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A damaged hooper

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Jaivon is a 16 year old athlete who has been through a lot of heartbreaks, but never gave up on trying to discover the right one. His athletic accomplishments has led him to a childhood of being bullied just because he was a very good basketball player, but as he grew old he became very popular because of his talents. All Jaivon wants now is to become a much more successful basketball player, but also find the perfect girl to love and show off. Jaivon's wishes eventually became true. He participated in more tournaments with his team ( The Spartans ), gained more difficult basketball accomplishments and also bounced to ranked #3 in the country for high school players. Not only his wish to become more successful in basketball became true, he also found the girl of his dreams. He finally found that special girl with the exact expectations of what he was looking for all his life. Jaivon expected to be with her for a long time but life doesn't always go as planned...

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After the game|Chapter 1|

Date: Friday June 9th 2019

Sweat was pouring down my entire body from head to toe, 8 seconds was left in the final quarter and my team was down 1 point. I executed the most disrespectful crossover, leaving my defender on the floor and I quickly dribbled the ball down the court with nothing but adrenaline rushing through my veins.

I could hear the various screams and chants of the crowd drowning out my hearing as I got closer to the hoop.

'Vonny! Vonny! Vonny!'

With 2 seconds left I quickly released my jump shot. The ball circled around the rim twice before finally dropping in. I beat the buzzer, so that meant I hit the gaming winner shot, it wasn't the first time I did that but it sure did feel good.

Everyone was going crazy in the gym, but my teammates were doing the absolute most. These guys were running up and down the gym like we won the championship finals, but I didn't say anything, I just was like "ah man forget it, we worked hard in practice for this win they could be as stupid as they want".

After I came out the locker room from taking a shower, I honestly just wanted to go home and jump into my soft and cozy bed, but on my way out the gym I couldn't help but to notice the beautiful girl my homie Jefferey was telling goodbye to. I just had to pull him to the side to ask who that was he was talking to.

"Yo yo Jefferey, was that your sister you were with? Because I know for sure that wasn't your girlfriend Kayla" I said motioning to the mystery girl. "Nah bro, that's my bestfriend Riniqua. Why you asking?" Jeffery said.

"I just wanted to know if I could be friends with her" I said scratching my head timidly. "Are you sure you're ready for a next one? Already Vonny? " Jeffery questioned. "What are you talking about Jeff?" I asked. "You Vonny! " Jeffery shouts. "You just came out of a toxic relationship a month or two ago. Are you sure you're ready for this again? " he asked again.

"Bro,bro, broooo! I'm not looking for a relationship. I just happened to noticed her and could see that she's a very nice person, I just wanna be friends with her". "Just friends aye?"Jeffery smirked. "Yes bro just friends! Now answer my question! Are you okay with us being friends?" I asked.

"Sure, she just was actually telling me she wanted a new friend, so she wouldn't have no problem with me giving you her number." Jeffery said checking his wrist watch. I swear this dude is so old fashioned. "Great! Just send me her number when you reach home bro" I said smiling widely.

"Alright bro, will do" Jeff said saluting me. "Catch you later bro, I got a date with my bed, she's been waiting on me all day" I said thinking about my sweet sweet bed. "Okay. Wait! Hey Vonny!" Jeffery shouted. "Forgot something Jeff?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I forgot to congratulate on your amazing game tonight, you was absolutely killing it out there especially that game winning shot. It was crazyyyyy bro!" He said punching my chest. I laughed, "Thanks Jeff I really appreciate it, much love"

At Jaivon's House

I don't know why but I just had to take another shower despite the fact that I literally just took one not too long ago. That shower felt even better than the first one, maybe because it was at home where everything feels better. When I saw my bed I was immediately relieved "Damn baby I've been waiting on you all day, come here girl!". With no hesitation, I jumped in. As soon as I got comfortable I got a message from Jefferey.I really hoped it was Riniqua's number. It was her number, so in my mind I was like "yessss, lets get it!". I was too excited, I didn't know how to approach her so I had to hit her with my most special line, which I normally used when meeting a new girl.

I was ready to hit that bad line on her. I texted her "👀hey".

She replied back with a "👀 who's this?".

I told her that Jeff was the one who gave me her number. She had no problem with that at all, turns out Jeff was right she actually was looking for a new friend and she really got excited when I told her that I was one of the guys who played tonight.

"You wouldn't happen to be #21 who played for The Spartans today by any chance?" She asked.

I don't know why but I was pretty scared when she asked that, knowing that I was #21. I just started to panic out of no where.

"Yes I'm the one and only #21 who played for The Spartans. Is there anything wrong?" I answered back.

Turns out I panicked for nothing. She told me she was watching me throughout the whole game and that I'm a very good player. I was totally relieved, I honestly thought I did something wrong.

I don't know why but when Riniqua told me she plays basketball as well, a smile just appeared out of no where. It's probably because I really had a thing for girls who play basketball as well.

We later went on a call what lasted at least until 4am, I was actually enjoying myself, I even forgot how tired I was from the ball game. We were just entertaining one another with details about ourselves, she intrigued me.

Everything was going perfect until the call just suddenly stopped. I messaged her to see what the deal was , but after I saw the message only had one tick it was obvious that her phone just died. I was quite upset in a way but I just thought 'We'll just continue this later when her phone is charged up'.

Well it was after 4 in the morning and since I had no one to talk to unfortunately, I thought it was just time to carry my soar body to sleep. And with no hesitation that's what I did....

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