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Broken Wings

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A story of a young boy who had to overcome so much heartache, abandonment, and abuse at such a young age it would scar him for the rest of his life. Growing up without a father is hard enough the kid never met his father and his mother was a great woman but would fall victim to drugs, alcohol and mental health problems which lead to abusing the young boy and eventually leaving him all alone at 11 years old with no one to care for him, while he sat wondering what he did wrong to make everyone he loved and adores to leave him.

Drama / Action
Zachary Kissinger
Age Rating:

Chapter one: before the storm.

The young boy sat in his room with the door locked crying his eyes out while his mother screams and curses at him trying to get into his room to beat the shit out of him because he was crying because he wanted to spend time with his mother, but she wanted to sit with her boyfriend and drink and get High. So the little boy who was probably 10 years old at the time he started yelling and crying at her and she started to smack him in the face while the boyfriend watches with a grin on his face, the mother was so violent and abusive as soon as she got a few coors lights in her that she would take any and all anger out in the little boy who just wanted to be loved by someone. He was the only child who’s father walked out in him when he was born, he had never even saw his father but the mother was the little boys best friend through the years the two of them would go through so much together that the little boy found himself so attached to the mother that he slept in bed with her until he was probably 9-10 years old. Most nights she was a great mother, she protected him, she feed him and made sure no one hurt or messed with him, but as soon as the drugs and alcohol touched her she became the exact opposite, she was a ragging, abusive, angry alcoholic who would torture the little boy.
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