The Hate List

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Chapter 28 – Millie

“Hey, Alesia, where's Lisa?” I asked the other girl. In was Monday after I had tipped the police off to Jason’s drug activity. Lisa hadn’t shown up to school today.

Alesia and I had just finished our Further Mathematics class and were putting away our books in the locker bay.

“Her parents found out about her drug addiction,” Alesia told me. “She's being sent to her grandparents” house for a while.”

I held back the smile. “She will get help then?” I asked.

“Of course, her grandparents are strict,” Alesia said. “I would like to know who told.”

“Who knows,” I said. “Lisa said that Jason was dealing with the majority of our year level. It could have been anyone of them.”

Alesia nodded in response. “I know.” She sighed in frustration. “Now I need to find a new dealer to supply my teen parties.”

“You had drugs at your party?” I asked in surprise.

“I didn’t know you were cool then. That is why I didn’t tell you at the time,” Alesia explained.

I nodded in response.

“Angelica will be waiting for us on the oval,” she informed me as she turned to leave the locker bay.

I was about to follow her when I spotted Tabitha entering the locker bay. “Alesia, let’s just wait for Tabitha.”

Alesia nodded, and we walked over to her.

“How are you doing Tabitha?” I asked.

“Fine,” she answered weakly as she pushed her books into her locker. She stumbled on her feet and used the locker door to steady herself.

“Are you okay?” I asked, worry clearly showing in my voice.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Just dizzy,” Tabitha answer weakly.

“Tabitha, when was the last time you ate or have a glass of water?” I asked, extremely concerned now.

“I don’t know.” She answered.

“Can we go now?” Alesia complained.

I turned to glare at her.

“What?” she asked.

I sighed in annoyance and looked back at Tabitha.

“I'm all right,” Tabitha answered weakly. “Let just go...”

Tabitha didn’t finish what she saying. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she collapsed like a stack of bricks.

“Tabby!” I cried as I lunged forward.

As any sports teacher could tell you, I'm not quick on my feet.

But at that moment, I moved faster than I had ever before.

I was able to get behind Tabitha and catch her before she hit the concrete floor.

I landed on the ground with a thud, my knees aching from the impact of hitting the concrete.

Tabitha lay in my arms and began to shake violently.

I looked up at Alesia. She has backed up against the lockers.

“Get the nurse!” I yelled at her.

Alesia bolted out of the locker bay and into the direction of the nurse’s office.

“What is going on,” Mr Anderson said as he appeared behind me. “I heard a thud.” He looked at Tabitha shaking in my arms. He turned pale.

“Keep her steady,” he told me as he crunched down beside me.

A crowd was beginning to form in the locker bay as people gathered to see what had happened.

“Give her space!” Mr Anderson yelled at the surrounding students.

Tabitha stopped shaking and fell still. She opened her eyes and looked up at me.

“What happened?” she asked.

“You had a seizer,” Mr Anderson told her. Tabitha began to move to get up. “No,” Mr Anderson told her. “Stay lying down.” He looked at the crowd around us. “Does anyone have water?”

A drink bottle was passed forward from one of the boys which was then handed to Tabitha to drink from.

“I got the nurse,” Alesia said as she reappeared. The nurse stood behind her with a wheelchair.

Nurse Carolina brought the wheelchair forward as Mr Anderson, and I helped Tabitha into it. Nurse Carolina then proceeded to push Tabitha back to the nurse office with Alesia and me trailing behind.

At the nurse’s office, Tabitha was allowed to lie on the bed and was given even more water.

“I have ringed you mother,” Nurse Carolina told Tabitha. “She's on her way.”

Tabitha nodded as she drank more of the water.

“I will need to ask you some more question, Tabitha,” Nurse Carolina told Tabitha as she turned to look at Alesia and me. “Are you two able to wait outside?”

We nodded and left the nurse's office.

“I am going to go tell Angelica and the other what has happened,” Alesia said. I nodded as I watched her leave.

It was fifteen more minutes until Tabitha's mother arrived. Tabitha and Nurse Carolina were still talking.

“Amelia,” she said in surprise when she noticed me. “I didn’t realise that you and Tabitha were friends again.”

I nodded. “It happened about a month ago.”

Mrs Marsh smiled. “That's so good to hear. You both were very close. I was upset when Tabitha told you that you guys had grown apart.”

“Oh, is that what she said,” I said, a lot harsher than I have intended.

“I really hope you will come visit us sometimes.” Mrs Marsh continued; not noticing what I had said or my tone. “I missed organising play dates for you four girls.”

The door to the nurse office opened. “Hello Mrs Marsh,” Nurse Carolina said. “It would be best if Tabitha took the week off from school.”

“A week!” I gasped. “She only collapsed.”

“I have had a long chat with Tabitha,” Nurse Carolina explained. She looked at Mrs Marsh. “I believe she has anorexia. She hasn’t eaten in days.”

“What do I do?” Mrs Marsh asked.

“Take her home and makes sure she eats.” Nurse Carolina told her. She handed a sticking note to Mrs Marsh. “That's the number of a psychologist that I recommend calling.”

“But Nurse Carolina, I thought that anorexia was caused by wanting to be skinny,” I said confused. “Tabitha is one of the skinniest girls I know.”

“Amelia, what you are thinking of is Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia is the medical term for lack of appetite,’ Nurse Caroline explained to me. “Not eating can be caused by a number of things, but I believe that Tabitha's loss of appetite has been caused by stress.”

“I'll take her home,” Mrs Marsh said. “Thank-you for everything you have done, Nurse Carolina.”

Nurse Carolina smiled. “I'm just doing my job.”

Mrs Marsh moved past Nurse Carolina and into the nurse’s office.

“You are a good friend, Amelia,” Nurse Carolina told me as she smiled.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I knew she hadn’t been eating, and I did nothing about it.”

“Well, you stuck around, and that is more than what Alesia did.” Nurse Carolina said. I nodded, knowing it was true. “She needs a friend now,” Nurse Carolina informed me. “Someone stable who will be there for her.”

“I’ll try.”

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