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If Only my wish lasts forever

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Siya is an introvert haunted by her traumatic past. One day gets a mysterious letterbox number through a game where she gets letters from an anonymous writer every Thursday which she has to reply by every Monday. Through those letters she finds herself attached to a mysterious person. she has never seen but through exchanging letters she created such a bond that feels she has known that person since forever until one day the writer disappears no letters anymore. Siya tries to find out who this anonymous friend of hers is! Will she ever meet this anonymous writer or will it remain a mystery?

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Chapter 1: Crazy Encounter

“No one will save me as I sink farther and further into the water. My whispers pleading for someone to save me won’t be heard by anyone. If I am here drowning, no one will know.” I thought to myself as I was sinking more and further into the water, abandoning all chance of being saved or ever getting to see the world again. I took my last breath, closed my eyes, and welcomed death with open arms like an old friend. Suddenly, I was pulled from the sea by someone holding my hand. I was rescued, “yep, I was rescued at last.” I tried to find my savior when I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t; all I saw were the eyes. I was too weak to even open my eyes.

Siya, wake up now! Ana’s furious voice rang in my head, “You are getting late.

“Agh!! That dream once more! Why I have the same dream over and over again is beyond me. “Who exactly is this person?” I questioned myself even though I didn’t have the answers.

I took a glance at myself in the mirror before getting dressed for the day. My dad could be heard yelling at the servers to be careful with the food as I made my way downstairs. My father is a chef who operates a restaurant in south Ottawa.

Dad, good morning! As I ascended the last stair, I said. Dad gave me a hug and said, “Oh my beautiful daughter.” For the past ten years, my father has served as both my mother and father. My mother passed away when I was 14 years old, and ever since then, my father has grown more focused on his family. He quit his position as director of marketing in order to pursue a desire that he had been unable to do so due to familial pressure. My mum was the only one who knew that he wanted to be a chef. She always encouraged him, “Happiness is what is important... follow your goal... it’s never too late to follow your passion... if your heart isn’t in the thing you do then you shouldn’t do it at all. When his mother passed away, he left everything and opened his restaurant (which isn’t just any restaurant; it’s also a human library where people can meet, share life events, and read each other like a book behind a curtain by writing letters and dropping them into different post boxes, and the other person who gets the same box reads the letters and writes in response to that) Being a writer herself, my mother enjoyed to hear people’s stories, therefore my father decided to preserve this concept for his restaurant in order to honor her memory. “Good day, Dad! Hello, how are you? As I gave him a second hug, I questioned him. “I’m doing great! I prepared your preferred breakfast. He motioned for me to enter the dining room and said, “Come, let’s eat breakfast together.

Even though I’m dying within, I have to put on a smile every day. I have to pretend to be someone I’m not every day. As I left the house, I had a thought. Greetings, My Baby! It was my older sister, who also works with my father in the restaurant and lives next door. “Hello Susie,” I said as I gave her a bear embrace and good morning wishes.

I got my car going and headed to work. In a digital consulting company, I serve as the marketing manager. At least my work makes me happy. What makes me joyful now is a mystery to me. I quit looking for happiness a long time ago. I realized that because life is erratic and unjust, finding happiness is impossible. I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I was distracted by the fact that I had arrived at work. I left my car parked and entered. Since I dislike greeting people, I make an effort to avoid eye contact before heading to my desk and starting to work. As usual, it was Aswad who said, “Hey!” For the past five years, Aswad has been my closest friend. We met at college and have been great friends ever since. Aswad strives to make me feel alive and keeps me cheerful despite the fact that he has his own challenges to solve. He was raised in two very different cultures and is half Pakistani and half Persian, yet he still has a really loving and fun family. I smiled at him after saying, “You don’t have to shout in my ear like that every time, Aswo,” with an irritated expression. “Well! He winked. “At least I got you to smile. I rolled my eyes at him and then directed them back to my to-do list for the day. “Yeah, you sure did,” I said. “Are you alright? I apologize for falling asleep during our conversation last night, I said to him. “Yeah! Okay, I was aware of that. Well, my issue remains the same. He exhaled, “I don’t know what to do... HUH!” “After work, let’s head out. I will discuss the matter with you, and as always, you will find a solution for me,” he remarked with a wink before heading to his desk. I grinned and got to work on getting the marketing plan ready for my meeting with the GM in an hour.

I proceeded to the conference room after gathering my belongings and laptop. I positioned the projector and my laptop, then inhaled deeply. Dear Sir, good morning! When everyone has joined, I will continue the campaign after having prepared the file and placed it there. GM smiled as he said, “Good morning to you as well. I hope your weekend was fantastic. I smiled and gazed at him because I was speechless after spending the entire weekend at home binge-watching the same Netflix series in my room while gazing at the ceiling. Our GM is my brother-in-law’s best friend so he is very nice and considerate to me. As everyone arrived, I started the presentation.

“How did it go?” As we left the company office to go to a local cafe for lunch, Aswad questioned me. “What? “I answered. “Presentation!! What else might I inquire about? “, he questioned. “Oh! I’m sorry. It went smoothly. The group will now focus on implementation, so... My job is finished here. We sat in the same place like we do every time. He headed out to get food. “I’m worried, then! Things in my life aren’t going well. Zimmer is quite unyielding; she wouldn’t listen to me and then told her mother she wanted something else.I’m simply torn between the two women I adore. Aswad had always been in love with his mother’s niece and desired to wed her, but because of the conflict between his mother and aunt, things have gone awry and he is now trapped in the situation. Due to her sister’s rude attitude, zimar refused to listen and moved in with them and Aswad’s mother, thereby delaying zimar and Aswad’s wedding. As a result, Aswad delivers fresh drama and news every day. The issue is between the two sisters, and it will be handled. Zimar should act and think like an adult. I suggested that she at least make an effort to make things work on her end. She is trying her best, but she is my aunt’s daughter, and she is just as obstinate as her mother. Leaning his head over the table, he added, “I don’t know how to deal with it... sometimes I just want to run away leaving everything behind. It’s been a year and nothing is working out.I laughed, “So abandon everything and go.” Right, yeah. With a saddened expression, he continued, “It’s as simple as that. “okay! Don’t worry. Everything will work out fine! In an effort to console him.

I took the car home. I had a single thought while driving: why is my life so bland? By bland, I mean extremely monochromatic. Every day is the same routine, and as soon as I go home, everything dismal returns. I left my car in the garage and entered the residence. Due to how busy it was in the evenings, I could hear the din in the restaurant. I have always avoided crowded areas or, to put it simply, people. Yes! I avoid them because I don’t know how to start a conversation, what to say, or how to continue one.

Hey, Siya! You at home? When Ana noticed my starlight was on, she stormed into my room. Yeah, I said back. She switched on the lighting. Don’t turn on the lights, I commanded. “Why do you keep the starlight lamp on and the lights off? Why don’t you come down to the restaurant and enjoy at least once instead of laying on the bed, reading books, or working all the time? she questioned. My younger sister Ana is 17 and eager to attend college. After school, she assists my father in the restaurant. Ana is quite vivacious; she enjoys being around people, talking, dressing up like other teenagers, and dancing. Dance indeed! She absolutely adores that. She’s constantly pressuring me to go out, have fun, and wants to change how I look according to her, I’m 24 years old, but I appear to be a lonely 30-year-old with a very simple sense of style and the same bun every day. How do I convince her that as adults, we have issues in our lives, Things that haunt us, Things we can’t talk about to anyone? “Siya, where are you lost? You consistently ignore my inquiries and do this. I cut her off so she wouldn’t continue to ask questions. “okay..shh! What is it that you want me to do? “Please let’s head down and have some fun! In a sense, she pleaded with me. I chuckled and concurred.

Susie greeted me as I entered the restaurant, saying, “I can’t believe how come our lonely princess is here.” I looked irritated at her and said, “And that’s why I don’t come down here.” “Okay! She smiled, “Sorry, I was just stunned. “OK, what comes next? I questioned Ana.

“Join me and we’ll go to the side of the letterboxes. Ana was thrilled when she heard that newcomers will today be given letterboxes, allowing them to read and write to each other. I asked, “Are you reading letters or writing them?” “No, dad! won’t permit me. She said, disappointed, “He believes I’m too young for this. However, you can. I protested, “No Ana, I don’t want to,” but she would not hear me and dragged me over to the counter. “Hey! Chief, look who’s here today. Ana smiled as she greeted the chief and me as well. As the restaurant’s manager, Chief works for Dad. Daniel, who we refer to as Chief, is actually 28 years old today; nevertheless, he joined our team ten years ago when he was 18. one of our oldest employees; in fact, he is more like family to us because he has experienced all of the highs and lows with us.

“Siya is here, then! You should eat this jelly, and then we’ll see what number you get. I received a bowl of jelly from the chief. “What? what!” I focused on the chief and Ana. They chuckled and instructed me to eat. Okay, good. Because the number was at the very end and you had to finish it to get there, I started eating the jelly. Ana exclaimed enthusiastically, “So you ate it perfectly let me check what did you get.” “357!! Oh siya, all of your lucky digits. I caught the joker’s eye and took the wooden stick out of her hand. It was 357 when the chief returned carrying the already-in-the-box letter. The process was described by the chief as follows: “Every Thursday you have to put your reply to the letters in letterbox 357 and you will pick the anonymous letters on Monday.”

I glanced at the letter as I made my way back to my room and considered what I would do with it. That person, who? When there are numerous social media apps available, you can communicate with anyone, whenever you want. I never understood why customers flocked to our restaurant not just to dine but also to write letters and form new friendships since they enjoyed this concept. Due to these letterboxes, even two weddings and numerous relationships have begun. What kind of changes will it bring about in my life?

Same routine the next morning. I overlooked the letter. When I arrived at work, GM smiled and invited me to visit his office in 20 minutes.

“Hey!! You did not even greet me! stated Aswad. Oh, yeah! Hey, I just have to stop by the GM’s office. I’ll catch up with you then. I had no idea what was happening. Why was he so quick to call me into his office? “Please let me in, sir!” I questioned as I unlocked the door. “Enter, Siya! I have wonderful news for you, though! He appeared to be extremely content. I had a puzzled expression on my face. You sort of got promoted, he said laughing. “Why? I mean, I’m already a marketing manager; what more could I possibly be promoted to?, and I just realised how ridiculous I sound right now. Siya, you embarrassed yourself in front of the company’s general manager. Excellent! He said, “You are amusing but Demir Textiles loved your Marketing campaign ideas and they want you to work directly with them for 5 months.” as he couldn’t help but laugh. If you’re wondering how I agreed, it’s because the CEO is my best buddy, so I couldn’t say no. They’re also offering a decent deal. He said, “I hope you’re up for it.

You know I’m an introvert, so I take it you mean I have to work in a new place with new people. I pondered but was unable to speak, so I simply smiled and exuded confidence in front of him, but on the inside, I was as shaken as an earthquake would be. It took me a while to get comfortable here, and now I have to relocate to a new office. I’m not ready for it, no! My head hurts after I just jumped into someone. “Are you blind or unable to see? I said, raising an eyebrow.

I’m able to claim the same, he retorted. A tall, attractive, and haughty man appeared in front of me, staring at me as if I had intentionally struck him. I was absorbed in my own thoughts. I could have seen you, but I didn’t,” I remarked irritably. “Well! Yes, I might have, but a person walking logically looks in front of them, not left or right, therefore you bumped into me from the right. Not my fault if you are so stupid, he added before walking away. “How are you able to say that, you!” I shouted like a complete maniac, and he treated me like I was some gum on his shoe by ignoring me. Idiot, nasty, and haughty, eh! I hope I never encounter someone like him.

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