The Hate List

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Chapter 25 – Millie (One year earlier)

“I’m not doing it, Kitty,” I told her angrily as I crossed my arms.

I couldn’t forgive Maya. How could she betray my trust like that? Why would she betray us?

“Please, Millie,” Kitty plead with me, putting on her best puppy dog eyes.

Kitty had a way of making us do what she ask. It wasn’t like Angelica making her "friends" do her dirty work for her. Kitty was able to make even the most stubborn of people (like me) realise that they were actually in the wrong. Then she would mainly just annoy us until we agreed to put our pride aside and admit that what we did or said was wrong and stupid. Kitty was the both the peacekeeper and peacemaker of our friendship

I think it has some to do with her desire to understand both sides of the story. Kitty was also excellent at seeing the good in people. However, even she ran out of good things to say about Angelica and Grace.

It was the recess after Maya's diary had been posted around the school

We were all still mad, so Kitty had taken it upon herself to make sure we all apologised.

“I can’t, Katarina,” Jude told her. “Not after what she wrote about us.” He was just as upset as I was.

“I will forgive her,” Blake murmured, he shuffled nervously on his feet and didn’t look up to face anyone. “Just not right now.”

“Me too,” Jonah said, slightly louder than his best friends. “We just need to calm down first.”

“Seriously, have you two forgotten what she wrote about you?” Jude said annoyed as looked from Jonah to Blake.

“We have all said bad things about each other when others aren’t around,” Jonah said.

“True,” I said, slightly turning red. Everyone turned to look at me suspiciously. “What?” I asked. “I am stubborn, unforgiving, and bluntly truthful a lot of the time. You all should have figured that out by now.”

“Thank you, Jonah,” Kitty chirped as she took the attention away from me.

Jonah smiled at her, causing Aiden and Jude to smirk at Jonah's obvious crush on Kitty.

Even Blake cracked a small smile.

Jonah gave all three of them a death stare.

Jonah had never actually directly told any of us about his crush on Kitty. We had all just find out about it ourselves. Then annoyed him until he stopped denying it and actually admitted that he really like her.

“I was going to talk to her anyway,” Aiden said. “I just need to calm down a lot.”

“I will apologise, Kitty,” I told her.

Kitty smiled widely in response. “I knew I could convince you to stop being stubborn.”

“You are the only person that can actually get me to change my mind,” I reminded her

We all turned to stare at Jude.

“Fine,” he groaned “I'll talk to her.”

“Thank-you all,” Kitty said as she smiled at all of us. Her peacemaker work was complete.

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