The Hate List

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Chapter 55 – Millie (Four Years Earlier)

“It is our first proper Assignment, Angie,” I chirped.

Earlier in the week, we had been given a humanities assignment. We had to research an aspect of Ancient Egypt and report our findings in an oral presentation and PowerPoint.

It was to be completed in pairs. I had paired up with Angie while Kitty and Tabby were together. Angie had come over to my house so we could work on the assignment together. Angie and I had decided to research the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. A topic which I personally was very interested in.

Angie had changed quite a lot in the five months that we had been in high school. Back in primary school, Angie was one of the people that would always follow the school’s uniform rules. Her hair would always be tied back in a slick, tight ponytail. She never wore any nail polish. Her school dress would always be the right length (just below the knees). The scarfs and gloves she wore would always be in school colours.

That all changed a few months ago. Angel had started wearing her long light caramel brown hair out to school. She had also recently started experimenting with makeup. She had even taken up the hem of her school dress a few inches. I will admit it did look good on her, but twelve still seem to be too young for wearing that much make-up

Angie wasn’t the only girl that broke the uniform rules. A lot of girls and boys did it.

I personally didn’t see the point. A lot of the time you could get away with your school dress being too short. As for makeup, hair and nail polish, that was harder to get away. If you were wearing nail polish or makeup, a teacher would send you to student services to get makeup wipes and/or nail polish remover. If you hair were below shoulder length and was out, teachers would tell you to put up. I just didn’t see the point of wasting your time applying makeup when the teachers were just going to make you take it off.

It wasn’t just her appearance that had charged. As children, the four of us had been inseparable. Now Tabby, Kitty, and I barely even saw Angie. When she wasn’t hanging out with Renate and Lisa, she would be flirting with the boys in our year level. The few times that we did talk, she always seemed different. Meaner and colder.

Angie looked at me in surprise. “You are a bit too excited by this Millie,” she told me.

I just smiled in response. “I want to get a good mark for this,”

“Now you sound like Kitty,” Angie said dryly. The coldness of her tone surprised me.

“Why is that a bad thing?” I asked nervously.

“No reason,” Angie replied quietly.

“Have you noticed that everything is changing so quickly since we started high school?” I asked, changing the subject.

Angie nodded. “I know what you mean, we're all getting new friends.” She added. “I am getting along really well with Grace, Lisa, and Renate.”

“I didn’t think Lisa and Renate liked Grace,” I told her.

“They don’t,” she answered. “They just tolerate her.” I didn’t really like the way she was speaking to me. She was talking to me like I was a naive child.

“What about Alesia?” I asked. “You seems to be spending a lot of time with her during our textiles class.”

Angie shrugged. “She's okay. It's a bit pathetic how she will do anything to be liked,” Angie told me. “And wherever Alesia goes, her fat annoying friend follows.”

“Are you talking about Maya?” I asked. I didn’t really know Alesia, but I still didn’t like the way Angelica was talking about her.

“So that what the loser's name was,” Angie said as laughed.

I looked at Angie nervously. I wasn’t friends with Maya but on the few occasions I had talked to her, she seemed nice.

“You should avoid Grace,” I told her firmly.

Angie looked at me slightly mad. “Why do you get to choose who I can be friends with?” She asked, her voice rising.

“Grace is a bully,” I told Angie. “Have you heard what she said to Jonah today?”

Angie just laughed. “Jonah is a nerd who should grow a pair and learn to stand up for himself,” Angie told me, harshly. “Not only is he being bullied by a girl, but he also needs a girl to stand up for him. Talk about pathetic.”

I felt my face turn slight red in anger. “That is a horrible thing to say about someone!” I yelled at her. “Jonah is my friend.”

Angie smiled at me. “Does Millie have a crush on the little nerd?” she teased me.

“I don’t like Jonah that way,” I said, defending myself. “And even if I did, it won’t matter because he has a crush on Kitty.”

“Of course, he does,” Angie mumbled bitterly.

“What that supposed to mean?” I asked coldly.

“Have you ever noticed that everything comes so much easy for little miss perfect?” Angie asked bitterly. “She gets everything handed to her on a silver platter; even though she doesn’t deserve every of it. She's not that special. She's just an annoying nerd who is not even that cute, yet everyone likes her better than us. As long as she is around, we will always be second. I just want her to get the hell out of my life.”

“Shut-up, Angelica!” I yelled angrily. I felt my face turn even redder than before as I breathed deeply. I had never been this angry in my life. “Kitty is our best friend. How could talk about her like that? How can you speak of anyone like that? It bad enough the way you talk about Maya and Alesia but Kitty is your friend.”

“You wouldn’t understand,” Angie told me, she refused to look at me. “You one ever does.”

“Let’s just go back to completing the assignment,” I told her.

I watched Angie from the corner of my eye. She has definitely changed, and I don’t think I like the person she is has become.

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