The Hate List

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Chapter 35 – Tabby (Four years earlier)

“I still can’t believe how much work you do in high school,” Millie told us as she sighed.

“I know,” I told her. “We learnt basically nothing in primary school.”

Angie, Kitty, Millie, and I were in year seven. We had now almost completed three-quarters of the school year.

Kitty, Millie, and I had just finished our science class and were walking out into the school yard.

“Where's Angie?” Kitty asked.

“She wanted to talk to Renate about something,” Millie told us.

Kitty nudged me, “Look Tabby, it's Aiden,” she told me.

I looked over at where Aiden was with Jude, Jonah, and Blake.

“You should ask him out, Tabby,” Millie said. “I think he likes you as well.”

“I doubt it,” I told them. “Why would he like me?” I mumbled the last part so that neither Kitty nor Millie would hear what I had said.

“Come on Tabby,” Kitty said, slightly laughing. “He's totally into you.”

“He's not,” I repeated. I looked back over to Aiden. He was now talking to Maya. She was clearly flirting with him, and he was smiling. “I'm sure he likes Maya, not me,” I told them.

“Tabitha!” Angie yelled as she runs up to us. She ignored Kitty and Millie and turned to me.

“Can I talk to you?” She asked. She looked at both Kitty and Millie. “Alone.”

I nodded and followed Angie away from Kitty and Millie.

“What is this about Angie?” I asked.

“Don’t call me that!” Angie snapped at me.

“Why not,” I asked confused as I had always called her Angie since our days of kindergarten.

“Just call me Angelica from now on,” she told me angrily.

“What this about Angelica?” I asked. The name felt weird when I said it. I had been calling her Angie for so long that saying her full name just felt wrong.

Angelica smiled. “Better,” she stated in a tone you would use when talking to a child. “I'm done being friends with Katarina and Amelia.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I had decided to increase my popularity,” she told me.

“Why are you telling me?” I asked.

“You’re changing friendship groups as well,” she told me.

I glared at Angelica. “If you think I'm going to ditch Kitty and Millie for no reason then you do not know me,”

Angelica smirked. “Fine have it your way,” she told me. “I'll just tell everyone the truth.”

I felt my face turn pale. “You wouldn’t!” I said in fear. “You promised no one would find out.”

“No one will as long as you do what I want you to,” Angelica said. She laughed cruelly,

“Imagine the surprise of everyone finding out just how stupid you really are. Amelia and Katarina will never look at you the same way again. Not to mention Aiden, he will never like you back if he finds out the truth.”

“I know”” I agreed with her sadly. “That why I don’t want anyone to know.”

“So, do we have a deal?” Angelica asked. “If you ditch Amelia and Katarina with me, your secret will remain a secret.”

“Deal,” I murmured, already regretting what I had just done.

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