The Hate List

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Chapter 37- Kitty

“Blake!” I yelled as I slammed my locker door shut and run after the small boy.

It was Tuesday and lunchtime. I had barely seen Blake since the day in the library last week. He had been avoiding Jude, Aiden, Jonah, and me.

Blake groaned and turned to face me. “What do you want, Katarina?” He asked, clearly annoyed.

“I want you to tell me what is really going on,” I told him. My tone was firm and blunt. I was tired of Blake dodging the question. I just wanted him to finally tell me.

“You won’t understand,” Blake informed me as he turned to leave.

“Stop saying that!” I hissed, my voice raising. “I'm your friend.”

“Just because you're my friend now doesn’t mean you will still be my friend after you find out what I am hiding,” Blake replied, matching my angry tone.

“I will always be your friend,” I reminded him.

“Things change Katarina,” Blake said to me firmly. “Surely you of all people know that. Weren’t Amelia, Angelica, Tabitha, and you meant to be best friends forever?”

“Come on Blake,” I grumbled. “You’re acting as if you have killed someone!”

Blake remained silent.

I looked at him in surprise. “Please tell me you didn’t kill anyone.”

“I didn’t kill anyone,” Blake replied.

“Thank God,” I said, relieved. “You had me scared there for a minute.”

“Katarina, can you please leave it?” Blake pleaded. “You will only make things worse.”

“I will find a way to help you, Blake,” I promised him.

“Please Katarina,” Blake pleaded once more. “I don’t want your help.”

“I'm not going to sit back and watch Austin push you around,” I told him in determination. “And you shouldn’t keep letting him.”

“I can’t stand up to him,” Blake told me in fear. “I just can’t.”

“Whatever Austin has on you can’t be that bad that you will allow him to walk all over you,” I told him.

“If only you know,” Blake said sadly.

“Fine then,” I snapped. “Don’t tell me. Just stop avoiding us.”

“No,” Blake answered quietly.

“Just come to the library and hang out with Jonah, Jude, Aiden, and me again,” I told him.

“I can’t,” Blake said even quieter.

“Why not?” I demanded.

“I can’t face them,” Blake told me.

“Please Blake, don’t isolate yourself from us,” I begged.

“You don’t understand what it is like,” Blake told me.

“You right, I don’t,” I replied. “But how can I try to understand when you wouldn't tell me what's wrong.”

“I don’t need your pity,” Blake told me. “And I don’t need sympathy from Jonah, Jude and Aiden either.”

“Blake, stop making this difficult,” I told him. “We will always be here for you.”

“Just like they were there for Maya?” Blake challenged me.

“That was different Blake,” I answered harshly. “We are not making the same mistake twice.”

“You’re wrong Katarina,” Blake told me. “You say that now but you won’t still believe that after I tell you the truth.”

Blake turned and walked away, leaving me to slightly watch him walk away as I tried to figure out what he meant by me not believing in him.

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