The Hate List

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There was no way she wouldn’t see me alone. Just as planned.

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Chapter 1 - Millie

I picked at my sandwich nervously as I sat alone at one the many benches in the school yard. This bench was right next to the locker bay, in a perfect view from all angles. There was no way she wouldn’t see me alone. Just as planned.

I hadn’t spoken to any of my friends all day. I wondered what they were thinking about me right now.

Are they mad at me?

Do they hate me?

Or are they just confused about what it is that I am doing?

I would blame them for hating me right now. If I were them, I would hate me

My best friend Kitty was the only person that knew what I was about to do. Despite having the plan completely mapped out, my mind was still full of doubts.

What if it didn’t work?

What if Angelica doesn’t even care that Kitty and I are no longer friends?

What if she sees right through this and releases that it is a trap?

“Amelia!” someone yelled. I jumped slightly as I was pulled out of my panicking mind.

That voice. I would know it anywhere.

“Speaking of the devil,” I mumbled sarcastically under my breath. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and turned around to face her.

Angelica McCann was walking toward me, she was followed closely by her loyal minions; Grace Todd, Alesia Floros, and Tabitha Marsh.

I took a deep breath.

It’s now or never, I told myself.

Angelica was, without a doubt, one the prettiest girl in the school and she knew it. She had a body like a Victoria’s Secret model. She was tall with long thin, toned legs and curves in all the right places. She was skinny but not so thin that she looked sick or anorexic. Her body was toned from constant exercise to maintain her athletic figure, which was also the reason she managed to win cross country every year. Her heart-shaped face was framed flawlessly by her light caramel brown hair. Her hair was untied and dead straight, reaching the top of her elbows. It was obvious she was wearing make-up, but it hadn’t been caked on. She wore brown eyes shadow to highlight her brown eyes and pink lipstick and lip liner to her alright, full lips look bigger. Her blush was applied at the perfect angle to bring out her high cheekbones. She wasn’t wearing the school jumper or blazer. The white button up school shirt was just tight enough to show off her curves, the long sleeves had been rolled up to her elbows, and her blue skirt reached her mid-thigh instead of sitting just above her knees. The blue and black striped school tie hung loosely around her neck.

Angelica was that girl that boys lusted over, and girls wished to be. I didn’t want to be her, however. Angelica may have been beautiful on the outside, but her appearance didn’t conceal the ugliness of her personality that was on the inside. At least not to me. I knew from experience that she could play the part of the perfect little angel when she needed to but, in reality, she was cruel and manipulative. She was the worst kind of bully. She didn’t like to get her hands dirty instead she was able to convince her follows to do it for her.

Angelica was also one of the people that somehow got away with bending the school’s uniform rules.

We attended a co-ed Catholic private school, St. Benedict College, which had strict uniform rules. No make-up, no nail polish, and no jewellery unless it is a religious cross necklace, and even then it must be tucked under the uniform out of sight. If hair is longer than the shoulders, it must be tied up at all times. The school skirt length must be below the knees. Boys must be clean shaven. Blazers must be worn to and from school unless it is over thirty degrees.

Grace and Alesia lacked Angelica’s natural beauty, and they both seem to know it.

Grace wore a large amount of makeup which hadn’t been applied correctly. There were clumps in her foundation and a few places where the make-up had not been blended in properly. Her eyeshadow and eyeliner were too dark; it made it hard to notice her hazel eyes as well as making the rest of her skin look pale in comparison. Grace’s thick greyish-black hair had been straightened and was cut in a straight line just below her chin. Unlike Angelica, she wore the school’s dark blue jumper over her uniform. She was just shorter than Angelica but taller than both Alesia and Tabitha. She wasn’t as thin as Angelica but was still below the average weight.

Grace had a way of smiling that makes you afraid for life. She had a cruel, vicious and violent nature, even more so than Angelica. It was a well-known fact that Grace was a loose cannon. She was known to punch first and ask question later. There were quite a lot of rumours revolving around her violent nature. This year alone I had heard that she was secretly the daughter of a gang leader, she kills birds for the fun of it and once put a boy in a coma.

Like Grace, Alesia also wore a large amount of make-up. She was trying to look like Angelica by using similar colours. But the shades that looked good on Angelica didn’t suit Alesia. Her hair had been dyed bright red. It reached just past her shoulders. She had parted her hair to the left and pinned back her long side fringe with bobbing pins. She wore her uniform in almost the exact way as Angelica. However, her skirt had been rolled up so high that if she were to lift her arms, you would probably see her underwear.

Alesia had been very different before she becomes friends with Angelica. In year seven she had been a shy, nervous wreck, and refused to speak to anyone besides her two best friends Maya and Aiden. However less than a week after joining Angelica group, she began speaking up and changed dramatically in both appearance and personally.

Tabitha looked very dull standing beside the three girls. Her dark reddish-brown hair had been tied back in a high ponytail. It was so long that despite being tied up it reached her lower back. Unlike the others, she wore her uniform correctly. She was the shortest and thinnest out of the four girls. The tight fitting school jumper made it obvious that she was flat chested. She stood behind the other three quietly.

I ran my hands through my hair in an attempt to quickly neaten it. When I was getting ready for school in the morning, I had made an effort to look like them. For once, my wavy brown hair was not tied back. I had even rolled up my skirt slightly so it now reached mid-thigh instead of just above knee length. I had loosened the school tie, so it hung lower around my neck. I had also attempted to put on make-up this morning but due to my lack of practice, it looked terrible. So I washed it all off frustrated.

“Where is that loser friend of yours?” Angelica asked me. “Katherine?” She used a tone of voice that suggested she couldn’t care less about where Kitty was. She inspected her perfectly manicured nails for flaws as she spoke.

“Katarina,” I correct automatically. I mentally yelled at myself for that. We had known Angelica since kindergarten. Yet, she still pretended that she didn’t know Kitty’s name.

“Whatever,” Angelica replied in a bored tone as she rolled her eyes and turned her glance back to her nails.

“We are not friends anymore,” I announced confidently as I looked at her dead in the eye and waited for a response.

Angelica automatically looked up to meet my eyes. “Really,” she smiled widely.

“We had a huge fight,” I continued as I smiled at her happily. This was proving to be easier than I had thought it would be. “I’m refusing to speak to her until she admits that I am right.”

“Oh, Amelia,” Angelica said in a tone you would use when talking to a five-year-old. “You can do so much better than that pathetic, know-it-all, loser. Don’t you think girls?” Angelica said as she turned to Grace, Alesia, and Tabitha.

“Of course,” Grace smiled in the cruel way she was known for. It reminded me of all the times she had teased and tormented me over the years. “Katarina is such a geek.” Grace was already an incredibly cruel person, she didn’t need an excuse to be a bully.

“And know it all,” Alesia added, aimlessly repeating Angelica as she nodding along to what the other girls said. “Is it her life goal to make us all feel stupid or something?” I had learned over the years that Alesia would say and do anything in the hopes to please and impress Angelica.

Angelica and Grace both laughed. I joined in while Tabitha remained silent.

“Tabitha, what do you think?” Angelica asked as she turned her full attention to the short quiet girl. Grace and Alesia quickly copied her.

Tabitha looked nervously between her three friends. “She’s a nerd,” Tabitha replied rapidly and quietly, she kept her head down and didn’t meet Angelica’s eyes.

Angelica rolled her eyes at Tabitha’s response and turned back to me.

“Come with us,” she said to me. “You can hang out with us today.”

I smiled as I climbed to my feet “Thank you, Angelica,” I replied. I was taller than both Alesia and Tabby but tiny compared to Angelica.

Angelica turned around and headed back to her other friends. I walked behind them a bit as I pulled out my phone and found Kitty’s number and sent her a message.

The plan is on.

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