The Hate List

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Chapter 20 - Kitty

“That was a good movie.” Jonah told me as we left the movie theatre together.

“Yeah, it was.” I said.

It was usually easy for me to talk to Jonah. Yet since I had been told about Jonah’s crush on me, it had become difficult.

The hardest part of all was I couldn’t figure out how I felt about him. If you had asked me what I thought of Jonah yesterday morning, I would have said me were just friends.

Now I didn’t know.

“What do you want to do now?” Jonah asked me. He sounded nervous.

“I’m not sure,” I told him. My voice sounding as nervous as his did.

“Oh my god Austin.” I heard someone shout from behind us. “Look who it is.” I groaned as I recognised who the voice belonged to.

I turned to see Alesia and Austin walking towards us. Despite it being the middle of winter Alesia worn denim short shorts and a singlet top. Austin was at least dressed for the weather.

“I see you two losers finally got together.” Alesia smirked.

“We’re not on a date.” Jonah told her.

I felt my heart drop. It wasn’t until he said it, that I realise how much I had been hoping it was a date.

Alesia looked between Jonah and I. “You could do so much better than that nerd, Jonah.” Alesia said as she stared me down.

“Shut up, Alesia,” I growled at her.

Austin just laughed. “Let them be, Alesia,” he told her. “They can enjoy their "not a date" in peace.”

The two laughed as they walked off.

“I hate both of them, so much.” I told Jonah as I walked them go.

“Hating them is not going to fix anything, Katarina.” He told me.

I looked at Jonah in surprises. After everything, they had done. How could he just let it go?

“Austin is blackmailing, Blake.” I blurted out. I fell into silence after I realised what I had said.

Jonah quickly turned his attention to me. “What did you just say?”

“I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” I admitted.

“Katarina, tell me everything.” Jonah insisted.

I signed in response. There was no way I could keep this from him anymore. “Millie said that Austin was blackmailing Blake into doing homework for him.”

“Since when are you and Amelia talking again?” Jonah asked in surprise.

“We never stopped.” I told him. “We made up the fight. Millie needed a way into Angelica group.”

“What game are you playing, Katarina,” Jonah asked me.

“Revenge,” I told him.

“You were the one who put the photo of Renate and George kissing in Grace's Locker.” Jonah gasped.

“You worked it out quicker than I expected you to.” I smiled.

“What you doing is just as bad as what they did, Katarina,” Jonah argued with me.

“We are going to stop them, Jonah.” I told him. “Don’t you realise that.” Jonah didn’t answer me, but he held my glance. “I know I can’t stop bullying.” I told him. “But I can stop Angelica from bullying anyone else.”

“You don’t know that for sure.” Jonah told me.

“I have to try.” I told him. “I couldn’t help Maya but maybe I can stop them from making anyone else feel the way she did.”

“What happen to Maya wasn’t your fault.” Jonah told me.

“Help me, Jonah.” I pleaded. “Help us with Blake. No one knows him as well as you do.”

“I will do it for Blake.” He told me. “He is my best friend; I have to look out for him. I will always look out for him.”

I smiled. “I knew you would say that.”

Jonah phone buzzed from inside his jeans pocket. He took it out and read the text message.

“It is my sister,” He told me. “She wants me to meet her at Kmart.”

I nodded. “Well, I will see you later.”

He nodded in response and began to walk away.

“Jonah” I called after him. He stopped and looked back at me. “Be discrete with Blake and don’t tell anyone what Millie and I are doing. Well, expect for Aiden because he already knows.

Jonah nodded again. “Your secret is safe with me.”

As Jonah walked away, I realised for the first time how I really felt for him.

I liked Jonah. I wasn’t in love with him, but it was more than a crush. I also realised I had liked him for a long time. My feeling had changed so slowly I hadn’t even realised it.

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