The Hate List

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Chapter 13 – Millie

After my talk with Kitty, I grabbed my books from my locker and began the long walk to my Further Mathematics class.

“Amelia” I heard someone yell. I turned to see Aiden behind me. I stopped as allowed him to catch up to me because we were in the same class.

“What happened to you, Amelia?” He asked. “You have changed.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Well you are now friends with Angelica and your wearing makeup,” Aiden told me.

“So I change friendship groups and decide that I actually would like to look nice for once, and suddenly I am a different person,” I replied in a harsh tone.

“You hate Angelica” Aiden remained me. “Not surprising after what she put you through. The only person you hate more than Angelica is Tabitha. Suddenly, however, you are their new best friend.”

“So, people change,” I said.

“Have you forgotten what they did to you? What they are still doing to Katarina and Blake. Have you forgotten about Maya?" He growled.

I stopped walking and turned to face him. “I haven’t forgotten,” I snapped. “Maya is the reason I am doing this,” I told him. “I’m going to stop them.”

“You promise?” Aiden asked.

“Kitty and I, we are taking them down,” I told him as I smiled widely. “Who do you think put the photo in Grace’s locker?”

Aiden laughed. “Of course.”

“No one else can know,” I told him. “Not yet.”

“They wouldn’t find out,” Aiden promised. “Not from me.”

“Hurry up,” I told him. “We need to get to class.” I turned around and quickly walked towards our further classroom with Aiden trailing behind me.

Mr Robinson was already in the classroom when we entered. “You’re late” he growled at as. “I should give both of you after school detentions.”

“Sorry, Mr Robinson,” we both chorused.

“Amelia,” Alesia called from the back of the room. I quickly walked over to her and took the seat beside her, leaving Aiden alone at the front of the class.

“What took you so long?” she asked.

“Bathroom,” I lied.

Mr Robinson began the day’s lesson on matrices.

“Angelica’s pissed,” Alesia told me.

“I really don’t care,” I said to her annoyed.

“You might want to be more careful,” Alesia replied. “You don’t want Angelica as your enemy.”

“I can handle it,” I told her. “I have had Angelica as an enemy before.”

Alesia glared at me.

“Fine,” I sighed “I will work it out with her.”

“Do you remember Maya,” Alesia asked.

I felt myself begin to tense up in anger. “Of course,” I snapped at her. “She was my friend!”

“Before she was your friend, she was mine,” Alesia took me. There was no emotion in her voice.

“Then where were you when she needed you?” I demanded to know.

“Maya challenged Angelica, and you saw what Angelica did to her,” Alesia informed me.

“You allowed her to do it,” I snapped back. “You helped her do it.”

“I did what I had to do,” Alesia explained.

“No wonder Renate changed schools. She was scared of you,” I exclaimed.

“You don’t understand Amelia,” Alesia told me.

“I will be your friend,” I told her. “But I refuse to hurt people like you hurt Kitty and me. I will also definitely not treat people like you treated Maya.”

“Have it you way,” Alesia said as she turned her attention to Mr Robinson lesson.

“Do you even feel guilty about what happened to Maya?” I asked.

Alesia didn’t answer me.

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