The Hate List

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Chapter 19 - Millie (One year earlier)

“I am so sick of Angelica,” Maya grumped as we walked home from school together.

Lisa had poured an entire coke bottle into Maya school bag destroying her workbooks and textbooks. When we had confronted her about it, she had denied it, despite that fact that Jude had caught her doing it.

Jude had reported it to our year level coordinator, Mr Georgette. He told Jude that he was going to schedule a meeting with Lisa and her parents to discuss how they are going to pay for replacement books for Maya.

We all knew that it wasn’t Lisa idea. She was just somebody else’s puppet as usual.

“Don’t worry about it, Maya,” I told her. “Two and a half years and we never have to see them again.”

“I know Millie.” She said there was an emptiness in her voice, and she refused to look at me. Instead, she walked her feet.

I slightly cringed at the sound of the name. Kitty was the only person who called me it anymore. The nicknames represented a long friendship that began in Kindergarten. Maya had started using the nicknames a few months ago. As uncomfortable as it made Kitty and me feel; we couldn’t tell her to stop. We knew from Aiden that she already felt like an outsider with us. Maya had enough going on right now; I didn’t want to make matters worse for her.

Maya had been distanced for a while. She was a very talented artist who loved painting but lately she had lost interest. Her grades were dropping and something she seemed to be in an entirely different place when you spoke to her. Maya had always been a bigger girl, but lately, she had lost a lot of weight. In the course of four months, she had dropped five dress sizes. We have been trying to help her, but it is hard to help someone who wouldn’t even tell you want is wrong.

“It gets better Maya,” I informed her.

“But what if it doesn’t, Millie?” Maya sadly said to me. She raised her eyes from the ground and look towards me. “What if this is the way of lives are going to be?”

“You will see Maya,” I assured her. “When we go to university and start our lives, we will never have to put up with them again.”

“What if we just meet other people who treat us the same way?” Maya said gloomily. “What if no matter how hard we try, nothing will ever get better.”

I stopped walking and turned to face her. “What is going on Maya?” I demanded. “There is something that is upsetting you, and I know it is more than the coke incident.”

Maya looked at me sadly. “You will find out soon enough,” She said as she continued walking without me.

There was a silence between us as we walked. I wanted to ask what I would find out soon, but I could bring myself to say anything.

So the silence remained until with both returned to our respective homes.

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