The Hate List

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Chapter 45 - Tabby

“I can’t believe this,” I told Millie and Kitty. “This is what you guys have been doing this whole time?”

I was with Kitty, Millie, Blake, Jonah, Jude, and Aiden. We were at Millie’s house, helping her babysitter Erin.

“Why did any of you tell me?” Blake asked.

“We didn’t want you to get involved until we knew for sure what was going on,” Jonah told Blake.

“Just to point out, we all didn’t know from the start either,” Aiden told Blake and me.

“It was Katarina and Amelia’s plan,” Jude added. “We were just helping.”

I looked over at Millie. “I take back everything I said to you about abandoning Kitty and betraying Maya’s memory.”

Millie nodded. “It's okay. You didn’t know,” she told me. “Maya was the whole reason we were doing it.”

“We don’t want Angelica to put anyone else through what Maya went through,” Kitty told me.

I nodded. “I know the feeling,” I told them.

“Was it because of Maya you had your breakdown?” Jude asked point blankly.

I tensed slightly at his question.

“Jude, you can’t ask people stuff like that!” Aiden hissed at him.

“It's okay,” I told them. “She was one of the reasons.”

“Let me guess the other reason was Angelica?” Blake said.

I looked over to Kitty and Millie. “Are you to serious about taking down Angelica, Grace, Alesia, Toby, and Xavior?” I asked nervously.

“Of course,” Kitty replied.

I took a deep breath before I began talking again. “Then I have something that could help you get rid of Xavior.”

“What is it?” Millie asked eagerly.

The only person I had told about the rape was still Elizabeth. While she was encouraging me to press charges, she couldn’t report the abuse due to doctor-patient confidentiality. If Xavior were to be punished for what he did, it would be up to me.

Maybe Kitty and Millie could help me get justice.

“Four months ago I went to one of Alesia’s parties,” I told them.

“I don’t see what this has to do with Xavior,” Blake told me.

“Let her finish,” Jonah told him harshly.

“Well at the party, I started drinking. I wasn’t that drunk.” I told them. “Xavior took me upstairs into the spare bedroom.”

“Please tell me this is not going where I think it is?” Kitty pleaded with me

I didn’t meet her eyes. “All of a sudden I fell on the floor.” I continued, not meeting anyone's eyes. “I couldn’t move, but I could still see and feel everything.”

“Xavior must have slipped something into your drink,” Jonah told me quietly.

“Xavior carried me to the bed,” I told them, as tears began to fell from my eyes. “And then...”

Aiden placed his hand on my shoulder, cutting me off. “You don’t have to keep going, Tabitha.”

I nodded as I began to cry harder. I leant forward and hugged Aiden, burying my face in his chest as my tears soaked his t-shirt. The others were silent. Not one of them knew what to say to me. I didn’t blame them.

“Did Grace know?” Millie asked me, breaking the silent.

I pulled away for Aiden and looked towards Millie. She looked pale as if she was about to be sick.

“Did Grace know that Xavior had raped you?” she repeated.

I nodded. “She told me not to tell anyone,” I told Millie. “Grace said that if people knew the truth, they would call me a whore.”

“Did she know before Alesia's last party?” Millie asked. She had gone at least two shades paler. I nodded. “That bitch!” Millie exclaimed. I knew she remembered the comments Grace had made to me.

“You need to report this to the police,” Jonah told me.”

“We can’t report it,” Jude said.

Everyone turned to look at him in surprise.

“What are you talking about, Jude?” Aiden demanded. “She has to report it.”

“I know but not yet,” Jude told us.

“Why?” Blake asked.

“My mum is a judge, and she told me that the most rapists don’t get convicted,” He told us.

“Well if she's a judge, can’t she change that?” Millie asked.

“The judge doesn’t decide if the defendant is guilty or innocence,” Aiden explained “The jury does. The judge decides the sentence.”

“The jury's vote also has to be unanimous,” Jude told us. “Meaning they all have to agree.”

“What if it not unanimous?” Blake asked.

“It's declared a hung jury,” Aiden told him. “Then the court case starts all over again with a new jury.”

“How do you know all this?” Millie asked Aiden.

Aiden glared at her. “I take legal studies remember? I have to know all this for the end of year exam.”

I turned to look at Jude. “So what do you think we should do?” I asked him.

“This might not be what you want to hear Tabitha, but I don’t believe you are the only girl that Xavior has raped,” He told me. “I think we should find another one of his victims and have both of you press charges together.”

“I agree with Jude,” Kitty said.

“Me too,” Jonah added.

“Thank you,” I told them.

“What for?” Blake asked.

“Helping me,” I told them.

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