The Hate List

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Chapter 58 - Millie

“Look at us back together again,” Kitty smiled at us. “It's just like old times.”

It was Saturday afternoon. Kitty and Tabby had come over to my house to help me babysit. It was the first time since Tabby had become friends with us again that we had hung out just the three of us.

“We would need Angelica to make it like old times, Kitty,” Tabby reminded her dryly. Tabby was nursing Erin in her arms. The toddler had taken a insist liking to Tabby and now would cry when you tried to take her away from her.

“How do you get her to be so quiet,” I asked Tabby, amazed. Erin was never that quiet for me.

Tabby shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.”

“Did anything happen between you and Aiden yesterday?” I asked curiously as I smiled at her.

Tabby turned a light shade of pink. “He asked me out, but I turned him down,” she muttered, she didn’t look at us. Instead, she just looked down at Erin lying in her arms.

“Why?” Kitty asked confused. “You’ve had a crush on him since year seven.”

“As I told Aiden, I’m sick. I need to work on myself first before I can be ready to be in a relationship.” She explained.

“I am proud of you, Tabby,” I told her. “I know how much you care about Aiden. Putting your own recovery before him would have been a hard decision, but it is the right one.”

Tabby smiled. “Thank you, Millie.”

“You have come a long way,” Kitty added as she smiled at Tabby.

“I know,” Tabby told us. “But I still have a long way to go.”

“And we will support you along the way,” I reminded her.

“That's all I really need,” Tabby told us smiling. “That reminds me, Renate has invited us to her music recital.”

“She plays music?” Kitty said surprised. “I didn’t know that.”

“She's actually a prodigy,” Tabby told us. “She is a self-taught violin player.”

“That is so cool!” I commented. “Who else is going?”

“Renate has invited us, Denise, Toby, Alesia and George. She even asked Grace and Angelica, but I doubt they will turn up. When she told me yesterday, I asked if I could bring along Jonah, Jude, Blake, and, Aiden. She said it was all right.” Tabby told us. “Renate knows it was you two that put the photo in Grace’s locker now.”

‘We know, Denise told us,’ I pointed out.

‘Well, Renate would like to thank you two in person,’ Tabby told us.

“I have never been to a recital,” I told the girls. “I really want to go.”

“Me too,” Kitty added.

“And me,” Tabby smiled

“Speaking of our Hate List,” Kitty started. “Angelica is the only name left. Toby has decided to stop being a bully himself and Angelica took down both Grace and Alesia.”

“I think it's time you two ended it,” Tabby told us.

“I agree,” Kitty added. “But how?”

“How about we just tell her everything,” I suggested.

“So what we did and why we did it?” Kitty asked

I nodded. “But just us. Not Tabby, Aiden, Blake, Jonah, and Jude as well. We were the ones that started this, and it's only fitting we finish it together.”

“I like your plan,” Tabby told me.

“And so do I,” Kitty added. “Do you have any classes with Angelica Monday morning?”

I shook my head. “I have Further with Aiden in the morning.”

“Good,” Kitty told me. “Don’t speak to Angelica before school. We will meet at the locker bay at the start of recess. Then we'll walk to Angelica’s usual stop on the oval.”

“And end it there?” I asked.

Kitty nodded. “After Monday, we will be done with revenge.”

“Um, Millie?” Tabby said. I turned to look at her. She motioned towards the sleeping toddler in her arms. “Erin just fell asleep.”

I smiled. “Give her here,” I told Tabby as I picked up my sleeping sister and carried her to her crib upstairs.

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