The Hate List

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Chapter 14 – Kitty (Two years earlier)

It was year nine camp, and we were at Phillip Island. Millie, Maya and I had unfortunately been put in the same cabin as Denise, Grace and Lisa. The three of us had decided to spend as little time as possible in our cabin.

Maya, Millie, Jonah, Jude, Aiden, Blake and I were sitting under a large shading tree.

“Do you think they have brought out more cookies by now?” Maya asked.

Maya was short (not as short as me) and slightly overweight. That didn’t stop her from being beautiful. Her Indian background showed strongly in her features.

“How many have you eaten?” Blake asked smiling.

“They are good cookies,” Aiden said in his girlfriend’s defence.

“I want more cordial,” Millie admitted.

“You already had four glasses of red cordial today,” Jude told her.

“So,” Millie replied.

“It will make you hypo,” Jonah told her.

“She already is hypo,” Maya giggled. “You should have seen her surfing.”

“That was fun,” Millie said joining Maya’s laugher. Soon the whole group was laughing.

“What did you do?” Blake asked.

“I maybe a bit too excited,” Millie said trying not to laugh. With caused everyone else to start laughing again.

“Well, I’m going to check if there are more cookies.” Maya said as she stood up.

“I still want more cordial.” Millie said as she stood up as well.

“You guys go ahead.” I said. “I going to go back to the cabin and take a shower.”

“Seriously Katarina,” Jonah exclaimed. “It is three in the afternoon.”

“I just did bike riding.” I told him. “I am sweating like a pig.”

“Too much information, Katarina” Jude complained.

I waved goodbye to my friends as they walked to the kitchens to scab cookies and cordial while I began the walk back to the cabin.

I opened the cabin door and was relieved to see that no one was in the room. I smiled as I took a spare pair of clothes and my towel from my bag. The camp we were standing at used to be a motel so there is a bathroom in each cabin. I went inside the bathroom.

The bathroom was small with one shower, one sink, and one toilet. I left my clothes and towel on the sink. I closed the toilet lid and place my dirty clothes on it before stepping into the shower. I pulled the shower curtain shut and turned on the hot water.

After I had finally finished scrubbing myself clean, I climbed out of the shower. It was then that I notice it. My clothes and towel were both gone.


She had come back to the cabin when I was in the shower and stolen my clothes. I stood beside the sick not knowing what to do. I couldn’t leave the bathroom because Grace, Lisa, and Denise would be waiting on the other side of the door for me. I couldn’t call anyone on my phone because that was in my bag. I also didn’t know when Maya and Millie would get back to the dorm.

All of a sudden the bathroom door flung open.

Grace smiled evilly at me as she entered. “Look at her.” She laughed. “Look how ugly she is.”

I dropped to the floor in an attempt to cover my boobs and crotch with my arms.

“You like a twig and you boobs are the size of mosque bites.” Grace said as continued laughing. “Did you really think George likes that?” Denise and Lisa both laughed alongside her. The laughed from Lisa and Denise sounded forced and fake.

I grabbed the shower curtain as I attempted to cover myself in it as Grace began to take photos of me on her phone

“Stop it, Grace!”

Millie, I thought in relief. She was going to save me from Grace. Yet when I looked up, it wasn’t Millie that I saw.

It was Denise

“Delete the photos, Grace,” Denise demanded harshly.

“What did you say, Denise,” Grace retorted to her friend. Lisa had stopped laughing and now just stood quietly behind them as she watched the scene unfold.

“Delete the photos, Grace,” Denise repeated in the same tone.

“What is wrong with you?” Grace yelled at her. “You were completely fine with stealing her clothes and towel.”

“I didn’t know you were going to take photos,” Denise yelled back. “Taking her towel is a joke but photos is too far.”

“Lighten up Denise,” Grace growled at her. “I just want to send them to a few people.”

“No Grace,” Denise yelled at her. “If you send those photos, and they get traced back to us we could be charged with child pornography.” She pointed towards me. “She is only fourteen. Do you have any idea how bad that will look on our permanent records, when will are applying for university and jobs? If those photos got out, they would follow us around for the rest of our lives. We could even be charged as child sex offenders.”

“I agree with Denise.” Lisa muttered. “I don’t want this on my permanent record.”

“We’re minors, Denise.” Grace snarled at Denise, her tone of voice caused Lisa to jump backwards but Denise didn’t even flinch. “They can’t chance us with anything.”

“Are you really willing to take that risk, Grace?” Denise asked. “Even if it doesn’t go on our permanent records we could be expelled for this.”

Denise took the phone out of Grace’s hand and deleted all of the photos before handing the phone back. She then walked back into the cabin. She returned a few moments later with my towel and draped it over my shoulders.

“You okay,” she asked.

“I’m fine” I answered weakly.

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