The Hate List

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Chapter 38 - Millie

“Hi Tabitha,” I said to the quiet girl, as I walked over to her locker.

Tabitha had been back at school for two days, yet we had barely spoken. Things were still tense between us.

Tabitha was at her locker putting her books away.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Okay,” she answered, not meeting my eyes.

“Have you eaten?” I asked.

She reached into her locker and brought out her sandwich. “Not yet,” She told me.

She closed her locker and walked past me.

“Tabitha!” I yelled after her. She stopped and turned to face me. I looked at her curiously. “Are you mad at me?”

“Took you long enough to realised,” Tabitha replied dryly.

“What did I do to you?” I asked confused.

“Nothing,” Tabitha answered. “It is what you did to Katarina.”

“What did I do to her?” I asked.

“You ditched her for no reason,” Tabitha asked.

“So did you!” I replied angrily. “Who are you to judge me?”

Tabitha fell silent at my outburst. For a second, I thought she was just going to walk off. Instead, she looked me in the eye and said, “I had no choice, you did.”

“I don’t get why you are getting so worked up over this,” I told her. “I didn’t ditch her, we had a fight.”

Tabitha glared at me. “Did you have a fight with Jude, Aiden, Jonah, and Blake as well?”

“No,” I answered, not understanding the point of her question.

“So you just ditched them for no reason after you fought with Kitty,” Tabitha said.

“You don’t think I did fight with Kitty, do you?” I asked; as I finally realised what Tabitha was implying. “But for what reason would I ditch Kitty?”

“The same reason Angelica ditched you. This was also the same reason that Alesia ditched Maya.” Tabitha told me harshly. “To become popular.”

“I don’t care about popularity, Tabitha,” I told her.

“Don’t start Amelia,” Tabitha told me. “You're just as bad as Angelica, Grace, and Alesia. All you care about is yourself and popularity. You don’t care about who you have to step on and crush along the way.”

“It's not like that Tabby,” I told her. She flinched at the use of her old nickname. I hadn’t meant to call her that, it just slipped out.

“She was your friend!” Tabitha yelled tears had begun to appear in her eyes. “How can you be friends with them after what they did to her?”

“Kitty is not my friend anymore.” I lied.

“I am not talking about Kitty!” Tabitha yelled back.

I looked at her in confused, when suddenly it all made sense. “Maya,” I muttered.

“She is dead because of what they did to her!” Tabitha yelled at me again “And now you're their friend.”

I look at Tabby in surprise. “You actually feel guilty about it?” I said.

In the two months, I had been hanging out with Angelica, Maya’s name had come up once. Alesia had shown no guilt over her role in Maya’s death. Kitty and I had assumed that none of them felt guilty for how they contribute to her death. Yet here was Tabby crying in front of me and accusing me of betraying her memory.

It was what I had been secretly waiting for. It was proof that Kitty, Jude, Aiden, Blake, Jonah, and I weren’t the only ones affected by her suicide.

“I watched them do it,” Tabby told me with tears falling from her eye. “And I didn’t stop it.”

“It's not your fault, Tabby,” I told her.

“I didn’t know about the diary,” Tabby sobbed. “I only found out about it two days ago.”

I stepped forward and hugged the crying Tabby. “Were you one of the ones that Angelica used to become popular?” I asked her.

Tabby didn’t answer, but it didn’t matter. I already knew what the answer was.

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