The Hate List

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Chapter 34 - Millie

“You’re late,” I told Kitty blankly as I opened the front door to my house.

Kitty was supposed to come over at five to help me babysit Erin. It was now six, and she had only just arrived. I had also invited over Jonah, Jude, and Aiden. The five of us were going to figure out a way to deal with Austin. Whether Blake wanted to admit it or not, he needed us, and we were going to help him.

“Sorry, There was something I had to do,” she told me as she entered my house. She was quieter than usual.

“Jonah, Jude, and Aiden are already here,” I told her as I led her over to the lounge room where the boys were waiting.

“Where's Erin?” She asked me as we walked.

“Asleep,” I answered. “She really likes Jude for some reason.”

“He's the baby whisper, remember?” Kitty reminded me. “All children automatically love him and dogs for some reason.”

I opened the door to the lounge room. “Look who's here,” I announced to the boys as we entered.

“Hello Katarina,” Jonah said automatically as we sat down on one of the couches.

“What took you so long?” Jude asked as he looked at Kitty with curiosity.

“I went to see Tabby,” Kitty admitted.

“I thought you hated her!” Jude gasped.

“I don’t hate her,” Kitty murmured. She tugged at the sleeves of her grey hoodie. “I’m just not her biggest fan.”

“How was she?” Aiden asked, worried. I was surprised that it was Aiden who asked. Tabitha and Aiden had always gotten along really well.

“She was all right, I think she is getting better,” Kitty told us. “But at times when I was talking to her, she just seemed scared.”

“What do you mean?” Jonah asked.

“When I asked her why she ditched us, she just kept saying that I wouldn’t understand,” Kitty explained. She looked at each of us. “Does that remind anyone else of another person?”

“Blake,” Aiden muttered.

Kitty nodded, “I think Angelica is blackmailing Tabitha with something,” she told us.

“But what does she have on Tabitha?” Aiden asked. He sounded concern which didn’t come as a surprise. Aiden had always had a soft stop for Tabitha. Even after she stopped being friends with us, Aiden wouldn’t say anything bad about her.

“I’m not sure,” Kitty answered.

“This is just great,” Jude groaned. “Austin is blackmailing Blake while Angelica is blackmailing Tabitha and we have been unable to find out what they're using to blackmail them or how to stop Austin or Angelica.”

None of us said anything in response. Jude was right. We were stuck with no way of helping Blake or Tabitha.

“What do you think is so bad that he can’t tell us?” Jonah asked us. “I’m his best friend. Why doesn’t he trust me?”

“Maybe he's scared that you won’t want to be his best friend anymore after you find out,” Aiden said as he tried to explain how he thought Blake was feeling.

“That would never happen,” Jonah told us. “He's like a little brother to me. I will always be there for him.”

“Maybe you should tell him that,” I told Jonah.

“I tried, but he wouldn’t listen,” Jonah explained.

“He's scared,” Jude added.

“But what of?” Kitty asked.

“I think he's afraid of our reaction,” Aiden told us.

I learned back in my chair in frustration. “Kitty, cross Tabby name off the list,” I told her.

“You sure,” Kitty asked me.

I nodded. “You were always a better judge of character than I am. If you think Angelica is blackmailing her, then I believe you and we need to help her.” I told her.

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