The Hate List

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Chapter 11 - Millie

“Hey, Denise, wait up!” I yelled as I ran after the other girl. It was recess. My English class had been held back five minutes after the bell because of the noise level. Denise stopped and waited for me to catch up with her.

“How is Renate?” I asked her.

Denise was the only one of Renate’s former friends that actually seemed to still care for her. When the French girl’s name was brought up, Lisa and Alesia would tell anyone who would listen that she was a backstabbing whore, and they never liked her in the first place. As usual, Tabitha would keep her mouth shut, and Angelica would pretend that she hadn’t heard Renate’s name and change the subject. Denise, however, would try and defend Renate without much success

Denise took a quick glance at our surroundings before telling me in a small voice. “She’s fine. I went to see her yesterday. She’s still trying to figure out who gave Grace the photo.” She gave me an accusing stare. I felt my body tense up at her words. Did she know something?

Before I could ask what she meant, I was interrupted by the arrival of Alesia. “Hey guys,” Alesia squealed as she approached us. “Angelica is waiting for us on the oval,” she told both of us.

I looked at Denise knowing that our conversation about Renate was now well and truly over.

We followed Alesia as she led us to the oval. I zoned out of the conversation as Alesia droned on about her new dress.

As we arrived at the oval and moved towards the group’s usual spot, I realised Angelica was not alone. Not only were Lisa and Tabitha with her but Jason, Toby, Austin, and Xavior as well.

Angelica was happily flirting with her boyfriend, paying no attention to any of her friends with her. Jason was discussing something in low voices with Lisa and Austin. Xavior was sitting beside Tabitha. Tabitha was visually uncomfortable being next to Xavior. Xavior was trying to get closer to Tabitha without much success. Every time he attempted to place his arm around her shoulders, she would push him away and softly tell him to stop.

“Hi, guys!” Alesia cheered as she sat down beside Lisa. “What are you talking about?”

Lisa took a glance in my direction. “Nothing,” she said quickly. “Nothing at all.”

As I sat down on the other side of Alesia, Tabitha quickly got up and moved beside me. Xavior attempted to follow her, but the stop beside her was immediately taken by Denise.

“Thank you,” Tabitha whispered to Denise. Her voice was quiet, yet I still heard it clearly. Denise gave Tabitha an apologetic smile. “He can make anyone uncomfortable, Tabitha,” She told her quietly. “You are not the only one.

“You have no idea,” Tabitha replied.

“What class did you just have?” Jason asked Denise and me.

“Physics,” Denise replied

“English,” I added.

“I still have an English essay to finish,” Denise complained.

“I could get Blake to do it for it,” Austin told her.

Denise looked alarmed at the idea. “No thank you, Austin,” she said sweetly. “I would prefer to do it myself.”

“It no big deal, Denise,” Lisa told her. “I get Blake to do my essays all the time. Sometimes even my physic assignments.”

“Same,” Alesia added.

“Wait a second,” I said butting in. “Are you talking about Blake Williams.”

“Of course,” Austin said.

The idea the Blake was doing their work was very surprising and alarming to me. I had been close friends with Blake since year eight. I knew perfectly well that he was a favourite target for Angelina’s group, given his small size. Yet, he had never mentioned anything about doing work for them. He always made it seem like the bullying was manageable.

“But aren’t you scared he will tell a teacher that he is doing the work for you?” I asked.

Austin laughed, “Let’s just say if he ever was to say anything to anyone he would regret it. I have something on him that could possibly ruin his life.”

“Blackmail!” I exclaimed. My mind was racing. Blake was one of the sweetest and innocent people I knew. What could Austin possibly have on him?

“I have something for you Angelica,” Denise said changing the subject. She smiled happily.

“I’m interested,” Angelica told her eagerly.

Denise reached into her blazer pocket and pulled out an iPhone.

I gasped when I saw it. The phone case had a periodic table printed on the back. I was there when that case had been brought.

“It’s Katarina’s phone,” Denise sat proudly as she held it up for Angelica to see.

Angelica smiled widely as she took the phone. It was the kind of smile that made you feel like she knew something that you didn’t.

“You have done well, Denise,” Angelica told her. It was the same way a teacher would praise a smart, hardworking child. “I am almost ready to forgive you for defending the backstabbing whore.”

“You stole her phone!” I exclaimed, knowing I was drawing unwanted attention to myself.

“I didn’t steal it,” Denise defended. “She dropped it.”

“Then you give it back to her. You don’t go through it.” I told her, my voice rising as I became angrier.

“Why do you care?” Angelica asked. “You two aren’t friends anymore remember.”

“That doesn’t mean I am going to invade her privacy by going through her phone. That is just going too far,” I snapped as I snatched the phone out of Angelica’s hands. I stood up as the bell signalling the end of Recess went and marched away from Angelica.

“Where are you going?” Angelica yelled after me.

“To give Kit-Katarina back her phone,” I yelled back.

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