The Hate List

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Chapter 2 - Kitty

It was noisy in the school library. The first time I had studied in the library during Recess and Lunch, the noise had made it impossible to concentre. Now I was used to it.

You would expect it to be quiet, given the name but the librarians had given up on keeping the school library quiet during recess and lunch a long time ago. Every one of the many computers was occupied but people even doing work or playing computer games. The tables were so full that people had resorted to sitting on the floor.

During class time, however, the library was an entirely different story.

I was revising my chemistry notes as I had a sac coming up next week. I am currently in year 11 but in a year 12 chemistry class.

I was sitting at one of the many tables, with my friend Jonah. He had olive skin and shaggy jet black hair. He was good looking in a dorky sort of way. We were the only year elevens in our chemistry class. We were close but nowhere near as close as I was with Millie.

Millie and I had other friends as well. There was also Aiden, Blake and Jude. We met the four boys during year seven, but we didn’t become friends until a year later.

The rest of the long table we were occupying was taken by people from various year level either completing last minutes homework or playing broad games like chess and battle ships.

“I am going to fail this test,” Jonah complained as he looked up at me.

I looked up at him. “You will be all right,” I told him as I readjusted my glasses. “Where are Blake, Aiden, and Jude?”

“Blake is sick again,” Jonah said to me. I laughed slight at his tone, Blake was always getting ill with colds and the flu during winter, and he had the weakest immune system of anyone I knew. “Jude is at band practice, and I think Aiden is with Jude,” he continued.

“Is his band now rehearsing during lunchtime from now on?” I asked curiously. “I thought their rehearsal time was after school on Thursday?”

“It is, but they are performing in the lunchtime concert tomorrow and need more time to practice,” he explained to me. “Where’s Amelia? You too are using inseparable. Why isn’t she here?”

I looked down, avoiding Jonah’s eyes. “We had a fight,” I lied.

I didn’t like lying to Jonah, but it had to be done. Millie and I had decided to leave Jonah, Aiden, and Jude out of the plan. Jude, Jonah, Aiden, and Blake were also victims of Angelica’s cruel wrath. However, most of the bullying that occurred to them come from Toby, George, Austin, and Xavior. The boys would tease Jonah about being a nerd, Blake for being short and too feminine, and they would always make fun of Jude’s social awkwardness, even going as far as to diss his band and his ability to play music. Aiden was dragged into it by association because he was too loyal to abandon us.

“You had a fight with Amelia!” Jonah gasped. “But you two are tight like sisters. What did you fight about?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I told him blankly.

“Katarina,” he pleads.

The only person that still called me Kitty was Millie, just like I was the only person that called her Millie.

“Just stay out of it,” I told him. “I think I am going to be avoiding her for a while, just as she is going to be avoiding me.”

“I’m sorry,” Jonah told me.

“What for?” I asked. “You didn’t do anything.” I pointed out as if it was evident.

Jonah looked at me sadly. “Never mind,” he told me as he returned his attention to his notes. Sometimes I just didn’t get Jonah, I thought to myself as I looked back at my notes.

My phone buzzed as it received a new text. I looked up from my chemistry revision to take my phone out of my blazer pocket. It was a text from Millie. I smiled as I read the message.

“Who is it from?” Jonah asked curiously.

“My mum,” I lied, not looking him in the eye.

Jonah accepted my answer and returned to the textbook in front of him. I reached into my pocket to bring out the list while making sure Jonah couldn’t see what I was doing.

The Hate List by Katarina ‘Kitty’ Henderson and Amelia ‘Millie’ Bennett

Angelica McCann

Grace Todd

Alesia Floros

George Sonnier

Jason Adams

Toby Wilkerson

Renate Allaire

Xavior Norton

Tabitha Marsh

Austin Jackson

Denise Garcia

Lisa Allen

I smiled as I read over the names. The real question now was, who first?

I texted back, Roger that.

This was going to be fun

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