The Hate List

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Chapter 10 - Kitty

“Do you have any twos, Katarina?” Jonah asked as he looked at me from the other side of the table.

I looked down at the cards in my hand. “Go fish,” I replied happily as I smirked in his direction. Jonah sighed as he picked a card from the pile in the middle of the table.

It had been a week since Grace’s fight with Renate. Grace had been given a two-week suspension for attacking Renate.

As for Renate, Well she was sent home early after her run in with Grace, but she didn’t turn up to school the next day. Or the day after that. It wasn’t until Denise visited the principal office to ask when Renate will be returning that it was discovered the Renate had changed school.

George was also going through a difficult time. On Tuesday morning, Toby had just casually walked up to George and told him that they were no longer friends. Of course, Jason, Xavior, and Austin had all sided with Toby, leaving George friendless. It was evident that it was all Angelica’s doing. Everyone knew who wore the pants in that relationship.

Millie and I have decided that we have finished with both Renate and George. We got our revenge.

As for Grace, we have barely even started!

Millie and I have made the decision to lay low for a while.

This is why I had decided to take a break for study and planning revenge, to play Go Fish in the library with Jonah, Blake, Aiden and Jude.

“Why can’t we play Uno again?” Blake whined.

Blake had recovered from his completely recovered from his cold and had returned to school at the start of the week. He was sited to the left of me. Blake had pale skin with light freckles that covered his cheeks, nose, and forehead. His eyes were a light grey, and he had brown hair that was styled in thick natural curls. For that reason, he rarely brushed or combed it. He was short and bony and was also one of the few people that I was actually taller than. Due to his small size and baby face, Blake appears to be aged around twelve and not actually someone who would turn seventeen in just over a month. This however also may him an easy target for bullying. Toby was known to get a lot of fun out of taking Blake’s things and making fun of him, as he heard them just out of the small boy’s reached. Even when jumping Blake could never reach them. Austin would tease him by using feminine pronounces when talking to him. Xavior also enjoyed tormenting him using sentences that always ended in the phase ‘that is the way you’re less than a man’ or ‘are you sure you’re not secretly a girl’.

“Shut up Blake!” Jude complained as he searched the card in his hand.

Blake glared at his friends annoyed but stop talking anyway.

Jude was taller than me but not as tall as Jonah. He had recently come out badly in acne. To cover this, Jude had grown the fringe of his dirty blonde hair out. To people that didn’t know him, Jude could come off as rude. He didn’t speak much, but when he did it was always in the same dull tone, but once you got to know him you are able to realise that he is just a shy introvert person that rarely showed emotion. Jude was a skilled musician being able to play both piano and guitar. He would often get offended even you call him talented and would automatically point out that he didn’t get to the level he was at through talent, he got there through years of hard work and practice.

“Aiden, do have any threes?” Aiden groaned as he handed Jude the cards. Aiden had tanned skin and dark brown hair. He was also the tallest of the boys. His height came in handy when playing basketball. Aiden was quite good at it and played outside of school yet for some reason preferred to spend his recess and lunchtime playing card games with us than playing sport with the majority of boys at our school.

“I was thinking of inviting George to play cards with us,” Jonah said out of the blue.

“Sonnier?” I asked in surprise, as I turned to face him

“Do you have any fives, Blake?” asked Aiden, ignoring Jonah.

“He is the only George in our year level,” Jonah reminded her.

“Have you forgotten what he did to you,” I said annoyed. I could barely believe what I was hearing. How could Jonah forgive George so easily?

“That was years ago,” Jonah defended.

I glared at him. “He peed on your P.E uniform and forced you to wear it.”

“No he didn’t! That was Austin,” Jonah reminded me. “The worst thing George ever did to me was when he locked me in one of the music room cupboards.

“We locked Michael in one of those cupboards during band practice once,” Jude commented not looking up from his hand.

“See!” Jonah said as he motion to Jude. “And they actually like Michael.”

“To be fair it was Michael’s idea to get into the cupboard, we just shut the door,” Jude pointed out.

“Katarina,” Blake said.

“What?” I responded a lot more harshly than I meant to.

“I asked if you had any kings,” Blake told me nervously.

I hand him the one king I had before looked down at my cards then over to Aiden.

“Aiden do you have any queens?” I asked before turning back to Jonah. “It will end in tears.”

“Go fish,” Aiden said.

I sighed as I picked a card from the pile. I looked back to Jonah. He was looking at his own cards and not meeting my eyes.

Jonah was a nice guy, but sometimes he was too nice for his own good.

“I agree with Katarina, Jonah,” Blake piped up.

“Do you have any fives Aiden,” Jonah asked.

“Screw you,” Aiden complained as he handed over the three cards.

Jonah took the cards for Aiden before looking back at Blake. “Seriously dude. You are supposed to be my best friend.” Jonah complained.

“And as you best friend it is up to me to tell you, that you are making a huge mistake,” Blake replied in a matter of fact tone

“I agree with them as well,” Aiden said. “Jude you got any sixes?”

“Go fish,” Jude told him. “I am with them too, Jonah. There is no way I forgive him for all the shit he has pulled on us over the years.

“Like what he did to Katarina last year,” Blake blurted quickly. I was surprised that Blake used that as his reasoning. What George had done to Blake was far worse than what he ever did to me.

Jonah turned slightly red at his words. “Of course not,” he replied quietly.

“Or what they did to Maya,” Jude said sadly. We all fell quiet at that.

“I was not saying we should forgive him,” Jonah said finally breaking the silence between us. “It just that...”

Jonah was cut off by the bell before he could make his point.

“Good game guys,” Aiden said as he took the cards off all of us. “And if you ask George to play with us I will kick your ass, Jonah,” He warned.

I giggled slightly at that comment. Not only did Aiden tower over Jonah height wise, he actually was quite muscular compared to Jonah scrawny frame

Jonah looked over at me, offended by me laughing. “It was just an idea,” Jonah said

I took my blazer of the back of my chair and put it on.

“What do you have now?” Jude asked me.

“Chemistry with Jonah” I replied. I put my hand in my blazer pocket to get out my phone to check if I had any new messages for Millie. Expect it wasn’t there.

“What have you lost?” Blake asked.

“My phone.”

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