The Hate List

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Chapter 21 - Millie

“How are you today, Lisa?” I asked as I sat down beside her on the oval.

“I’m good,” she told me before looking down.

There was still awkwardness between us. The awkwardness I once had with Alesia, Grace and Angelica had faced. However, Lisa kept her walls high, shutting me out. I always struggled to find words to say to her.

As we sat quickly beside each other waiting for the others to arrive, I realised how hard it was going to be to get Lisa to open up to me about her drug addiction.

“Hi, guys!” Alesia said as she reached us, breaking the unnatural silence. She was followed closely by Tabitha and Grace.

As Tabitha sat down, I realised what Kitty had meant by her losing a lot of weight.

“How does it feel to be back, Grace?” Lisa asked.

Grace smiled. “It's fantastic. I'm so glad that back-stabbing whore left as well as that other bitch that defended her.”

Tabitha slightly flinched at the mention of Renate and Denise.

“Where's your lunch?” I asked the small girl.

It took Tabitha a few seconds to realise I was talking to her. “I’m not hungry,” She told me, her voice was quiet, and she didn’t look at me when she spoke.

“You are not trying to lose weight, are you?” Grace asked as she turned to look at the quiet girl next to her.

Tabitha didn’t respond. She kept her eyes on the ground as she put her fingers on the grass. She yanked strands of grass and began to pull it out.

Grace laughed. There was something about the way Grace smiled that still made my blood curl. “You don’t have any fat on you, idiot,” Grace told Tabitha.

Tabitha flinched when Grace called her an idiot.

“Where's Angelica?” I asked, redirecting the attention from the quiet girl.

“With her boyfriend,” Grace told me. “Don’t tell anyone but they are having problems. Actually, I'm fine if you tell people but just don’t say you heard it from me.”

“About what?” Lisa asked. I smiled at Lisa’s question. I enjoyed when the other girls asked the questions that I wanted to know. That way I still found out the answers, but I wasn’t drawing any attention to myself by being nosey.

“Toby thinks Angelica is too much of a control freak which she of course is,” Grace told her. “They'll fight for a while then they will make up and make-out, like always.”

Lisa looked around. “Do you guys know where Jason is?” Lisa asked.

“You need more supplies already?!” Grace gasped. “How quickly did you go through the last lot?”

“Shut up Grace!” Lisa snarled as she took a quick look in my direction.

“She was going to find out soon enough, you junkie,” Grace told Lisa.

“I said shut up!” Lisa repeated angrier this time.

“He's at the canteen,” Alesia told her, breaking up a potential fight between the two girls.

She looked nervously at Lisa and Grace as a way to make sure they were done fighting.

“Thank you, Alesia,” Lisa said. “I'm going to go see him.” Lisa stood up and began to leave the group.

“Lisa, you need to slow down with the drugs,” Alesia told her.

“Shut up Alesia!” Lisa snapped. “I already had enough lectures from Denise. Now that she's gone doesn’t mean I need them from you.” She turned around and march away in the direction of the canteen.

Alesia sighed and turned her attention to the ground. “This isn’t going to end well,” She mumbled.

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