The Hate List

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Chapter 16 – Millie

“Do you want to go to H&M this weekend?” Alesia asked me. We were in the canteen.

Alesia was in line to buy food, and I was on the other side of the railing waiting for her.

“That is the new clothing store near Melbourne Central right?” I asked making sure. I wasn’t that into fashion.

“Yes,” Alesia answered. “I went there the other day with my dad. It is amazing.”

“Hey guys,” Denise said as appeared beside me. “Can I talk to you, Amelia?” She asked.

“Why not,” I said blankly, I left Alesia and followed Denise to one of the tables.

“I’ll catch up will you guys after I buy my food,” Alesia called after us.

Denise took a set at one of the tables on the far side of the canteen. I drag a chair to the place beside her. “I’m sorry I gave Katarina back her phone and ruined your revenge,” I said dryly as I took a seat. “Happy?”

“Actually, I came here to thank you for that,” Denise told me.


“Before I came to this school, I was the victim of bullying. You reminded me what it felt to be the victim again. Which made me realise I have become someone that I am ashamed of. So I have decided to change,” Denise explained.

“Really,” I said not really knowing what to say. “Well good for you.”

“I know what you are doing, Amelia,” Denise told me point blankly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I defended as the colour drained from my face.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Denise commanded. “I saw you take the photo.”

“Are you going to tell Angelica?” I asked nervously.

“No,” Denise answered. “We deserve it.”

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Today is my last day here,” Denise told me. “I am changing to the same school as Renate. I was talking to her the other day. We have both decided to be nicer to other people.”

“Good luck with that,” I smiled at her.

“I told Renate it was you,” Denise informed me. “She would like to thank-you for giving Grace the photo.”

“Seriously?” I asked. “Because of me, she had to move schools.”

“She is taking it as a wake-up call,” Denise explained. “A sign that she needs to change.”

“That good to know,” I chirped.

“I need you to take down Lisa and Jason next,” Denise told me. “I have dirt you can use.”

“Why would you help me?” I question her. “They are still your friends.”

“Lisa is my friend, not Jason. I can’t stand him. Lisa is a drug addict, and she needs help,” Denise explained. “Jason is her dealer. I don’t know who his supplier is. Lisa has already overdosed once. She won’t listen to me. I have tried telling her parents, but they called me a lying whore.” Tears were beginning to appear in her eyes as she spoke. “I’m scared that she will overdose again, and I’m afraid if she does it will be too late to save her. That why I need you to expose it. I feel that if everyone finds out, Lisa and her parents won’t be able to deny it anymore, and she will finally get the help she needs.”

“I will expose it,” I promised Denise. “Not just for my own personal revenge but for her safety as well.”

“Be careful Amelia,” Denise warned.

“Of Angelica?” I asked. “I’m not scared of her.”

“No. Be careful of yourself.” Denise told me.

I looked at her in surprise.

“When I joined Angelica I made a promise to myself,” Denise informed me. “I promised that I would become like them. I promised I would never hurt anyone like I was hurt. Well, look what happened to me. I became just like them. What I am trying to say is, be careful that as you get your revenge, you don’t end up turn into them. That the line between what you are willing to do and want they are is still there.”

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