matt Dunne. Matt and Elise were friends since middle school and she didn’t know that she was going to meet him today.

“Oh Elise, it has been so long,” Matt said.

“You look good Matt. Someone had a glow up,” Elise said looking at Matt. He really did look good.

“You look great too,” he said and Justin was impatient to know who she was.

“Matt you never told me that you had such a hot friend,” Justin said and Elise looked at him.

“Wait for your turn, the adults are talking,” Elise said and Emilia giggled next to her.

“Anyways, Elise, this is Justin Reyes, my best friend, Alex Richards, Noah River and Ethan Kaiser. And guys this is Elise Turner,” Matt said and she smiled at everyone.

“Oh so you were the one who was the school’s heartbreaker before I came,” Justin said.

“Whatever they call me,” Elise said shrugging.

“We have a party tonight at my place. Make sure you make it,” Matt said and Elise smirked.

“But it’s a school night,” somebody said and Elise looked at him.

“That’s the best part,” she said walking away with Emilia. Emilia had other friends too so she decided to introduce Elise to them.

“Elise this is Irene Baldwin, Polly Brien and Amy Rick,” Emilia said pointing at 3 girls who were all brunettes but with bleached hair and makeup on. Elise smiled at them and they smiled back.

“Guys, this is Elise Turner,” she said and their eyes went wild. They obviously knew who she was.

“Hi,” Elise said smiling.

“Oh my god! Its Elise Turner. The rumours are true then. You are back,” Polly said.

“Yup, it’s me. Live and in person,” Elise said laughing a little. They spoke for a while and went to their classes. Elise had English with Emilia so they went to English with her. Everyone kept glancing at her throughout the class despite her minding her own business.

Elise had taken Biology, Psychology and English for the semester and out of the 3 subjects, she only had 2 of it today each of the subject having classes of duration 1 hour and 15 minutes. So she was free to go home a little bit after lunch time. She had enough credits for college since she had taken AP classes throughout her high school and didn’t fail any of her classes so she only had to choose 3 classes this year.

“Thanks Emy,” Elise said getting out of Emilia’s car. Emilia was Elise’s transport because they had the same classes. She walked inside to her house.

She went to the kitchen to make herself some lunch. She looked in the refrigerator and found her burrito missing. She had planned on eating them for lunch but they were missing.

“Mom, did you see my burrito?” she asked and her mom, Lisa was in her office working because she was a work at home mom.

“Yeah, Hannah wanted them so she had them for lunch,” Lisa said and Elise was upset. Just then her step-sister, Hannah Warren walked into the kitchen with a burrito in her hand. Hannah was a dirty blonde haired and green eyed girl.

“Elise, I am sorry Elli. I didn’t know that you wanted some too,” Hannah said. Hannah went to the same high school as Elise but Hannah never came anywhere close to Elise so she was happy.

Hannah was sweet but Elise never got along with her just because she never wanted her mom to even get married to Hannah’s father.

“It’s alright. I’ll make something else to eat. It’s Elise by the way,” Elise said before turning around and started looking in the refrigerator to make some salad. Elli was the nickname her dad used to call her and she didn’t want anyone else calling her that.

She took her salad and went into her room. There were things she had to unpack from the things she had brought from Arizona. She had unpacked only few of her boxes so she decided to finish her lunch and unpack so that she can see what she has to wear for tonight’s party.

She started arranging her closet and looked at the things that she probably hasn’t seen for the past few years. She first set up a picture of her dad and she when she was young and she smiled at the memory of her dad. She unpacked all of her clothes and soon realised that it was time to get ready for the party.

She took a quick shower before doing her makeup. She did light makeup with some bold red lips and neutral eyes. She brushed her hair and let it be the way it was and she finally put on her dress, her black tight, deep v neck dress with her black leather jacket and cut-out black heels.

She got a text from Emilia saying that she was waiting for her outside, so she sprayed some of her perfume, put on her jewellery and went downstairs to find her mom, step-dad and Hannah in the living room watching television.

“Where are you going Elise?” Lisa asked sitting up straight and her step-father, Luke, a blonde and green eyed man himself sat up straight too.

“To a party my friends invited me to,” Elise replied bluntly. Her relationship with her family was strained because of the past and the present.

“But-,” Lisa started but Luke stopped her.

“Have fun Elise,” he said and Lisa looked at him surprised. Elise walked out of the house as Lisa and Luke started talking and she sat in Emilia’s car.

“Let’s go now,” Emilia said driving.

“Here, drink this,” Irene said passing Elise a bottle of Vodka. Elise took it in her hands and held it close to her mouth. The taste of Vodka took her back to the time in sophomore year when she used to do this with Emilia before parties and she loved the taste of Vodka.

“Whoa!” Polly said looking at Elise as she handed back Vodka.

“I have practice,” she said smirking and the girls shared the bottle of Vodka before they even arrived at the party. They could hear the music from a couple of blocks away and as soon as they got down, everyone’s eyes were on Elise. She looked like a bad bitch and yet looked smoking hot.

They walked into the party and Emilia’s friends were so surprised to attend such a huge party because only exclusives got invited to these kinds and they were lucky to know Elise.

“Oh I missed doing this Elise,” Emilia whispered and Elise smiled as she walked beside her best friend. During freshmen and sophomore years, Emilia and Elise were known as the wild partiers. They were at every exclusive parties and a party didn’t start without them.

Elise greeted her friends and hugged Matt who looked almost drunk.

“Let’s do some tequila shots,” Noah said and everyone went to the drinks table and took some tequila shots before joining a round of Jenga which was improvised by the boys. They had written down things instead.

The rounds kept going and Elise went to pick. She pulled out the one which said “Turn on your opposite contestant,” and everyone hooted. Elise looked up and found out that the guy was Edward. He was pretty hot so she wasn’t disappointed.

Elise went up to Edward and gave him a back massage. All this while everyone was hooting and encouraging Elise whose massage seemed to be working on Edward but he refused to give up. She came in front of him, played with his shirt buttons, unbuttoning them slowly and he played along.

She soon kissed him, following a 90 second rule, she kissed him slowly, passionately and held his hair and neck in each hands. He almost gave in, he started kissing her neck and she enjoyed it. She slowly started taking off her jacket, teasing him and she put on a show for all the boys and girls present there. She played with his hair and Edward lift his hands up in the air.

“Alright, you win,” he said and everyone cheered for her. She smiled at him and his hand went on her back as everyone continued with their game. They made out for a while and soon broke apart and went different ways.

It was soon past midnight and she was drunk so Emilia, who decided not to drink tonight, took Elise to her house. Elise wasn’t misbehaving or acting too drunk. She looked normal so she dropped off her at her house and Elise went to bed directly.

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