The Hate List

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Chapter 44 - Kitty

“I’m sorry about what I said yesterday,” Blake told us.

Jonah, Blake, Aiden, Jude, and I had decided to ditch the library today and instead walk around the school.

“We get it, Blake,” Aiden told him. “You don’t have to keep apologising every five minutes.”

I took a quick look over at Jonah. We hadn’t spoken since Blake's outburst yesterday.

When I had tried to talk to him in Chemistry this morning, he had just shushed me and told me to go back to my work.

“I shouldn’t have said those things,” Blake continued.

“We get it Blake!” we all chorused together.

We approached the oval and began to walk along the edge of it. I looked out onto the oval and saw Angelica and her group. Millie was sitting with them and talking to Austin. I returned to watching where I was going and saw Aiden looking in the same direction. After Blake's comment from the day before, I assumed he was looking for Tabitha.

“You can stop saying sorry now,” Jude told Blake.

“We forgive you, Blake,” Jonah told him, still refusing to even look in my direction.

“You fricken snitch!” someone yelled.

I turned quickly to see Austin. Austin was extremely mad. Behind him was Angelica, Alesia, Toby, Xavior, Grace, and Millie.

“What did I do?” Blake asked quietly.

“You told the principal!” Austin yelled as he pushed Blake over. Blake fall to the ground quickly.

“Hey! Pick on someone your own size!” Aiden yelled as he ran between the two.

Jonah, Jude, and I helped Blake to his feet. “You told,” Blake accused us weakly.

“He didn’t tell Austin,” someone else said.

We all turned quickly to see Tabitha standing behind us.

“I did,” she told Austin.

“You!” Austin growled. “Why did you tell?”

“I am done being pushed around by all of you and I are done watching you push people around,” Tabby told him.

“Careful now Tabitha,” Angelica said as she walked forward to stand beside Austin. She smirked as if she knew she had everything under control. “Or I tell everyone the truth.”

Tabby smiled. “Go ahead,” she told her.

Angelica’s smirk fell. Instead, she glared at Tabby. “So you want me to tell everyone that you are stupid?” she growled. I looked questionably between Tabby and Angelica, I had no idea what was going on.

Tabby just smiled wider. “Actually Angelica, I'm dyslexic, not stupid,” she told her. “There is a big difference.”

I looked at Tabby in surprise. That was the secret. That she had dyslexia.

“You can’t read probably,” Angelica told her. “That makes you stupid.” Angelica was trying to sound harsh and cruel, but her comments just came out weak.

“You’re right Angelica, I struggle when I read,” Tabby announced. “Yet somehow I’m still better at English than you.”

Alesia, Grace, Xavior, Jason, and Austin all turned to Angelica to see her reaction. No one had ever stood up to Angelica before.

“So go ahead, Angelica,” Tabby told her harshly. “Tell everyone the truth about me. Tell them I'm dyslexic and I have depression, anorexia, and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as a hell of a lot of anxiety problems.”

I had never seen Tabby like this. She had always been quiet, shy and a bit of a push over.

“And Angelica, I am done letting you push me around,” She growled.

“Don’t do this, Tabitha!” Angelica hissed at her. “You don’t want us as your enemies.”

Tabby glared at her. “It can’t be any worse than being friends with you.”

“I'll make you regret this,” Angelica told her.

Tabby just smiled. “No you won’t,” she told her using the same mocking tone Angelica was known for. “Don’t you get it?”

Angelica looked at Tabby blankly.

Tabby laughed slightly. “Who’s the dumb one now?” she asked as she mimicked Angelica’s signature mocking voice. “The only reason you were about to control me was that you knew I was ashamed of being dyslexic. I'm not ashamed of who I am anymore Angie. You have nothing on me anymore.”

Blake moved away from Jude, Jonah, and I. He walked towards Tabby and stood beside her.

“I'm done too,” he told them as he looked at Austin. “Go ahead and tell everyone that I’m gay.”

“Are you sure?” Austin asked quietly. He sounded confused. I don’t think he ever expected Blake to stand up for himself.

“Nothing can be as bad as being a slave for you,” Blake said.

Tabby grabbed Blake's arm. “Come on, let’s go.” She dragged Blake away, and the two walked off in the opposite direction. Angelica watched them go. She was losing control.

Aiden, Jude, Jonah, and I quickly ran after Blake and Tabby.

“Blake!” Aiden called as he caught up with him. “That was that secret?” he asked. “That you're gay.”

Blake looked at the ground. “Yes,” he answered weakly.

“I'm actually relieved,” Aiden told us.

Blake looked up. “Why are you relieved?” he asked.

“You were acting so secretive that I was beginning to believe you had killed someone,” Aiden told him.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jonah asked, upset. “I’m your best friend, why didn’t you trust me?”

“I didn’t know how you would react,” Blake told us. “I was scared that you all wouldn’t want to be my friends anymore.”

“Seriously?” Jude asked. “You thought that poorly of us?”

“We care about you Blake,” I told her. “And we're not going to stop just because of something as insignificant as your sexuality.”

“Really?” Blake smiled.

“Of course,” Jonah told him. “You’re my best friend.”

I turned my attention to Tabby, who had been silently standing beside Blake. “That goes for you too, Tabby,” I told her. “Millie and I would have remained you friends even if we knew the truth,”

Tabby smiled. “I know, Kitty,” she told me. “I never should have doubted you,”

I grinned. “Best friends again?”

Tabby smiled wider. “I was hoping you would say,” she told me. “Yes, I would love to be best friends again.”

I reached forward and hugged Tabby tightly for the first time in years. “I missed you so much,” I told her.

“Me too.”

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