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A damaged hooper

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The scrimmage game|Chapter 3|

As the days went by, Riniqua and I started to get pretty close with eachother. We starting texting eachother more often and started sharing personal stories, even falling asleep on video calls from time to time. Only some would understand how good it feels to fall asleep on the phone knowing someone else is there. My Lord that feels sooo great, especially with the right person!

The more we started talking the more we wanted to see eachother again, but actually hang out this time. It was kinda hard because our schedules just weren't allowing us to see eachother.

With her Soccer practices and my Basketball practices we never could've arranged a set day for us to meet. It felt like I was never going to see that pretty dark chocolate goddess again. Or was that too much just now?

But boy oh boy God really is amazing! We found ourselves on a phone call, checking our schedules together and as usual to see if we were both free at the same time any day of this week. Hopefully we find a day this week.

"Uh.. I'm free tomorrow" Riniqua said timidly. "Wait isn't tomorrow Saturday?"
I questioned."No Jaivon, tomorrow is Saturday" she answered back sarcastically. "It doesn't even make sense checking my Saturday schedule if I know I have practice every Saturday" I said.

I honestly was surprised to see that I didn't have practice that Saturday, Coach Bullard must have canceled it, but I wondered why.

But it didn't matter, Riniqua and I finally could spend some time together. I told her that I was free then I suggested we hang out on Yellow Elder Community Park, because it seemed like a cool place to hang out. She was totally down for it. I talked to my parents about it's and she talked to her's about it and both of our parents gave us permission to go.

Both of us were totally excited that we finally got the chance to meet up. We talked nonstop about how we were going to play on the swings, slide and play one on one on the basketball court. It sounded like we were planning a play date but we didn't care just as long as we got to see eachother.

The Next Morning

" Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum, Ta-Ta, Dum-Dum, Dum-Dum" my phone ringed"

It was my coach calling to tell me that we had a scrimmage game against The Hawks at the gym today. I knew it had to been a reason why he cancelled practice. I was highly upset, I really love playing basketball, but come on it was the only day I got to see Riniqua. In my mind I was tripping out so I had to give coach piece of my mind.

"Alright Coach Bullard, no problem I'll see you at the gym" I said.

After that I called Riniqua and told her the news. Riniqua wasn't mad at all, she actually came up with a plan so she still can see me. Riniqua said she can come to the gym later on and watch me play. I really didn't think of that, but I was glad she did.

I took a shower and told Riniqua I'll see her later at the gym, cause I love to go early and practice by myself for a while. She replied "okay handsome I'll see you later".

So I eventually arrived to the gym and as soon as I walked in I heard a ball bouncing. I got a lil mad because I knew I wasn't alone. I'm always the first person to reach first so I was like "Who the hell this is trying to oppress me early this morning?"

As I walked in and got closer to the court, I see this girl with a hoodie on killing it on the court. She was actually good and she was barely missing any of her shots. In my head I was like "damn, she might probably have a good chance at beating me".

I just stood there and watched her jam, then she stops and stares at me for a few seconds.

At this point I'm scared and hope I didn't make her feel some type of way by watching her play. " I'm sorry ma'am, I'll stop watching you if you want me to"I said fearfully. "You don't have to stop Vonny." she replied back.

"So I'm guessing you're a fan since you know my name?" I asked. "I'm more than a fan" she replied back. The mysterious girl started to loosen her hoodie and take it off.

It was Riniqua! I was so shocked I just stood there staring again. I couldn't believe that was her jamming on the court like that.

"So are you going to stand like an idiot, or are you going to bring your cute self over here and and hug me?" Said Riniqua.

I was still at loss for words and continued to stand there speechless...

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