The Hate List

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Chapter 24 - Millie

“Lisa!” I called as I ran over to where her locker was.

“Oh hey Amelia,” she said to me as she placed her books in her locker. “What's up?”

I looked around before turning back to look at Lisa and saying in a low voice. “If I wanted to try drugs where would I go?”

Lisa raised an eyebrow in surprise. “I didn’t think you were the type.”

“It's been a tough week, you know,” I said. “So much school work and pressure, I need an escape.”

“You could try smoking or alcohol,” Lisa told me.

“I hate smoking as you would remember and I want something stronger than alcohol,” I told her.

“I don’t know if you will like drugs,” Lisa said.

“I just want to have the option,” I told her. “I'm probably not going to buy any, I just want to know where I would have to go.”

“Have you been to Lakewood Park?” Lisa asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I used to go there all the time with my family.

“Jason sells there,” Lisa told me. “He will give you a small free sample but after that, you have to pay.”

“How many people know?” I asked.

“He deals for the majority of our year level,” Lisa told me. “And some of the year twelves and tens as well.”

“Thank you, Lisa,” I tell her smiling. “I’m not sure if I will actually go, I need to think about it a bit more.”

Lisa laughed. “You are such a goody two-shoes. Come on, let’s go find Angelica.”

We walked together to the oval. There was something different between us as of now. The awkwardness had been replaced with familiarity.

Just as Grace had predicted, whatever problems Angelica and Toby had a few days ago were gone. The couple sat together happily.

Alesia was seated with Jason, Austin, and Xavior, laughing away at something. Grace and Tabitha both sat quietly together, not interacting with anyone around them.

“There you two are,” Alesia smiled as she saw us. “Do you want to hear a joke?” she pointed towards the still laughing Jason, Austin, and Xavior, “they think it's hilarious.”

“Sure,” I smiled.

“Yeah, Alesia.” Grace said, speaking up. “Let’s hear this funny joke.”

Alesia smiled, “how do you stop a rape?” she asked. She smiled widely as she waited for us to answer.

I felt my blood run cold, I hated rape jokes as they made me feel uncomfortable.

“How Alesia?” Lisa asked, her voice shook slightly.

“Say yes,” Alesia said before howling with laughter again.

I didn’t laugh. I didn’t find it funny. It was sick and gross.

Jason, Xavior, and Grace all joined in with the laughter while Lisa stayed quiet beside me.

“That's not funny,” Tabitha said harshly and loud. She had stopped playing with the grass at her feet and was now staring straight at the laughing teenagers.

Everyone stopped laughing and looked towards the quiet girl. Even Angelica and Toby stopped making out to look at her.

It was at the moment that I realised I actually hadn’t heard Tabitha speak out loud since I asked her where her lunch was a few days ago.

She glared at Alesia. “Rape isn’t a joke, Alesia. It is serious.”

“Ease up, Tabitha,” Angelica told her.

“No!” Tabitha said sharply as she turned her attention to Angelica. Her usually quiet voice was harsh and firm. “Sexual assault isn’t something that should be joked or laughed about. That joke is extremely offensive to sexual assault victims.”

“She's right,” Lisa added. “It wasn’t funny.”

Tabitha turned to look at Lisa and smiled slightly to thank her.

“If it isn’t funny, why am I laughing?” Xavior challenged Lisa.

Lisa glared at him. “Because you have a sick, perverted, and twisted sense of humour,” she growled at him.

“Calm down, Lisa,” Jason told her, he looked over at the others. “Someone's on her period.”

That comment caused Toby, Xavior, and Austin to start laughing again while Grace, Alesia, Angelica, Tabitha, and I remained quiet.

“I’m not on my period,” Lisa growled. “I just think you're all assholes.”

“What's your problem with it anyway?” Grace asked as she looked from Lisa to Tabitha.

Tabitha didn’t answer. Instead, she turned her attention to the ground.

“My cousin was raped,” Lisa told Grace. “She won’t find it hilarious. She tried to kill herself twice because of what that man did to her.”

“It not his fault that she didn’t like it,” Xavior laughed.

No one else laughed that time.

Lisa moved forward quickly and punched Xavior. “You bastard!” she shrieked.

“Lisa!” I cried as I grabbed hold of the girl and pulled her off Xavior.

“What is your problem, you bitch!” Xavior glared at her as he raised his hand to his bleeding nose.

“You had that coming, Xavior,” I sneered at him while restraining Lisa.

“Let go of me, Amelia!” Lisa shouted as she struggled to break free of my grip on her. “Let me at him!”

“Calm down Lisa,” Alesia told her. “We don’t what a repeat of what happened with Grace and Renate.”

“Hey!” Grace protested glaring at Alesia

“I’m just stating the facts, Grace,” Alesia informed her as she raised her hand in a defensive position.

“Come on, Lisa let’s leave,” Tabitha said as she stood up.

“Right with you,” Lisa told her.

I loosen my grip on Lisa, and she followed Tabitha off the oval.

Austin, Toby, Jason, Angelica, Alesia, Grace, and I watched in silence as the two girls walked away.

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