The Hate List

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Chapter 49 - Millie

“How was panel?” I asked Alesia.

“Horrible,” she replied as she ran her fingers through her red hair. “My parents are still mad at me.”

We were on the oval as usual. We were still waiting for everyone else to arrive.

“Hi guys,” Angelica said as she walked up to us with Grace. I looked up to greet her and was surprised by what I saw.

To say Angelica looked different would be an understatement.

Her light brown hair that would usually be perfectly styled in ringlets was only wavy. I knew that Angelica's hair was naturally wavy but after we had started year 7 she had decided she hated the way it looked and would always curl or straighten it. Her make-up wasn’t as perfect as usual as if she had been upset or angry when she apply it. Her eyes had a slight redness to them that come from crying.

Grace also looked slightly off. Her thick brown hair had been pulled off her face and into a high ponytail. She was caked in even more makeup than usual, but even all that foundation wasn’t able to completely cover the dark marks near her eyes.

“Are you alright?” I asked both of them.

“What makes you think there is something wrong with me?” Grace growled angrily at me.

“Nothing,” I replied quickly, my voice frail and scared.

“Calm down Grace,” Angelica commanded as she sat down across from me.

“What’s up hotties,” Xavior announced as he walked over. “What are you ladies doing today?”

I fought the urge to stand up and punch him.

Xavior looked over to Angelica. “Where's Toby?” he asked.

“Not here,” Alesia answered.

“We broke up,” Angelica told him.

“Really?” Xavior smirked. “Did Toby finally get sick of you?”

Angelica glared at Xavior. “I was the one that ended it,”

“As if,” Alesia mumbled from beside me.

Angelica quickly turned to Alesia. “Do you have something you would like to say to me,” she hissed angrily.

“No,” Alesia answered nervously.

“Then shut the hell up,” Angelica commanded with more anger than I had even heard her use.

“Everything has changed so much,” Grace muttered.

“What did you say?” Angelica asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I said everything has changed so much,” Grace repeated louder. “In the last few months, everything has become different. Denise, Renate, Lisa, Austin, and Jason have all left the school. George turned out to be a lying cheater and Tabitha, a fucking snitch. Now Toby has left.” Grace turned her attention to me. “What did you do?” she sneered.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. I was trying to sound calm, but my voice sounded weak and panicky.

“Everything started charging when you showed up!” Grace snapped at me.

“Cut it out, Grace!” Angelica told her firmly.

“Haven’t you realised it?!” Grace yelled at Angelica. “Everything was fine until that bitch got here.”

“Leave Amelia alone,” Angelica commanded. “Just because you have problems doesn’t mean you can take it out on her.”

“Why are you taking her side?” Grace asked, her voice cracking.

“I’m not taking anyone's side,” Angelica told her.

“Yes, you are!” Grace snapped. “I’m the one that was there for you through everything. I was you best friend. Yet the minute Amelia shows up, you drop everything and rush to her.

“It's not like that Grace,” Angelica reassured her.

Grace stood up. “Yes it is Angelica,” she said. “And don’t pretend for a second that it is not.” Grace angrily turned around and stormed off the oval.

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