The Hate List

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Chapter 50 - Tabby

“So then I need to multiple twenty-five by two over four and the answer is twenty-five over two,” I explained to George as I completed the algebraic equation.

It was Lunchtime, and we were in the quiet study room again. George had agreed to help me with my Math homework and in return, I had convinced Aiden to tutor George in Legal Studies.

“Tabitha,” George said calmly. “Look at the number again.”

I did and realised the number was actually fifty-two, not twenty-five.

“It is fifty-two not twenty-five,” I told George. “I hate having dyslexia.”

“It is not that bad, Tabitha,” He told me. “You are getting better.”

George had continued to surprise me over the last few days. Even after he had apologized to me, a part of me was still expecting him to be the arrogant Jerk I had been "friends" with for so long, but he wasn’t. There was another side to George. A side he had hid when I was hanging out with him. Under either the persona he had created then was a gentle, patient, and compassionate person. He was also a fantastic tutor. Even after I had made almost a million mistakes because of my dyslexia, he was still as patient and kind as before.

“You really think so?” I asked.

“Of course,” He smiled at me. “You are doing a lot better than what you were."

“George,” someone said as they enter the quiet study room.

We both turned around.

It was Toby.

“What do you want,” George grumbled at his former friend. “Do you have a message for us from Angelica?” He asked mockingly.

Toby took a different breath. “I’m done,” he told us. “I’m done with Angelica, and I’m done being a bully.”

“Really?” I asked happily.

Toby nodded. “We did a lot of awful things, and I just don’t want to be a part of it anymore,” He admitted. “That is why I broke up with Angelica yesterday. I was done letting her control me.” He looked directly at George. “I shouldn’t have stopped being your best friend just because she told me too. I don’t know why I did it, I just did.”

“Angelica has that effect on people,” I said weakly. The two boys turned to look at me. “Haven’t you noticed it?” I asked them. “She has a way of manipulating people to get what she wants.” I looked back at Toby. “You weren’t the only one. She did it to me too.”

Toby smiled weakly. “That still doesn’t change the way I treated you, Tabitha,” he told me. “I should have been nicer to you. I knew you were going through a hard time, and I just stood by and watched.”

“You weren’t the only one who did nothing, Toby,” I reminded him.

“But I want to change that,” Toby announced. “I just want to be a better person or a least a better person than I have been these last couple of years. I want to make my own decisions for myself for once.”

“That’s amazing,” George told him grinning.

Toby looked at George. “So can we be friends again?”

“Of course,” George smiled. “I’m helping Tabitha with her Math homework,”

Toby looked over at me. “I got ninety percent on the last further test,” he told me. “If you need extra help, I could help you as well.”

“That would be great,” I smiled. “Are you still struggling in English?”

“Yes,” Toby admitted.

“Well, I'm the best English student in the year level,” I told him. “If you help me with Math, I will assist you with English.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Toby grinned. 

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