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A damaged hooper

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The bond|Chapter 2|

I woke up the next morning and still didn't receive an answer back from Riniqua as yet, but I didn't stress over that. It was obvious her phone still was dead, because my message still was on one singular tick. I kinda had a bigger problem, my stomach was empty as hell, I needed to full the tank asap.

On my way back to my room with my big bowl of the worlds best cereal, Captain Crunch, I could hear my phone notifications going crazy.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

In my mind I was just like " Who the hell thinks they have the right to be ringing my phone off like this?". I finally arrived to my room and swiftly picked up my phone, wanting to see who I had to go crazy on. I got 26 new WhatsApp notifications and they all were from Riniqua. My jaws extended so wide after seeing who it was.

She was basically spamming me memes, other short videos and was simply explaining to me that she was offline for a lil while because she misplaced her charger.

"U gud" I replied back, giving a sigh of relief.

"I just wanted to hit you up before I head to soccer practice" she said. "Soccer?" I questioned. "Yes soccer Jaivon!" she said. "I didn't know you're a soccer player" I said. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me, but we'll talk bout this later" she stated. "Alright be safe, ttyl" I replied.

Even though she told me she plays basketball I didn't care ,maybe because she still actually could play basketball but soccer is her main sport. But on the bright side it didn't matter she was an athlete anyway you put it, even if basketball was her secondary sport.It was kinda weird that a thought ran through my head that she might've been the one I was looking for all my life. " NO NO NOOOO VONNY, IT'S TOO EARLY FOR THIS GARBAGE AGAIN!" I said quietly in my mind.

3 Hours Later

" Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum, Ta-Ta, Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum" my phone ringed"

It was Riniqua video calling me. I don't know why but my heart started jumping with excitement. When I accepted the call, I noticed Riniqua was staring at the camera with a huge smile on her face." Why are you so happy?" I asked her. "I'm not happy" she said. "So why are you smiling like that?" I questioned. " I really don't know, probably because your good-looking face gives me goosebumps" she said.

In my head I was like "She wants you Vonny, go get that!". But I'm still traumatized from my previous relationship. I honestly can't tell if someone genuinely likes me.

"Awww, that's so nice of you. Seeing your gorgeous face makes me happy as well" I replied back. She starts blushing. I asked her if she wouldn't mind telling me about her day. "You really wanna hear about my day?" she asked surprised. " Yeah, I like hearing your cute voice" I said. "Wow, nobody has ever been interested about my day, not even my closer friends" she replied. "Girl if you don't spill the tea " I said back laughing.

She proceeded to tell me how her day started off with her finally finding her phone charger, then ate a big bowl of her favorite cereal, Captin Crunch. We already had something in common, besides both of us being athletes, both of our favorite cereal was Captin Crunch.

Then she started to tell me about her soccer practice. Riniqua basically complained about all the unnecessary running drills they were doing the entire practice. I told her I could relate to the feeling, but also had to explain to her every drill has a purpose she'll understand when the time comes.

" I think the second best part of my day was the car ride back home" she said. "Why would that be so?" I asked. She began to tell me how she got to vibe with her father by dancing to the music that was coming out the radio. Riniqua told me that she didn't have any problems with her father , it was just wonderful to have a lil fun with him because she barely gets to because he works a lot.

I was just enjoying listening to her, it was appealing hearing her voice, but then a question popped up and I had to ask. " Wait a sec, did you say the second best part of the day? So what exactly would be the best part of your day?" I questioned. "To be honest the best part of my day would be coming home to see your handsome face and hearing your silky voice". she replied back.

Listen to me, I was ready to go crazy on that call. But at the same time I started to think that she was just playing with my emotions. Basically after my ex did me dirty I started to develop trust issues. I really find it hard to believe when someone is telling me the truth or not, but after looking at my phone and seeing Riniqua's smile I knew she was telling the truth.

" Wow , I cant remember the last time someone was happy to me". I replied back petrified. " Well that changed today, I couldn't wait to come home and speak to you" she said joyful. I honestly was flattered. She actually meant it. I think I'm starting to grow on this girl.

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