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Broken Homez

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It’s about a young boy who grew up without a father, Without any siblings, Without anyone to save him from his alcoholic, Abusive Mother. Zachary was the little boys name, he was about 9years when the worst of it began. He grew up in a bunch a different Section8 apartments in many different neighborhoods and he grew up living off of food stamps and barely getting by, always being evicted and having to move from place to place. He remembers being alone at a young age, he always had to fend for himself, whatever it took from stealing food from stores, shoveling snow, and cutting grass in the summer time, he always had a good work ethic because he had to do a lot of it himself at a young age, which benefited him in the long run. being pawned off to all his mother’s friends, so she could go out clubbing or to the bar became a habit and the little boy began to think it was his fault, like there was something wrong with him, that’s why his mother was barely around. Luckily Zachary had his Grandmother and Grandfather who were like his parents, they basically saved his life but that’s for later in in the story. His grandmother Dorothy was an angel sent from heaven, She was the little boys heart & Soul. His Poppop better know as Popz was his hero, his best friend, but that didn’t get like that until he was about 10-11 yrs old.

Drama / Action
Zachary Kissinger
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Grandma❤️s Boy

Her name was Dorothy Kissinger, She was a Saint, an angel sent from heaven, The one woman pShe was around 80 years old at the time this story took place, and she worked everyday 40hrs a week and came home and cooked dinner for everyone and did everyone’s wash, she wouldn’t sit down until she knew everyone ate and was taken care of. She was the one and only woman who never let that little boy down, She was always there for him when he needed her, she took him everywhere. She was his heart and soul, they were so close, she was there for him from the time he was born until the day she passed on September 19th 2017, Zachary was 29 years old and it literally crushed his soul, he would never be the same again, that’s how much his grandmother meant to him.
She loved Country music, every time He got in her car 92 five XT you was on the radio, and after a while Country music grew on him, They went on so many car rides together from her picking him up from detention and getting suspended at school to her dropping him off at the courthouse to watch him get arrested and sent to jail, Boot Camps, juvenile detention centers and finally prison. It’s a long story and a long journey they had together but there was never a stronger bond two people could have shared that was stronger than the one they had. When he was a baby his mother was young she love drinking and getting high and will always leave Zachary with his grandmother and grandfather and aunt Cheryl who lived with her parents which was my mom‘s parents they were sisters her name was Cheryl Kissinger.
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