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Living a normal life turned out to be pretty good for Shelly, until the day she was on her way to work. "Shattered glass clung to my skin, cold sweat coming down my skin. Shivers going up and down my spine."

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Chapter 1

Loud crackles of thunder continue to ring throughout the night, causing the lights in the apartment to flicker on and off. Closing the closet door, I sauntered into my living room.

Throwing myself onto my living room couch. My phone rings. I pick it up looking at the ID caller listed. “Unknown” it read. I click the red button on my screen.

Curling up on the couch, I flick through the tv channels. Finding nothing good enough to catch my eye, I turn Hulu on. Hoping to finish or at least start another show.

The lights flicker again before suddenly...They all go off. I hurriedly feel around for my phone. Feeling the cool case against my fingertips I tap the screen hoping for the light to come on.

Looking at the time it read '9:30 pm' the day and date running underneath. A red flash comes over my phone enabling me to get to my flashlight on my phone.

It was a flood/Hurricane warning, feeling the panic rise inside I gather up my phone, charger, tablet, and computer. Heading to my bedroom.

I quickly toss my things on the bed, heading out the bedroom door to instantly check on my windows making sure I hadn't open any of them this morning. I check the front door as well to make sure it's locked and secure.

I double re-check my windows, feeling paranoid I re-check the door once more. After finalizing the fact that I had secured and doubly locked everything up.

I went back to the bedroom, feeling my way around the house. Stubbing my toes as I walked stupidly into a wall. "Ouch," I say. grabbing for the nearest thing that was next to me.

Limping like a drunk off the side of the road, I finally made it back to my room. My pajama pants falling down slightly covering my feet.

Consoling my sore foot I gather some cover and position myself comfortably enough to enjoy a good funny movie. Nothing absolutely nothing could ruin this evening.

But I was inconsiderately wrong, getting good and cozy with a few candles lighting up the room, I began opening up my computer to find a good movie.

Completely forgetting that Wifi is terrible during a storm. "Ugh, of course, there's no wifi". Shutting my computer forcefully I lie back.

Checking my phone for any weather updates, none so far. I check for messages or missed calls over the last hour. Nothing.

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