The Hate List

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Chapter 31 – Millie

“I still need to finish my English essay,” I told Alesia as I placed my books away in my locker. I crossed my fingers in the hope that she would bring up Austin and his cheating ways.

“Just ask Austin to get you an essay,” Alesia told me. I smiled to myself as I mentally cheered. Sometimes getting them to tell me what I wanted to hear was really just too easy.

“I am not sure Alesia,” I told her, trying my best to make it sound as if I was generally censored. “What if I was to get caught?”

Alesia laughed at me. “You wouldn’t get caught. Austin has been going this since Year Eight. You'll need to pay for the work, though. Friends get a twenty-five percent discount.”

It still felt weird hearing Alesia call me her friend. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that I was now one of them. It felt strange and awkward. After everything, they put me through why did they expect me so quickly? I still wondered about that.

“I still not sure Alesia,” I told her. “How does Austin know that the people he's getting the work off won’t say anything?”

Alesia looked over my shoulder. “Austin, come here!” she yelled.

I turned to see Austin by his locker. At Alesia's request, he came over to join us.

“Amelia is worried about getting caught handing in other people's work,” Alesia explained as she looked at Austin in the hope that he would explain the situation better.

“It is completely foolproof,” Austin reassured me. He smiled widely at me as if he believed that simple action could cause me to follow his every word. He had a smile that made most girls’ heart melt but not me. Never mine. I had been tormented by Austin for too long to fall for his "good looks" and boyish charm. “You won’t get caught.”

“How can you be sure Blake won’t tell,” I said curiously. My mind raced with all the possibilities. I still thought of the same question over and over again. What the hell could Austin have on Blake? No matter how hard I tried or how long I thought about it, I still came up with nothing.

“If he told I will tell everyone his little secret,” Austin told me. “That kid will do anything to keep it a secret.”

“What if Jude, Aiden, and Jonah were to find out. Aren’t you worried about what they would do to protect their friend?” I asked quickly. I knew for a fact that the boys would protect Blake at any cost. Blake was like a younger brother to Jude, Aiden, and Jonah. They consistently picked on him (mostly for his small size), but as soon as anyone else said a word wrong about Blake, the three would rush to his side.

“Of course not,” Austin laughed. “Blake would make sure that no one found out. I pretty sure they don’t even know what his secret is.”

“Then how do you know?” I asked. “I pretty sure Blake didn’t tell you.”

“He didn’t have to,” Austin laughed. “No matter how much he tried to hide it I knew.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Can’t tell you that Amelia,” Austin told me. “Part of my deal with Blake was that I wasn’t able to tell anyone. Not even Jason or Toby know.”

“What if one day, Blake decides that he is done hiding his secret and tells everyone?” I asked.

“He won’t,” Austin told me. “I'm sure of it.”

“So are you in, Amelia?” Alesia asked me.

I shook my head in response. “Maybe some other time.”

“That's okay,” Austin told me. “I can get business elsewhere.”

I turned to look at Alesia. “Have you heard from Tabitha?” I asked.

“According to Angelica, she won’t be back at school for a while,” Alesia told me.

“Something about her having to recover.”

“I hope she's alright,” I told Alesia in concern.

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