The Hate List

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Chapter 43 - Millie

“Where's Tabitha?” I asked suddenly. I was on the oval with Angelica, Grace, Alesia, Austin, Toby, and Xavior. I had just noticed that the quiet girl was missing.

“Who cares where she is,” Austin mumbled. “It was not like she does anything anyway.”

“Tabitha was your friend,” I reminded him. I was annoyed at the disrespect he showed towards Tabby.

“She's a tag along,” Austin told me.

“Austin is right,” Alesia agreed. “Tabitha doesn’t contribute at all. She doesn’t even talk.” Alesia took a glance in Angelica's direction. “In my opinion, we should have ditched her a long time ago.”

“Shut up, Alesia!” Angelica took her. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why do you care so much about Tabitha?” Alesia challenged Angelica. “I get you have known her since kindergarten, but you never talk to her while she's here.”

Angelica stayed silent but gave Alesia her "shut the hell up" look.

Two months ago, Alesia would have been worshipping the ground in which Alesia walked on. Now with the loss of Renate, Toby, George, Denise, and Lisa to the clique, Alesia was challenging the leadership of Angelica.

I smiled to myself, removing Alesia from the group was going to be so easy. Whatever she did to gain power, I just had to expose to Angelica and Angelica would do the rest herself. Sometimes they just made it too easy.

A bell rang to signal the start of a loudspeaker message. “Austin Jackson to the principal’s office. Austin Jackson to the principal’s office.”

We all turned to look at Austin in surprise. “What the hell did you do?” Toby asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” Austin asked as he got up.

“Do you think they found out about your cheating scam?” Xavior asked.

“There is no why that Blake would tell,” Austin told Xavior.

“You were called to the principal’s office, not student services,” Angelica reminded him. “Whatever they want to talk to you about is going to be bad.”

“I’ll be fine,” Austin said as he walked off.

“He is so dead,” Toby said as he watched Austin walk away.

I looked over at Grace. She was sitting silently on the outside of the group. Her legs were crossed, and her head low. Something was clearly troubling her.

“Are you feeling okay, Grace?” I asked.

Grace looked up when I addressed her. “I'm all right,” she told me coldly.

If that cold tone had been used by Kitty, I would have been offended. Yet, the exact same tone coming from Grace felt weak and half-hearted.

It wasn’t from the same girl who had sat in front of me during year ten Math and spend the entire year passing me cruel notes. They were filled with insults and drawings of me being killed in creative ways. (I will admit that Grace is surprisingly an amazing artist.)

It wasn’t the same girl who stole Kitty’s towel during year nine camp.

She wasn’t the girl who had spent all of year nine, teasing Blake for being too feminine and telling him that he should either man up or get a sex change. (She stopped after Jonah, Aiden, Jude, Kitty, and I reported her to the year level coordinator. Grace was then made to have a meeting with her parents, the principal, and a few other teachers about why using homophobic slurs is wrong.)

Grace had also convinced Maya in year eight that she nor no one else cared about her or would ever love her. Grace had caused Maya to cry when she finished her rant by yelling at Maya that she would die alone. (It did end up backfiring on Grace. As when Maya finally asked Aiden out a few months later, Aiden didn’t have the heart to tell her that he didn’t like her that way. So instead, he said yes.)

After all the cruel and horrible things I had witnessed Grace do, the girl that sat in front of me didn’t seem like the same person.

“Are you sure?” Xavior asked her. “You look a little off.”

“Why would you care?” Grace growled at him.

“Leave him alone, Grace,” Angelica told her.

Grace glared at Angelica, “So you’re taking his side,” she said harshly.

“I’m not taking anyone's side,” Angelica told Grace.

“I can’t believe this!” Austin screamed as he walked towards us.

“That was quick,” Toby said as he spotted Austin. “What did they want?”

“I’m being expelled,” Austin told us. “The nerd told.”

“I thought you said Blake wouldn’t tell,” I said confused. It wasn’t me that had dobbed Austin in, and it wasn’t Kitty, Jonah, Jude or Aiden either. I knew that Blake didn’t want anyone to know his secret, so it wasn’t him that told. So who was it?

“I'm going to kill him,” Austin told us angrily. “Help me find him.”

I quickly climbed to my feet. “Are you sure it was Blake?” I asked, my voice shaking. Austin was over a foot taller than Blake. He also played basketball, making him a lot stronger than Blake.

“Who else would it have been?” he told me as he turned his attention to me. “I get it, Amelia, you used to be friends with that snitch, but I know it was him. So this attempt of yours to protect him isn't going to work.”

“Hey Austin,” Alesia said; drawing Austin's attention and anger away from me. “Isn’t that him over there?” Alesia pointed to the other side of the oval, where Blake stood with Jude, Aiden, Jonah, and Kitty.

“Come on guys,” Austin said as he walked towards Blake.

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